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Workshop Scheveningen

Scheveningen Workshop

Are you looking for a unique and relaxing activity on the coast in Scheveningen? Flitz events offers the perfect solution: a workshop on the beach! This unique location not only offers the opportunity to enjoy nature, but also to relax and learn from a professional instructor.

A workshop on the beach at Flitz events in Scheveningen is also a great way to enjoy a day full of fun and discovery. So if you're looking for a fun way to fill your free time, give a workshop on the beach of Flitz events in Scheveningen a try! Choose from the different workshops and be inspired by the different possibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the most popular workshops?
    We have many workshops for you to choose from. But the most booked ones are really: The cocktail workshop, ice/sand sculptures and painting
  • Are the workshops held indoors or outdoors?
    That depends very much on the workshop you book. If you have a cocktail workshop, it will be done at the restaurant. If you are going to make sand sculptures, it will be done on the beach again.
  • What is the bad weather scenario?
    This is an alternative program that is used when the weather is really bad. For example, you can make cocktails somewhere indoors instead of an Expedition on the beach.

One of the most important aspects of planning a successful Scheveningen workshop is choosing the right location. The venue should be large enough to accommodate the expected number of participants, but not so large that the room feels empty or cavernous. In addition, the location should be conveniently located and easily accessible by public transport. Once you have found the perfect location, you can focus on organizing the Scheveningen workshop.

At Flitz-Events we are experts in the field of unburdening and organizing activities in and around Scheveningen. That is why it is very pleasant to have your next workshop planned with us. With countless different workshops we have a lot to offer. From crazy to serious workshops, and from educational to atmospheric workshops, there is plenty of choice at Flitz-Events!

Looking for a fun workshop in Scheveningen?

Anyone who has ever tried to plan an event knows that organizing a successful workshop in Scheveningen can be a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider, from finding the right venue to creating an engaging agenda. However, with a little planning and effort, it is possible to give participants an unforgettable experience.

Are you looking for a unique and relaxing activity on the coast? Then consider participating in a workshop on the beach!

Whether you're interested in art, yoga, meditation or anything else, there's bound to be a workshop on the beach that's right for you. This unique location not only offers the opportunity to enjoy nature, but also to relax and learn from a professional instructor.

A workshop on the beach is also a great way to meet new people and enjoy a day of fun and discovery. So if you're looking for a fun way to fill your spare time, give a workshop on the beach a try! Search for available options in your region and be inspired by the different possibilities.

Are you looking for a fun workshop? Then you are at the right place with us. We offer various educational and fun workshops, which will be talked about for a long time. There is a choice between workshops on the beach, but there are also plenty of workshops in the Winter can take place.

Cocktail making workshop

Are you a real cocktail freak? Then this Scheveningen workshop is really something for you. Our enthusiastic instructor will teach you all about the origin of the cocktail. In this way you will find out what the first cocktail was, why the drink got the name 'cocktail' and what is so special about the alcoholic snack.

After the detailed explanation, it's your turn to make 3 delicious cocktails. You can opt for the classics, such as the mojito, margarita, pornstar martini or piña colada, but of course you can also make your own creation! The bartender helps you bring together the tastiest flavors, shake the shaker and serve it in a matching glass.

Of course there is enough space and time to enjoy the drinks quietly. Let your fellow students taste them, or drink them yourself. The choice is yours! Will we see you soon in Scheveningen to make a delicious cocktail?

Workshop slippers pimping

The blits run with striking slippers? Then the workshop pimping slippers is really something for you! Unleash your creativity and make your ideal slipper. Do you opt for a stylish design? Or are you going for a unique and crazy design that will make you stand out in the summer? It is up to you. Experience the slipper workshop in Scheveningen!

The workshop pimping slippers is great fun for young and old and is therefore also a popular workshop at Flitz-Events. 

Workshop making sand sculptures

A workshop on the beach should not be missed at an event agency on the coast of Scheveningen. The workshop sand sculptures is a fantastic experience on the boulevard. You come together on the beach and can then make the most beautiful creations, using wet sand.

Our supervisor gives you tips to shape the most beautiful creations. You will then be divided into teams and a topic will be chosen. Based on that subject, you will work to deliver a beautiful work of art. After the workshop, a jury panel will decide which team has designed the most beautiful sculpture.

Workshop making ice sculptures

Does sand sculpture sound like a lot of fun to you? But are you looking for a similar workshop because it is too cold in winter? No problem, with the workshop ice sculptures we have a fantastic alternative. Making ice sculptures is extremely difficult, so how nice is it if you really learn the tricks of the trade! You will be told everything under the guidance of an experienced ice artist. Then you get to work to make a beautiful creation from a large block of ice.

Who knows, you might end up with a new hobby!

Original workshops Scheveningen

A unique day full of educational moments The Hague experience? Then you are at the right place at Flitz-Events. We are an experienced event agency that has been offering workshops in and around The Hague for years. The options here vary widely. Whether you go for an educational or laughable workshop Scheveningen, it's up to you.

We usually offer the workshops at our own locations. This makes it easy for us to provide a workshop that perfectly matches your wishes. If you are looking for a creative workshop like the graffiti workshop or the cocktail workshop you are very welcome in The Hague! We offer different types of workshops for both young and old. Sporty workshops, special workshops, informative workshops, tasty workshops, you will find it at Flitz-Events!

Professional leadership during the Scheveningen workshop

During a workshop of Flitz events you will be guided by a professional. A course Paint? A real artist or artist helps you to put something beautiful on the canvas. A cocktail shaking workshop is supervised by an experienced bartender. So you are sure of good instructions and help. If your Scheveningen workshop has a competitive character, the supervisor will immediately act as a jury. You can often win great prizes! 

The best workshops in Scheveningen and surroundings

 We can offer a fantastic workshop for both large groups and smaller groups at a special location in The Hague or Scheveningen. If you have any questions about the workshops we offer, we invite you to contact to record with us. Our experts will be happy to talk to you!

Choose one of our super fun workshops, and maybe we'll see you soon in The Hague or Scheveningen! workshop beach