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Workshop Salsa dancing

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Salsa is originally from Cuba and literally means "Sauce" in Spanish. Salsa is a collective name for various types of dances and rhythms, such as Son, Mambo, Guaguanco and Cha - Cha - Cha.

In the workshops you will receive a painless injection of the salsa virus and you will fully enjoy this enjoyable dance.

During this Salsa Workshop we learn the basic steps of Salsa in a fun way.

The instructors specialize in giving vibrant salsa workshops and dazzling latin shows and demonstrations for both private parties and large events. In addition to salsa, it is also possible to learn other Latin dances, such as merengue, bachata, and Zumba. Think of workshops such as; belly dancing, street dance, break dance, capoeira, bollywood and tango.

Sociability and fun are central to the Salsa Workshop: before you know it, you are swinging like a real Salsa King.

Program Workshop Salsa dancing:

  • Salsa dance workshop
  • Explanation Moves Salsa dancing
  • Salsa dance show
  • Possibly a BBQ or a drink afterwards

Duration Workshop Salsa dancing:

  • 2 hours

Locations Workshop Salsa dancing:

Beach tents Workshop Salsa dancing:

Prices Workshop Salsa dancing:

Group from 10 persons: € 25,00
Group from 20 persons: € 22,50
Group from 30 persons: € 20,00
Groups from 50 persons:: € 17,50

Prices are per person and include VAT

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Workshop Salsa Scheveningen

Most people know that salsa is a dance and that it is of Latin American origin. The word 'salsa' is Spanish and means sauce and we all know that the food gets better with a good sauce! We all have an image with salsa, but what exactly does it take to properly understand this dance? That is the purpose of this workshop.

What is salsa?

Salsa is originally from Cuba and is a collective name for all kinds of dances and rhythms, such as Son, Mambo, Guaguancó, Cha-cha-cha and Danzón. Salsa is also a type of music, because dancing involves music. In the meantime, salsa is known and loved worldwide as a type of music and dance; salsa is also increasingly being practiced in the Netherlands and is gaining popularity. It is a swirling, vibrant dance and music type that gives you energy. Salsa is also developing considerably at the moment and many different styles have emerged around the world. Salsa and her rhythms are very contagious. That is the greatest strength, especially from Salsa.

What does a workshop look like in Scheveningen?

During this salsa workshop we want to make you enthusiastic for this dance and teach you to enjoy it. We teach you the basics of salsa in a playful way and before you know it you are swinging like never before. Our instructors are experienced dancers who are used to working with groups. They will certainly infect you with the salsa virus. If the weather is nice, we will of course give dance lessons on the beach, but if there is no alternative, an alternative interior space is available.

The program of the Scheveningen salsa workshop

The program is as follows: first reception, then explanation of the different moves that go with the salsa dancing, a salsa dance show and finally a drink or a barbecue. The salsa workshop lasts two hours. The price is 25 euros for a group of 10 or more, 22,50 euros for a group of 20 or more, 20 euros for a group of 30 or more, and 17,50 euros for groups of 50 or more. The price is per person and including VAT.

Why participate in a salsa workshop?

Salsa is becoming increasingly popular and it is of course nice if you can make the blitz at a party with a few nice moves. In addition, we guarantee that you will gain a real salsa experience during these two hours. It will be a vibrant adventure and a pleasant, enjoyable experience that will give you a lot of energy. Dancing is healthy for body and soul. Everyone can learn to dance salsa and it is not nearly as difficult as you think. The music stirs you up and makes you happy. Besides, who doesn't want to dance salsa on the beach? So put on something easy and join a salsa workshop in Scheveningen by the sea! Who knows, you might get the hang of it and dance to salsa with your partner.