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Beach Boxing, Scheveningen

Ocean Boxing Club - Boxing Clinic

Always wanted to box on the beach? That is possible during this super fun boxing clinic in Scheveningen. Ideal as a sporting activity with friends or as a challenging company outing.

Be surprised and step out of your comfort zone. During this clinic you learn the basic techniques of boxing. It is an ideal full-body workout, where you immediately increase your confidence and reduce your stress level. Boxing is for everyone, young and old.

What can you expect during Beach Boxing Scheveningen

  • Everyone who puts on boxing gloves is a champion
  • We don't hit each other blue eyes
  • We respect each other
  • We see each other as equals
  • We help each other and we are a team.

You do boxing with your heart. Together we will make it an unforgettable workout, so that everyone goes home with a smile and a good feeling. The combination of boxing, sea and beach gives energy, confidence and peace.

Beach-Boxing Scheveningen program

  • Introduction; proposals, rules
  • Learning to wear bandages (participants sit in a circle)
  • Search boxing mate
  • What is the combat attitude (Lisa and Ruud are doing it for)
  • Game type (throw over gloves like Icebreaker)
  • Set up in two rows: shadow boxing, shadow stairs and 2 x 3 exercises
  • Warm-up (10x Jumping Jacks, 10X Burpees, 10x Mountain Climbers, 10x Squats, Stretching)
  • Learn to punch and receive (all punches)

Short break

  • Lisa game (standing circle, responsiveness)
  • Gloves on (1 long combination and 1 short combination)
  • Reaction game (move left to right, alternately)
  • Beat everything out
  • Han shoes off
  • Full body workout
  • All in a row and 1 minus eyes closed and enjoy the moment
  • Close and if necessary. swimming
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