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Spectacular team outings

Spectacle guaranteed with Flitz-Events!

Are you looking for a dose of adrenaline, excitement and adventure? Then you have come to the right place at Flitz-Events! Our spectacular outings promise an unforgettable experience full of spectacle and thrills. Whether you're looking to push your limits, boost team spirit, or simply looking for a breath-taking time, our events provide an unparalleled dose of excitement.

With a wide range of activities, from exciting water sports to challenging team building games and adventurous city discoveries, we take you on a journey full of spectacular moments. Discover the excitement and sensation that Flitz-Events has to offer and experience a spectacle that will be etched in your memory for a long time to come!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of activities are considered spectacular company outings at Flitz-Events?
    At Flitz-Events we offer a wide range of spectacular activities such as power kiting on the beach, Expedition Robinson challenges and adrenaline pumping activities such as RIB boat trips and paintball.
  • Can you advise us on which spectacular company outing best suits our group?
    Certainly! We have years of experience in organizing various company outings. Contact us and tell us more about your team and goals, and we'll be happy to suggest activities that perfectly suit your needs.
  • Is it possible to organize a spectacular company outing at our own location?
    Absolute! Our spectacular activities can also be organized in locations other than ours. We work together with various locations throughout the Netherlands to ensure that your team outing can take place at a location of your choice. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Spectacular company outings from Flitz-Events

At Flitz-Events you are at the right place for a wide range of spectacular activities. From the beach of Scheveningen to the pleasant city center of The Hague, the possibilities vary widely. As far as we are concerned, Scheveningen is the perfect location for a unique staff outing full of fun and relaxation.

Scheveningen beach is the ideal location for a day full of excitement and sensation. From power kiting and blokarting to laser gaming and beach volleyball, we offer a range of activities that will get the adrenaline flowing and provide an unforgettable experience on the sand and sea.

If you are looking for more of a cultural and creative experience, the charming city center of The Hague is the place to be. Discover the city in a unique way during our city games, where you navigate the historic streets and complete challenging assignments. Or go for a creative workshop that brings out the artistic talents of your team.

The perfect team outing: Our top 3

We would like to tell you below which activities are the most spectacular. This is our top 3 original company outings for your next team building outing:


Do you want to experience the power of the wind and let yourself be carried away by the elements? Then power kiting is the activity for you! This spectacular activity is one of our absolute favorites on the extensive beach of Scheveningen. With power kiting you let yourself be carried away by a powerful kite while you master the art of steering and control. Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins as you control the kite with precision and make jumps in the air.

The GPS tour through the city

At Flitz-Events we have a wide range of GPS tours with various themes, to be played in all kinds of cities throughout the Netherlands. It is therefore the ideal outing for one company outing on location. From GPS tours that mainly focus on the history of the city, to tours with many fun assignments.

The GPS tour is for both large and small groups and is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable day. In consultation we can link the tour to your own theme.

Expedition Robinson

Thinking about unique company outings? Then Expedition Robinson should of course not be missed. Together with colleagues you will work in teams on various tests and assignments. The team that wins the most of these trials is the Expedition Robinson winner. Who takes the lead? Who is the brain behind the group? And who doesn't succumb to time pressure? You will find out during the best team outing in the Netherlands!

The benefits of team outings

A unique company outing has many advantages for a company. In addition to the fact that the employees get to know each other in a completely different way, it also provides the employer with various insights. We have listed the advantages of company outings for you:

Team Building and Collaboration: Team outings promote effective collaboration and team building. By participating in activities and challenges together, employees get to know each other better and develop confidence in each other's abilities. This leads to improved team dynamics and a more positive work environment.

Communication and Interaction: Team outings create an informal atmosphere in which employees can communicate and interact more easily with each other. This can improve communication within the team and between different departments, which in turn can lead to more efficient work processes.

Discovering Strengths: During team activities, individual strengths can emerge. Employees can see themselves and others in new ways, highlighting their unique qualities. This insight can later be applied to professional tasks and projects.

Motivation and Engagement: A team outing shows appreciation for the efforts of employees and can increase their motivation and involvement. It indicates that the company cares about the well-being of its employees and contributes to a positive work culture.

End the spectacular company outing with a snack or drink

At Flitz-Events you can of course also combine the best team outings with a closing drink, lunch or dinner. After a day of exciting activities, teamwork and fun, there's nothing better than getting together and reminiscing about the adventures you've had.

Whether you choose a cozy drink where the stories flow, a tasty lunch to relax or an extensive dinner to end the day in style, our culinary options add a delicious dimension to your total experience. Enjoy delicious dishes and refreshing drinks as you strengthen bonds between colleagues and review the highlights of the day.

Organizing spectacular team outings? Choose Flitz Events

Curious about the spectacular company outings we offer? Contact us today and find out how we can surprise your team with adrenaline-pumping activities, thrilling challenges and unforgettable moments. Our experienced team is ready to put together a tailor-made program that meets your wishes and goals. Let us inspire you, motivate you and above all let you enjoy a spectacular day full team building and fun!