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Student outings

If you get to know a lot of nice classmates during your studies, it is nice to meet up outside college to get to know each other better. Of course you can grab a terrace and eat and drink together, but it is also possible to make a whole outing, where you can do a fun activity with the whole group. That way you really get to know each other well. Flitz Events offers students outings in South Holland. You will find outings in Katwijk, Kijkduin, Monster, Noordwijk, Scheveningen, Zandvoort, The Hague and Wassenaar. You can choose from a huge number of activities, so there is always an activity that everyone in the group likes.

Discounted student outings

Flitz events uses different programs with a student discount! On our site you can go under the heading activities find information about the different activities that we can arrange for you. Of course combinations between the different activities are possible.

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Top 3 Student outings:

Top 1 Student outing: Power kiting / kite flying

Powerkiten Scheveningen, kite flying scheveningen company outing Scheveningen

Our specialty power kiting is completely hip & healthy, it is also very educational! Every year, the students respond with great enthusiasm to the introduction to this pure, unique sport.

Duration + prices :

  • 1 hour - € 7.50 per student
  • 1,5 hours - € 10 per student
  • 2 hour - € 12.50 per student

Top 2 Student outings: Robinson Crusoe

Company outing The Hague Book now Robinson Crusoe Experience

Robinson Crusoe has been an unprecedentedly popular sports day program for years. With team building Scheveningen you and your team have the opportunity to experience this for yourself. The group is divided into several teams; these teams have to pass all kinds of challenges and tests. This game is not only about team building, but also about strength, happiness, daring, learning ability and getting to know each other.

Duration + prices :

1.5 hours - € 10 per student

Top 3 Student outing: Hexathlon

beachcamp Team outing scheveningen

An example of a sports day at Scheveningen is playing a hexathlon on the beach. These beach games consist of six fun games where collaboration is needed. If you are looking for a tailor-made and especially competitive sports day, this is definitely recommended. The advantage of the hexathlon is that you can decide for yourself which games are played: you can choose from about 15 fun games. In a hexathlon, multiple teams play against each other and it is all about communication, cooperation and strategy. 

Duration + prices :

1.5 hours - € 10 per student

Sports days on the beach

In addition to our top 3 sports days, we offer even more challenging activities such as;

Organize a unique student outings 

After you have selected one or more cool activities, you can request a quote from us. We check whether the place and the activities on the day you have chosen are possible and will feedback this to you. After your agreement, we take over the entire organization, so that you only need to be present with your student outing on the agreed day and time. So we arrange the place, the materials, the professionals and if desired we also take care of the food. Everything is organized down to the last detail so that you can enjoy unique student outings. Furthermore, you can of course expect a lot of fun. This is because the activities that we offer always provide excitement and thrills and above all are a lot of fun to do. Whether you have to carry out assignments in groups or compete against each other, it is always fun and fun. Flitz events organizes the most fun and original outings. And even crazy student outings!

Group activities for students

Flitz Events has all kinds of group activities for students. Whether you like sporting events or are more into creative things. For example, you can go Powerkiting, where you let yourself be dragged over the beach with a kite. Or you can do a hexathlon, where you compete with your fellow students. Play against each other and choose from six fun parts. The losers treat the winners to a beer in the evening. Or take part in the Robinson Crusoe Event, where you have to survive on the beach by passing various tests. If you prefer to do something less active then that is certainly possible. You can follow a Pub Quiz Show with your students, where you can tailor the questions to the interests of the group. Or take a boat trip through The Hague or Scheveningen while enjoying a snack and a drink.

Creative student outings

It is of course also possible that there are many creatives in your midst, where other types of activities suit the group better. For example, you have the Sand Sculptures workshop, where you go together for a beautiful work of art made of sand. Unleash your creativity and create a beautiful work of art. Another activity that requires creativity is the Graffiti spraying workshop. You can make the most beautiful creations on a canvas on the beach while enjoying the sun. It is also possible to make a large painting together or to provide the tastiest cocktails during the cocktail workshop.

Student activities

There are also activities that are more aimed at students. Like the party boat in The Hague. This way you can see all the beautiful places in this beautiful city, while you enjoy the music, the drinks and the good atmosphere. Hop on in the center of The Hague or in Scheveningen and discover The Hague. In consultation with Flitz Events you can compose your own tour. You also have a sloops rally, where you do assignments while you cruise and a drink boat. If the weather is not so nice, you can also opt for the Winter Games. After reception with hot chocolate or mulled wine you compete in groups. In groups you race against other teams on cross-country skis. It is also possible to sail with a powerboat, where you sail over the water at high speeds. High waves and right-angle turns make it look like you're on a rollercoaster.

Nice student outings

Flitz events organizes fun student outings for young and old and for large and small student groups. Do you have something to celebrate or do you want to strengthen the solidarity within your team, for example? You can come to us for various fun student outings with very cool activities. We as Flitz events have over 10 years of experience in organizing various student outings and we ensure that we meet your wishes. With our fantastic well-trained professionals, it is no different than that your fun student outing will be a resounding success.  

Where do we organize the day

We have places at various seaside resorts along the coast where we can offer various activities. The seaside resorts of Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Zandvoort, Noordwijk and Hoek van Holland are particularly popular. This is because we can often combine these organized days with a stay at a beach pavilion for a snack and a drink afterwards. Because what could be better than after a fun day of sports and games on the beach, to end this day with your feet in the sand and a drink in your hand. It is no coincidence that several groups have had Flitz events organized more than once a day. And we are proud of that!

What if the weather is bad

This is, of course, a very valid question, especially in our Netherlands. When the weather is bad, we always have the opportunity to organize certain activities indoors. We always do this in consultation with you, so that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises. We are very transparent and clear about lord. For example, we have the opportunity to give some workshops indoors, but we also have the option to use an escape room. When the weather is too bad to exercise in the shorts on the beach, it can still be fine weather with a poncho on a GPS tour. And there are many other activities that we can just organize for you despite bad weather. If you don't like all this, it is of course also an option to postpone the day or to cancel the day free of charge. But as mentioned, there are many other great options that we can organize for you, so that we can give you and your team a fantastic and unforgettable day.

Student outings on the beach

City Games

If you prefer to do something in the center and are so close to the bars and terraces, you can also opt for the City Games. You have a wide choice between different types of games with all kinds of different storylines. For example, go for an Escape Room, where you have a maximum of 2 hours to free hostages in Scheveningen or The Hague. It is a large variant of an Escape Room and gives you the opportunity to determine once and for all which team is smart and brave enough to complete the mission within time. Or go for Who is the rat? Where you have to look for saboteur. There is a rat in the team, who does everything he can to complete all missions. As a group you need to find out who it is and expose the person.

Plenty of choice

Enough choice for students to organize a fun outing. It is often also possible to choose an arrangement after the workshop where you can eat and drink together after that time. Talk about that fun day and decide who did the best. Determine in advance what kind of outing suits the group and see which activities Flitz Events offers. You will find activities in several places in South Holland. It is also possible in consultation to carry out the activity elsewhere. For example, you can hold the Pub Quiz Show in your regular pub or make cocktails at your club. The choice is large, so there is always a suitable student outing that everyone in the group likes.