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Nice Group Outings The Hague

Do you want to have a great day with your friends, family or colleagues? Then you are at the right place for fun group outings at Flitz events. We organize various types of fun group outings at various locations along the coast and in the city of The Hague. Have you always wanted to take a GPS trip with your family or have you been doing a hexathlon with your colleagues? Just say it and we'll organize it all for you. Even if you want to have a snack and a drink after the activities, we can arrange this in almost all cases. This is partly because we can make good agreements about this with many beach pavilions along the coast. 

Top 6 Group outings The Hague

Group outings The Hague

Types of group outings The Hague

We at Flitz events have a huge amount of activities to choose from. For example, we organize: Six Camps, Blokarting, GPS tours, various types of beach games such as Farmers Beach Golf, Beach Volleyball and Shootout. But we also organize winter events, workshops and much more. These are really just a few of the many group outings and activities that we can organize for you. Even when the weather is bad, we can still make a fully filled indoor program to your liking. This is also ideal for children's parties and school outings.

All kinds of fun group outings

At Flitz events you can choose from various types of group outings. You can also do the group outings at various locations in the Netherlands. Most locations that we offer ourselves are located on the coast. This is due to the fact that many of our games are very cool when you play them on the beach. But we can also arrange group outings in the city center of The Hague or at a location chosen by yourself. The different types of group outings we offer include:

When the weather is rainy, we first check whether the planned activities can continue. Some activities can continue with a splash of rain. When the weather is really bad, we can still provide an indoor program. With the bad weather scenario, there are various options that we can always organize in consultation. You can choose from various indoor workshops or, for example, a pub quiz with a delicious drink within reach. Of course we can also move or cancel the day in consultation. We have a lot of group outings ideas!

What can you expect from us

One of the basic ingredients you can expect from us is 'fun'. All activities that we organize for the groups are aimed at making it fun and enjoyable. You can also expect us to always provide professional guidance for the activities. This makes all activities safe for everyone. Our expert supervisors master the intricacies of the activities and can explain them well. A very nice additional effect of these fun group outings is that you grow together as a group during these activities. It is quite possible that the individual group members dare to trust each other more after an intensive but fun group outing of Flitz events.

Where are these fun group outings organized

Our group outings are generally organized along the coast and in the city. For example, we are very well known at the locations Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Hoek van Holland, Noordwijk, Zandvoort and in the city of The Hague. Every place has its charm. Scheveningen is generally always nice and busy and you can park for free at Kijkduin. But all places have one thing in common. They are ideal for fun group outings of Flitz events. Even if you prefer to organize the group outing at a completely different location, you can. We don't turn our backs on that. Of course, this is always in consultation with each other, because the chosen location must meet a number of important criteria, including safety and sufficient space.

How to book a group outing

Booking fun group outings is easy. When you have found a fun activity or package that you would like to do with your group, request a free quote from us and make your wishes known. We will then contact you and discuss the group outing from A to Z and if you agree we will organize the outing.

Group outings

If you are looking for original, fun and fun group outings, you are at the right place at Flitz events. With us you can choose from a huge range of different activities. These activities are very original, fun and always provide lots of fun and fun. It is not without reason that the group outings of Flitz events are extremely popular. The group outings are therefore also very suitable as team building outings, bachelor parties, just as a fun outing with your friends or as a family day. With our group outings you can really go anywhere, except the wrong one. The activities offered by us are always very safe and tightly organized. Professional guidance is also always available. When you have had a group outing of Flitz events, you will not soon forget this day.

Advantages of a group outing

One of the many advantages of a group outing is that you see each other in a different way than you normally do. Do you hang out with your friends in the pub, but wonder how sporty those friends of yours actually are? Challenge them with a round of Robinson Experience. The skill, knowledge and sportsmanship are tested with this game from you and your friends. Another great advantage of a group outing is that you can build cooperation and trust in each other. This can be very interesting for companies where solidarity within a department or office is of great importance. When all noses are in the same direction, you can achieve much more as a department or company than if you are not. A company outing can therefore have a very positive effect on the group's sense of belonging and the company's position as an employer.

Group outings on location

Flitz events can also organize group outings at a location selected by you. It is of course important that the selected location meets the conditions in which the activities must take place. For example, there must be sufficient space and it must be safe for everyone. When a location has been selected, we will assess whether this location is really suitable for the activities you want to do and whether we need to apply for any permits. When all that is possible, nothing stands in the way of us having a fantastically organized group outing at the place you have chosen. No place is too crazy for us!

Professional guidance

When a group outing of Flitz event is booked, the group is always 100% assured of professional guidance. Our employees are specially trained to guide small and large groups and to ensure that you have an unforgettable day. Thanks to the specialist know-how, our professional guidance ensures that the entire group outing runs smoothly. Whether you are blokarting on the beach or going on a tour with a tour boat through The Hague, we guide the entire trip from A to Z.

More than 10 years of experience

Flitz events has over 10 years of experience in organizing group outings. If you want to organize something for 3 or 3000 people, tell us and we will arrange it for you. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have built up a very good reputation along the coast of the Netherlands. This makes it possible to organize lunch or dinner at almost every beach tent. Whether it is a family day, team building or a sports day with your friends, we have already organized it all once. With its organizational experience, Flitz Events ensures an unforgettable day for everyone. Active group outing? Group outing beach? At Flitz events you always enjoy a great fun group outing.

Group activities on the beach

Activities, workshops, party, food and drinks: In 1 booking you arrange your whole friend outing! For group arrangements you have come to the right place with us. For example a children's party, group outing, day out with colleagues, friends, family outing bachelor party.

Group outings come in all shapes and sizes. From company outings to stag and hen parties, from family outings to team building activities. We have the right activity for every large and budget!

Do you have special wishes? Do not hesitate and contact us so that we can arrange the perfect outing for you. Take a look at our options!