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Team outing Scheveningen

Flitz events would like to invite you and your team to the best team outing in Scheveningen and the surrounding area! In the summer, but certainly all year round, there is plenty to do in Scheveningen for you and your team. Flitz events provides group activities for various team outings in Scheveningen. Experience the most beautiful moments with a team outing in Scheveningen.

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Top 3 Winter team outings Scheveningen

Looking for a nice team outing in Winter? Experience magical winter atmospheres in Scheveningen during a winter activity. Below you will find the top 3 winter activities. Experience the best moments during a winter Scheveningen team outing.Team building workshops Expedition

  1. Ice sculptures Scheveningen: Dive into the artistic world of ice sculptures with this unique winter team outing in Scheveningen. Under the guidance of professional sculptors, you will learn how to transform blocks of ice into breathtaking sculptures. This is not only a creative challenge, but also a perfect way to promote teamwork and precision.
  2. Curling Clinic Scheveningen: Experience the fun and strategy of curling with an extensive clinic on one of Scheveningen's temporary ice rinks. This clinic is suitable for all levels and offers a sporting competition where insight, accuracy and cooperation are central. A great way to bring colleagues closer together in a relaxed and fun way.
  3. Winter wonderland Scheveningen: Transform your team outing into a magical experience with a visit to Winter Wonderland Scheveningen. Enjoy the atmospheric lighting, winter snacks and hot drinks while you have fun with various winter activities. This event offers the perfect combination of relaxation and entertainment in an enchanting winter setting.

Taking up sporting challenges with a Scheveningen team outing

The beach with the waves and the always blowing wind is the perfect place to test your sporting talents. Flitz events has a very diverse range on offer sports activities for a team outing around Scheveningen. Not everyone is sporty, of course, and there may also be big differences between your colleagues. You have people who run a half marathon every month and find the people who push the elevator button for the elevator to the second floor enough effort. Flitz events organizes sporty team outings that are fun for everyone to do together.

The team outings are designed in such a way that there is enough challenge for the fanatics and that the less sporty figures can also participate. Here is a selection of the possibilities on the beaches of Scheveningen for a team outing in Scheveningen.

  1. Powerboat Scheveningen: With speeds of 80 to 100 kilometers per hour, you and your team skim over the waves of the North Sea during this outing. You float with the RIB Powerboat over the water. The boats have the capacity to carry 10 people. A Powerboat is driven by an experienced captain who can make the craziest maneuvers on the water, but who also always guarantees the safety of his or her passengers. Do you and your colleagues dare to take on this wild ride during a team outing in Scheveningen?
  2. Archery Shoot Out: Armed with a bow and arrow, you and your colleagues enter the site. The mission is clear: hit all targets, shoot all opponents and not get hit yourself. Archery Shoot Out is a new version of paintball, which is extremely popular with bookings for team outings at Flitz events. In addition to Scheveningen, this activity can also be done in consultation in Kijkduin, Hoek van Holland or another location.
  3.  Salsa dancing: Cozy all feet on the floor with the Salsa dance workshop! This sensual dance comes from sunny Cuba and has conquered the whole world. The infectious music makes everyone happy! The salsa dancing workshops are given by professional salsa dancers who know how to convey their passion for dance. After the team outing you can add a barbecue to the package.

A team outing in the waters of The Hague

It is the place for a relaxing moment with a good conversation or a moment to go crazy on dance music. On a tour boat you can go in all directions in the canals of The Hague. That makes a boat trip on the water of the Hofstad perfect for a team outing.

Creative team outings in Scheveningen

Do you and your colleagues enjoy creative challenges? Scheveningen is also the place to spend a day with your colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. Flitz events offers various workshops where you can show your creative side. It will sometimes surprise you what people can do when they give free rein to their creative minds.

  1. Graffiti workshop: This is one of the most creative workshops of the moment: make graffiti art yourself! Graffiti is the art of the street made with spray cans. This free way is very inspiring and can also be a nice outlet for you and your colleagues. The great thing is that you can just sit on the beach and create your own graffiti piece.
  2. Build a huge kite: This workshop is also a great team building activity. Because together you will build a kite under professional guidance. How do you ensure that you make a kite that goes into the air and stays in the air? Together as a team you have to look at the possibilities, what materials do you have and how do you best use them? What works better, working from a plan or do you just rely on luck? The workshop ends with a kite fight. Which self-built kite will fly the highest into the air?
  3.  Making sand sculptures: Who hasn't done it before: making sand castles on the beach? In this workshop you can use all your creativity to build sand sculptures. Create the most beautiful works of art on the beach of Scheveningen. This is also a workshop that is suitable as a team building activity. Inquire about the options for a complete package at Flitz events. After a creative workshop such as making sand sculptures, it is nice to be able to chat over a snack and a drink. Flitz events has nice options for this at various beach pavilions in Scheveningen.

Beach outings Scheveningen

Team outings Canal Cruise The Hague

A team outing to Scheveningen is a great way to relax and bond with your colleagues at the same time. The popular seaside resort on the Dutch coast offers a range of activities, from walks along the beach to visits to the various attractions and museums in the area.

A nice idea for one unique team outing in Scheveningen, for example, you can visit the pier, where you can enjoy the wonderful sea air and beautiful views of the sea. You can also one pleasant cruise along the coast, or a day out to the harbor area, where you can watch the fishermen unload their catch.

There are also plenty of nice restaurants and cafes in Scheveningen, where you can enjoy delicious meals and drinks. For example, you can go for a cozy barbecue on the beach, or a nice dinner in one of the many fish restaurants.

In addition to enjoying nature and the food, Scheveningen also offers various activities for the sports enthusiasts among us. For example, you can book a power kiting Scheveningen experience by the sea, or book an expedition Scheveningen for a few hours. You can also participate in various water sports, such as kite surfing or sailing.

In short, a team outing to Scheveningen offers something for everyone and is a great way to relax and bond with your colleagues. So what are you waiting for? Book your team outing to this beautiful seaside resort on the Dutch coast today!