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Original workshops

Sand sculptures-Scheveningen-Company outing-Scheveningen

Organize a fun, educational or original workshop? Choose one of the workshops of Flitz events! You have a wide choice of all kinds of workshops and can also combine them with other fun activities. Do something sporty or have a nice dinner. Attending a workshop has many benefits and can also contribute to teambuilding. The original workshops are therefore extremely suitable for team building outings. They are also a lot of fun during bachelorette outings, an family day or a day out with friends. Look at the many options for a fun workshop at Flitz events. We organize them in all kinds of places, including on the beach in Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland, but there is also a large choice if you want to organize a workshop in The Hague or another city.   

Top 3 Popular Original Workshops

Looking for the most popular workshops? Then there are a lot of possibilities Below under our top 3 Popular workshops. Make the most delicious Cocktails yourself or discover your talent with sand sculptures. Or go for a creative workshop such as a graffiti workshop.

Top 3 winter workshops

Looking for our top 3 winter workshops? Below under our top 3 winter workshops.

Types of workshops

At Flitz events you choose from sporty and creative workshops that are interesting, educational and / or competitive in character. Socializing together and making something beautiful in the meantime, for example. For the ladies: pimp slippers or make jewelry! Or pimping dicks, that is of course great fun. For mixed groups, the sand sculpture workshop is great fun or learning to paint. A special workshop: making a photo painting. Are you looking for more in sports challenge? A workshop power kiting is totally awesome. A few more ideas: build a (mega) kite, learn to shake cocktails or learn to dance the salsa. All workshops are fun and enjoyable and are led by a professional. Organizing workshops in The Hague? There are also great fun workshops in The Hague and other places. 

Benefits of a workshop

And following a workshop has a number of advantages, besides the fact that it is just fun and educational. Because you are busy together, you can really get to know each other a little better. Nice for people who already know each other, such as friends or family. Also very nice if you don't know each other yet; new colleagues, for example, or a workshop with your customers. Workshops are ideal for team building. Certain workshops really require collaboration, for example building a mega kite. During a workshop you can gain respect for each other's skills and learn from each other. Workshop as a teambuilding outing? Look at the many possibilities at Flitz events. 

Both outside and inside

We organize super fun workshops both indoors and outdoors. Handy: if the weather is unexpected during your day out, we simply move the workshop. If possible. If this is not possible, as is the case with the sand sculpture workshop, we can always agree on a plan B. This way your day out never has to fall into the proverbial water. 

For whom?

Workshops are fun for any type of company. For friends who have known each other for years, but also if you don't know each other very well. For example, during a bachelor party. Friends of the bride or groom usually do not know each other or do not know each other well. Because you are also just busy during a workshop, it all goes without saying. No awkward silences or uncomfortable moments. You work towards the same goal and conversations start automatically.

Groups of different ages or educational levels also work together effortlessly during a workshop. Everyone has personal input and contributes to the conviviality and the end product. A perfect outing for the entire company or for the whole family. Extra cozy: a workshop on the beach! A workshop Scheveningen, Kijkduin or Hoek van Holland for example. 

Professional guidance

You will be guided by a professional during a workshop of Flitz events. Painting a course? A real artist or artist will help you put something beautiful on the canvas. A cocktail shaking workshop is guided by an experienced bartender. So you are assured of good instructions and help. If your workshop has a competitive character, the supervisor will immediately act as a jury. Often there are nice prices attached. 

Workshop during a day out

Are you going out for a half or full day? Then it is very nice to also include a workshop in the program. In addition to being active, also learning something and working together on something. Flitz events can put together a day out completely according to your wishes. Including delicious food and drinks. Are you going to follow a workshop in one of the nice beach bars on the Scheveningen coast? Or in Hoek van Holland or Kijkduin? Combine with a cozy BBQ on the beach or delicious dining in a beach tent. We organize all kinds of lunches and dinners, from pancakes to sushi, pizza or an extensive 3-course dinner. Afterwards you can take a walk along the beach but also play the exciting pub quiz. There are many possibilities for a perfect day out, including a workshop and suitable for all types of groups. 

Combine your workshop with exciting activities such as surf rafting, a GPS tour or a boat trip. Or play beach volleyball, farmers beach golf or go surfing with the whole group. There is an endless choice of great activities.