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Team outing The Hague

Would you like to book a cozy and original team outing in The Hague for your company, department or team? Then of course you do that at Flitz events. We take the entire organization out of your hands and ensure that the team outing runs smoothly. We organize team outings in The Hague all year round. Whether it is winter or high summer, you can come to us. And whether you are looking for a teambuilding outing or if you just want to enjoy a pleasant afternoon and evening with your department, that does not matter to us. We organize your outing exactly the way you want. And a very nice additional advantage is that all our original team outings are suitable for everyone.

Right away team outing in The Hague, the royal city becomes the backdrop for exciting experiences for you and your colleagues! The Hague is a vibrant city that is ideal for an adventurous team outing. Flitz events organizes team outings in Scheveningen and The Hague as a base. Request information without obligation about the possibilities for a team outing in The Hague for you and your colleagues.

Team outing winter The Hague

Looking for a nice team outing in Winter? Experience magical winter atmospheres in The Hague during a winter activity. Below you will find the top 3 winter team outings in The Hague.

Team outing The Hague Beach

The Beach of The Hague is one of the most beautiful parts of The Hague. In the summer the beach is a perfect place for beach activities and for relaxing at one of the beach pavilions with an unobstructed view of a beautiful sunset, of which beach activities. The beach tents at Scheveningen are about there March to October. Also in winter months de there are a number of beach bars, including the Water giant and Hart beach.

Play the exciting City Games in The Hague

The Hague is of course a city that is always on the move. This is the perfect location for one of the GPS City Games that you can book for you and your colleagues via Flitz events. The escape room games have been extremely popular for some time team outing. The City Games have the same sensational game elements such as riddles and tasks where you have to think creatively and resourcefully. Instead of a room, the city of The Hague is now the playing field, in which your team has an important mission to accomplish in a race against the clock.

Escape the City

In this City Game you will take on the dangerous Dr. Crypto. This master villain holds a number of people hostage somewhere in the city. Your task is to find and release the hostages. But Dr. Crypto likes booby traps. If you know how to make it harmless, you will earn money. But if you fail ...

City Hunt

In this game you play against each other in teams and each team has its own mission. Are you the top criminals who would like to make the final move for a well-deserved retirement on a tropical island? Or do you belong to the group of bounty hunters who are trying to track down this gang in a crazy race against the clock?

The Wedding Planner / The Hangover

Scary mothers-in-law and blackmailing strippers: the road to the altar is not about roses for you in this exciting and hilarious City Game! The bachelor party was probably legendary to judge by the sturdy hangover. But now everything has to be arranged before it is possible to get married. Via the tablet you receive the assignments that have to be done to earn enough gold pieces to arrange everything.

A team outing in the waters of The Hague

It is the place for a relaxing moment with a good conversation or just a moment to go crazy for dance music. You can go in any direction on a canal boat in the canals of The Hague. That makes a boat trip on the water of the Hofstad perfect for a team outing.

Party on the party boat

On this boat the party starts as soon as you put a foot on board. This boat is equipped with all facilities to build a real party. The boat is equipped with a professional sound system for which music is present. But you can also supply your own office playlist to dance to. You can bring your own food and drinks and it is also possible to reserve snacks and drinks with you on the cruise. This can be a nice start to a fun company outing or a nice closing activity.

Picnic cruise through The Hague

It is wonderful to have a picnic while the experienced captain shows you the most beautiful places in The Hague. This activity is also a relaxing break during a long meeting day. With Flitz events you can put together the picnic yourself, entirely to your own liking. It is also nice to combine with another group activity in The Hague, such as a GPS tour.

Boat race

While searching you will sail through the canals of The Hague. The captain is your game leader in this puzzle tour over the water. By successfully completing the assignments you have a chance of winning. But make sure you don't make mistakes and be faster than the other team!

Enough to experience in The Hague

Flitz events can offer individual activities in The Hague for a team outing. But you can also opt for a package deal. For example, it can be fun to combine a cruise on a party boat with a City Game. Flitz events also has various contacts to include dinner, lunch or drinks in the package. Eating out is a nice, relaxing end to an exciting day in The Hague. In addition to an activity in The Hague, it is also possible to do something fun at the beach in Scheveningen, or to barbecue in one of the beach pavilions. An overnight stay in The Hague can also be included in the package. This way you can still go out for a nice walk with your colleagues in the bustling royal city. Flitz events is happy to help you put together a tailor-made package for you and your colleagues.