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Flitz events offers you the perfect solution for a sports day! We can organize your sports day completely tailor-made, taking your work off your hands. Prefer to take matters into your own hands? That is also possible!

Your school can then use the location, hot showers and separate changing rooms, the toilets, all day long. In a personal conversation we can explain the possibilities in more detail or request a quote without obligation.

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Nadia SinghNadia Singh
12: 38 16 May 24
Chloe KuipersChloe Kuipers
17: 04 11 May 24
Had a very nice cocktail workshop today, nice recipes, can also be made virgin for alcohol-free people! The cocktail master Sandor was very enthusiastic and explained everything well and in a fun way! Definitely recommended for a fun outing with friends!
Tamar GroenewegTamar Groeneweg
16: 58 11 May 24
We did a super fun cocktail workshop! Nj stole our hearts and Berend ended it with a bang. Berend keep radiating, stay strong, so that you never forget that you have fun work. Danke schön (oh no, not Germans).
Joyce LubbersJoyce Lubbers
15: 04 08 May 24
We had a really fun team activity with a lot of banter and laughter. Robin is a nice instructor who helps you to master kitesurfing.
Bert KrelingBert Kreling
15: 03 08 May 24
Very fun activity! We did this with a group of 18 people. Attention was paid to everyone. Fun team building activity. Robin helped us great, clear explanation and a nice guy!
Simone DijkhuizenSimone Dijkhuizen
18: 06 20 April 24
Great outing for our football team! Very nice staff and we had a super fun day!
Simon ArtsSimon Arts
11: 31 30 Oct 23
Power kiting was great fun! Clear explanation and very friendly and helpful instructor. With 0 experience, everyone eventually managed to fly the kite. And even those who didn't dare do it eventually did it with extra help from the instructor. Definitely recommended for a fun weekend activity with friends. The fact that we had to hold each other so that you didn't fly into the air created hilarious moments and immediately created a good atmosphere for the rest of our weekend!

Organizing a sports day for primary and secondary school

Organizing a sports day is suitable for every school and class of children. This is because there is something nice for everyone. Every child likes to run and move all day long, and especially to get away from the usual routine at school. Moreover, the children are then on the move and therefore remain healthy and fit. So there are more than enough advantages to a sports day, but how do you organize this?

You don't have to worry about not knowing what to do while organizing a sports day. We take these concerns completely off your hands. Flitz Events is your partner in organizing the best sports day for your school (class). Everything is thought of, from various activities to arranging and handling. The only thing you need to take care of is that the children feel like exercising in a fun way.

Extensive offer for your sports day

Having a sports day organized by Flitz Events is never the same. There is a wide range of different types of sports, so you always have a nice and varied selection and you are sure that your students can do the sports they like. For example, we mainly work here in the form of a hexathlon, in which sports such as hockey, tennis and flag football are always discussed. This is often alternated with playing sports that you usually only see during sports days, such as sack running and tug of war. When you use Flitz Events to organize your sports day, you can decide for yourself which sports you want to add to the offer, so you still have control in your own hands.

In addition to sports, there are also various games that can be added to the offer. For example, it is possible to hold a sports quiz and the children can have fun in one of the themed air cushions, each of which has its own extra applications. Finally, there are also specific options that you can introduce your students to, such as archery or jumping on a trampoline.

Suitable for all kinds of groups

Anyone who thinks of a sports day will soon think of activities for primary school, and in most cases that is the case. The offer at Flitz Events is well aimed at working with the youngest students, so that there is something included in the offer for every age group. But did you also know that you can organize a sports day not only for the youngest students? At Flitz Events it is also possible to organize a sports day for secondary education and even for students at higher professional education you can go here for a good sports day that suits the students perfectly. No childish games for teenagers and adolescents, but suitable sports that suit the interests and level of the students.

Request a quote

Do you also want to organize a sports day for your students? Do not wait any longer and request your quote from Flitz Events. In this quotation you can indicate exactly what you do and do not want during your sports day and for whom it is intended. The quotation is free and without obligation, so you can even compare with other providers if you want. But you can assume that you will get the best offer for the best price here. With no other organizer you can have a sports day organized that comes close to what Flitz Events can offer you, and that while Flitz Events is much cheaper. Two birds with one stone: you have the best sports day and that without having to dig deep into your pockets.

In summary, do you want to organize a perfect sports day for your pupils or students, with a nice varied range of sports and games, which is perfectly organized and you only have to pay the lowest price? Then look no further because you are at the right place at Flitz Events. The range of activities here is larger than at the competition, and that while we have more range. With a sports day organized by Flitz Events, you can be sure that your students will have the time of their lives and will talk about this sports day for a long time to come. So choose a sports day from Flitz Events and experience for yourself how well this sports day fits with what you have in mind for your group.

This is how you prepare the school for a sports day school

When summer arrives, this means that a long tradition lies ahead: the sports day school! We are ready to help you plan a great day of fun for the whole school. Are you looking for improvements for the sports day school compared to last year? Curious which sports have the greatest appeal and how to prepare? WE are happy to give you ideas for a sports day school! Whatever your expectations for this year's sports day school, we have plenty of advice for primary and secondary school activities.

Potential problems at a sports day school

Sometimes it seems that once you get students out of their normal routine, anything can happen! That's why it's important to consider all things - or as much as you can! Let's take a look at the steps you can take to make sports day school a success.

Weather permitting….

Beautiful weather is far from guaranteed in the Netherlands, so planning events can be a bit of a gamble. Our first advice for a sports day school is to always have an indoor plan.

In this way the day can continue whether it is too wet under your feet or even if it is just too hot outside. Maybe you want to think of two whole series of activities. You can also simply concentrate on sports that you can easily adapt to a different environment.
Either way, it's important to take the weather into account when planning the day for the first time. With so many elements to take into account, it would be impractical to change the date at the last minute.


Each school has meticulous 'in case of emergency' procedures. It is vital to adapt these health and safety measures to your ideas for a sports day school. This may include incorporating safe exercise into the rules of your planned activities.

In addition to the fact that your first aid box is suitable for the treatment of minor sports injuries, it is also very important to focus on prevention.

This is all the more reason to establish a single day and to plan in advance. It is vital that everyone knows in time which sports he or she will participate in to prepare; it may be necessary for students to bring extra equipment or medication and they need time to consult their parents. If students end a game prematurely, they can be bored and more difficult to entertain. This can therefore become a safety risk. To prevent this, you must ensure that you plan the minimum and maximum time that each activity can take.

A good way to keep a large number of students engaged is to divide the leeway into sections. This means that you can follow multiple activities without compromising the safety or quality of the game.


The classics of the sports day include the three-legged race, sack races and the big old sleutinal, but that's not all! There are many activities that are suitable for pupils of primary school age. For example:

  • Obstacle courses
  • Funnel races
  • A hula hoop challenge
  • A mini tennis tournament
  • Junior athletics including obstacles and javelin throwing