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Beach volleyball

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beach volleyball scheveningen
  • beach volleyball scheveningen
  • Play beach volleyball on the beach! company outing large group
  • beach volleyball angle of holland
  • beach volleyball on location

Who wouldn't want to stand barefoot in the sand and enjoy a game of volleyball with friends or colleagues under the warm sun? Would you like to attend a fully catered beach volleyball Scheveningen with your colleagues? That's possible, bee Flitz events. Beach volleyball is a game where the aim is to get the ball on the ground within the lines of the opponent. Beach volleyball is accessible to everyone and is definitely an activity that many people look back on with pleasure.

Flitz-Events organizes beach volleyball tournaments for different group conditions. Whether you're with a big of small group come, a day of volleyball at Flitz-Events is a unique experience!


Group from 10 people€ 20,00 pp
Group from 25 people€ 17,50 pp
Group from 50 people€ 15,00 pp
* All our prices are incl. VAT!

Example program:

  • 14:00 - 14:30

    Reception of guests on location/beach bar
  • 14:30 - 15:30

    Start of Beach volleyball
  • 15:30 - 15:45

    Short break
  • 15:45 - 16:45

    Start of part 2 of Beach volleyball
  • 16:45 - 17:00

    Awards ceremony + closing program
Flitz events
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Nadia SinghNadia Singh
12: 38 16 May 24
Chloe KuipersChloe Kuipers
17: 04 11 May 24
Had a very nice cocktail workshop today, nice recipes, can also be made virgin for alcohol-free people! The cocktail master Sandor was very enthusiastic and explained everything well and in a fun way! Definitely recommended for a fun outing with friends!
Tamar GroenewegTamar Groeneweg
16: 58 11 May 24
We did a super fun cocktail workshop! Nj stole our hearts and Berend ended it with a bang. Berend keep radiating, stay strong, so that you never forget that you have fun work. Danke schön (oh no, not Germans).
Joyce LubbersJoyce Lubbers
15: 04 08 May 24
We had a really fun team activity with a lot of banter and laughter. Robin is a nice instructor who helps you to master kitesurfing.
Bert KrelingBert Kreling
15: 03 08 May 24
Very fun activity! We did this with a group of 18 people. Attention was paid to everyone. Fun team building activity. Robin helped us great, clear explanation and a nice guy!
Simone DijkhuizenSimone Dijkhuizen
18: 06 20 April 24
Great outing for our football team! Very nice staff and we had a super fun day!
Simon ArtsSimon Arts
11: 31 30 Oct 23
Power kiting was great fun! Clear explanation and very friendly and helpful instructor. With 0 experience, everyone eventually managed to fly the kite. And even those who didn't dare do it eventually did it with extra help from the instructor. Definitely recommended for a fun weekend activity with friends. The fact that we had to hold each other so that you didn't fly into the air created hilarious moments and immediately created a good atmosphere for the rest of our weekend!
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does beach volleyball work?
    Beach volleyball actually works the same as normal volleyball. Only now you play it with your feet in the sand and the volleyball is a bit lighter and softer.
  • What if the weather is bad during the beach volleyball tournament?
    We can check the current weather conditions 2 days in advance, if the weather is bad we can always offer you a nice alternative! The nice thing about the beach is that the rain showers blow over faster, after which you can play volleyball again in the sun!
  • How many people can participate at most?
    Beach volleyball is suitable from 10 people, we can organize the tournament for up to 4000 players! Are you with more than 4000 people? We will of course get out of this together.

Beach volleyball rental Scheveningen

Flitz events has 50 sets of complete beach volleyball courts (nets, posts, lines and the complete span and anchoring systems).
We rent out the Beach Volleynets to tournaments, companies or individuals in Scheveningen or on location in consultation. Flitz events take care of the transport, installation and removal of the nets.

Indoor beach volleyball scheveningen

Not outside in the cold but heats inside! The indoor beach of Scheveningen is the ideal location for indoor beach sports such as beach volleyball. Who doesn't want to be barefoot in it heated sand stand and enjoy a game of volleyball with friends or colleagues? With your colleagues a fully catered indoor beach volleyball scheveningen.

Beach volleyball is a game where the aim is to get the ball to the ground within the lines of the opponent. Beach volleyball is accessible to everyone and definitely an activity that many people enjoy.

In addition to the beach volleyball courts, you have direct access to the bar. Here you can enjoy a snack and a drink between the matches. From the bar you have a direct view of the three playing fields.

All indoor sports under 1 roof!

In addition to beach volleyball, other beach sports can also be played.

Program beach volleyball scheveningen

The program can be arranged yourself. Beach volleyball can be combined with other activities.

  • Reception
  • Explanation program
  • Make teams known
  • Start competition
  • End of competition
  • Final + award ceremony
  • Possibly BBQ or a drink

What is beach volleyball scheveningen?

Beach volleyball has been a sport at the games for years. it is a sport where tactics, speed and precision come together. Teamwork and playing together is a must. Beach volleyball is descended from the traditional sport of volleyball.

Another ball? A different surface?

The biggest difference? The name says it all: beach volleyball takes place on the beach, where traditional volleyball is normally played on an indoor court. In addition, the ball for regular beach volleyball is heavier. The other ball, for beach volleyball, is a bit lighter and softer. However, both variants have many similarities.

The competition element is clearly visible in both sports. The target? Score points by hitting the ball to the ground within the opponent's lines.

The different weather conditions don't stop us! Through wind and weather, we can always find solutions to provide a unique beach volleyball tournament. Is it raining too hard? Then we move to the hall! The surface remains the same here, because we go to a room that is filled with sand. Beach volleyball can therefore always be played, even in less favorable weather conditions

Is beach volleyball scheveningen popular?

beach volleyball is one of the most popular sports in warm countries with large beaches. When you drive along the coast of Brazil you cannot escape the beach volleyball players.

Beach volleyball is also becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands today. For example, we have an annual Dutch Championship for both men and women. Here the best Dutch volleyball players play against each other to determine who is Dutch champion.

Beach volleyball is not easy. It is an activity where many aspects come together. Teamwork, speed, tactics. It's all about the right teamwork between you and your fellow players.

Who will win the Scheveningen beach volleyball championship?

Playing beach volleyball Scheveningen is a unique experience in the sun, on the beach of Scheveningen. It is a great activity for both men and women that requires a lot of teamwork and tactical ability. For that reason, it's a great activity for one very nice company outing, bachelor party, family outing of friend outing.

You start with a short explanation. So you know when the ball is wide, when you win a set and when you win the whole game.

When you have become acquainted with the rules of the game, the aim is to hit the ball between the lines of the opponents. We make teams together so that everything is fair. Are there children present? Even then we divide everyone fairly.

Will we see you soon?

Bring the Olympic Games to the Netherlands at Flitz-Events

At Flitz-Events we would like to welcome you on the beach of Scheveningen for a wonderful afternoon of beach volleyball. Do you hit the ball between your opponent's lines?

You can request a free quote for an afternoon of volleyball on the beach. Hold your own NK beach volleyball at Flitz-Events. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Why choose a beach volleyball tournament in Scheveningen?

Here are a few points that will convince you to organize such a beautiful beach volleyball tournament:

  1. Outdoors: You are working outdoors all day long, this is good for your health and your mindset!
  2. Flitz events unburdens you: The moment you book with us you don't have to do anything anymore, we take care of everything that is needed to make your tournament a great success!
  3. Beach day: The day does not only have to include a tournament, we can also organize a delicious BBQ and / or dinner for you. Finally, we can also arrange a fun party evening for you.
  4. Cup winners, we can provide you with a beautiful winning cup. Prefer not a personalized price? No problem, the winning team will receive a beautiful cup from us anyway.
  5. Togetherness: Even though the teams compete against each other, new friendships, discoveries and team building are still created. You will certainly see this in the workplace