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Gala dinner

Have a gala dinner organized by Flitz Events?

When you are going to organize a gala dinner as a business event, you know that your guests have a wonderful prospect. Your female guests can wear their most beautiful dress and the gentlemen can take their beautiful costume out of the closet again. But there are more basic ingredients for a successful gala dinner. For example, a perfect location that fits well with your goal is extremely important, as well as a driven and reliable organizer and fantastic caterer. When all the elements are right, you can be sure that you can organize a fantastic gala dinner for your guests. We can be of good service to you. Request one here OFFERS to.


You will of course understand that the location where a gala dinner is held is extremely important. Depending on the purpose of the gala dinner, a location can be chosen that completely matches the theme of the evening. For example, is money raised for a good cause, do you want to accompany a product launch with a gala dinner or is it the company opening that you want to celebrate. A different location can be found and booked for each purpose. If you have good ideas about it yourself, it is of course more than fantastic. But if you don't have any ideas about the location yet, we will use our experience and creativity to propose various top locations from which you can choose. Together with you, we can make your gala dinner a resounding success.

Sublime entrance

When your guests arrive at the gala dinner, it is of course the intention that they feel welcome from the very first moment. Together with you, we will look for a sublime entrance that sets the trend of the evening. Of course, a red or gold carpet should not be missed, as well as a good glass of champagne upon arrival. Our sommelier can present you with different types of bubbles and advise you about them. It is also important that there is a professional wardrobe where your guests can hang their coats and coats neatly. Everything will be taken care of by us down to the last detail, so that the beginning of the evening immediately evokes a fantastic feeling for your guests. They will feel more than wanted. We will of course continue the good feeling when your guests have had the entrance and arrive at the dinner tables.

Beautiful tables

You want to radiate class with a gala dinner. Everyone comes beautifully dressed and has taken the trouble to do so. Then it is extremely important and self-evident that the decoration of the location is also beautifully decorated. If you have a goal or theme for the gala dinner, we can process this in the decoration and catering. We always do this in style and class. This also applies to the dinner itself. A gala dinner is served at the table and it is therefore of the utmost importance that everything at the table is right. The tables themselves, which must be beautifully laid out, comfortable chairs and beautiful decorations that give the space a warm and intimate feeling. Our staff will also be dressed up and groomed for this important evening. The delicious and beautifully presented culinary creations will be a feast for the eyes, but certainly also for the mouth.