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beach boxing scheveningen
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Always wanted to try boxing on the beach? That is possible during this super fun boxing clinic in Scheveningen. Ideal as a sporting activity with friends or as a challenging company outing. Be surprised and step out of your comfort zone. During this clinic you will learn the basic techniques of boxing. It is an ideal full-body workout, where you immediately increase your confidence and reduce your stress level. Boxing is for everyone, young and old.

What can you expect during Beach Boxing Scheveningen

  • Anyone who puts on boxing gloves is a champion
  • We respect each other
  • We see each other as equals
  • We help each other and we are a team.

You do boxing with your heart. Together we will make it an unforgettable workout, so that everyone goes home with a smile and a good feeling. The combination of boxing, sea and beach gives energy, confidence and peace.


  • Introduction; proposals, rules
  • Learn to put bandages on
  • Find your boxing buddy
  • What is the combat stance
  • Setup in two rows: shadow boxing, shadow kicking and 2 x 3 drills
  • Warm up
  • Learn to punch and learn to receive
  • Short break
  • responsiveness
  • Full body workout
  • All stand in a row and close your eyes for 1 min and enjoy the moment


Group from 10 people 20€
Group from 25 people 17,50€
Group from 50 people 15€
* All our prices are incl. VAT!

Our way of working

Charlotte van der Boeg
November 4 2021
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I really had the feeling of team building with my colleagues!
Peter van Wallen
November 4 2021
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Very nice, I never expected to do this!
"A healthy mix between challenge, anticipation, smart reaction, speed and vigilance"

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What is beach boxing?

Beach boxing Scheveningen, also known as beach boxing or kickboxing, is a form of boxing that is practiced on the beach. It is an intensive workout that improves both cardiovascular and muscle strength. Beach boxing Scheveningen is suitable for both beginners and advanced players, as the exercises can be performed at different levels.
The exercises mainly consist of performing boxing actions such as handing out punches and blocking punches, but other exercises such as squats, lunges and burpees are also done. These exercises are often performed in rounds of 30 seconds to 1 minute, with short rests between rounds.

The advantages of beach boxing Scheveningen

One of the advantages of Beach boxing Scheveningen is that it is practiced outside. This means you can take advantage of the fresh air and beautiful view during your workout. The sand also offers an extra challenge for the muscles, making the exercises even more intensive.
Beach boxing is also a fun way to stay fit and enjoy the sun and the beach at the same time. It's a great way to take on a challenge while taking the stress out of the daily routine. There are many places where beach boxing takes place, such as on public beaches or in specially equipped beach clubs, so it's easy to get started.

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