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Workshop Making ice sculptures

Ice-cold workshop perfect for team building

Are you looking for an ice cold winter getaway? Then the workshop making ice sculptures definitely something for you! Unleash your creativity and create the most beautiful creations based on a theme of the day of your choice. It is a fun and varied activity in which various talents within the group irrevocably emerge, such as: communication, creativity and planning. Naturally, good cooperation is needed to achieve the winning design. That is why workshop ice sculptures are the perfect team building activity for the winter.

During this workshop making ice sculptures you get to know your ice cream in a completely different way. With a hammer and chisel in your hand, and with a bit of planing with gloves on you will experience the ultimate ice fun!

What is making ice sculptures?

Making ice sculptures is a form of sculpture in which ice is used as a raw material. Making an ice sculpture is also called icecarving .

Ice processing involves a number of difficulties because of its properties. The ideal ice block consists of pure, clean water, so that the ice is well transparent, and contains as few air bubbles as possible. That is why we provide a separate workshop with the perfect blocks of ice.

What does the ice sculpture making workshop look like?

After you choose a theme of the day, each team will receive an instruction and sketch form. It is then up to you and your team to put the winning design on paper.

We start with the preparation of the ice, which means that in the beginning mainly rough work is done. When you are done with this, a plan can be made. When you are done with this you can make a beautiful design that matches the theme. Here too it quickly becomes clear who has what role within the group. Are you a thinker, doer, dreamer, decision maker or a true artist?

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Is the design ready? Then it's time to implement the design and start the creation. Does your team have the right skills to achieve a good result?

After the activity there is a possibility to view the various beautiful creations that have been made.

Making ice sculpture prizes:

The jury will announce which team has won. In consultation it can be determined whether you want to appoint a jury or whether we will provide a winner.

Price make ice sculptures:

From 10 persons: € 30, -
From 25 persons: € 25, -
From 50 persons: € 22,50
From 80 persons: € 20, -

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Workshop making ice sculptures
Workshop making ice sculptures

Duration of making ice sculptures:

  • 2 hours

Making ice sculptures

If you are looking for a fun outing to do with family, friends, colleagues or fellow students, you have a wide choice of activities at Flitz Events. If you are looking for something unique, where you can let your creativity run wild, the Workshop Making Ice Sculptures is for you. In this workshop you will learn how to make ice sculptures and how to work together. It is a difficult skill, which can be mastered during this workshop by guidance from experienced instructors. If the weather is bad, this is a great alternative to grabbing a terrace. And say for yourself, how many people can tell they can make ice sculptures?

What are ice sculptures?

An ice sculpture is actually a work of art made from ice. It is an image of frozen water. It is similar to sculpting using ice. When sculpting you can actually use all materials, such as stone, clay, plaster, wood, metal and concrete. An ice sculpture focuses specifically on ice as a material. The best ice you can use for this is pure and clean water. This ice is transparent and contains few air bubbles. You also have to make sure that you do not create your ice sculpture in a warm room, because then the ice sculpture will melt in no time.

How do you make ice sculptures?

Making an ice sculpture requires a lot of knowledge and patience. Carving, as it is officially called, is becoming increasingly popular. People who do this as a profession travel all over the world to work for festivals. At the moment there are only 300 professional carvers. These people use their carving tools to remove parts of the ice to form the ice. They start with a large block of ice, which consists of clean water. There are special factories that filter rainwater and freeze it while stirring. That way there is beautiful, smooth ice that is ideal for making an ice sculpture.

Winter activity making ice sculptures

At Flitz Events it is also possible to master the basic knowledge of making an ice sculpture. During the workshop you will get to know ice cream in a different way. The team determines the theme of the ice sculptures and after that each team receives an instruction and sketch form, where you shape your artwork. In the end you determine the most beautiful design together and everyone gets the opportunity to copy it. You will get a hammer, a chisel, a block of ice and gloves to make your ice sculpture. First the ice is prepared, where you mainly do rough work. Then you make a plan of action and you can make the design of the sketch. Afterwards, a jury will announce which team has made the most beautiful ice sculpture.

Create teambuilding ice sculptures

This workshop is ideal as a team building activity. This makes it a perfect company outing, but cooperation is also important for family and friends. You determine the theme together with the group and determine the most beautiful design. Then you will work with your team to create the most beautiful ice sculpture. You need good communication, collaboration, creativity and planning. The different talents of the team members emerge and it soon becomes clear who has which role within the group. In this way you will find out whether you are a thinker, decision-maker, dreamer or doer and whether you are a true artist. Only together you can make a beautiful ice sculpture, so good cooperation is extremely important during this workshop.

Check out the possibilities

In two hours you can learn during the workshop of Flitz Events how to make an ice sculpture. There is little chance that you can immediately start working on this and you can join the only 300 professional carvers. But who knows, you may find out during this workshop that you also want to travel the world to make ice sculptures at festivals. It does take a lot of patience and the workshop of Flitz Events also requires good cooperation. This workshop is given in several places in South Holland, so you can choose where you want to do the workshop. In consultation it is also possible to hold the workshop in a different way if the location is suitable for this. To make the outing even more fun, you can expand the workshop with a lunch, drink package, dinner or barbecue, where you can end the fun day in a good way. Talk about everything you have learned and determine whether the jury has really chosen the most beautiful ice sculpture.

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