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Sand Sculpture Workshop

workshop-Sand sculptures-Scheveningen-squid

Are you looking for a creative outing on the beach? Then the sand sculpture building workshop is a guaranteed success. Let your creativity run free and create the most beautiful creations on the basis of your chosen (or by us) theme. It is a varied activity in which different talents within the group irrevocably emerge, such as communication, creativity (design) and planning. That is why this is outing ideal as a team building activity.

What does the sand sculpture workshop look like?

workshop-Sand sculptures-turtle

We start with the preparation of the sand, which means that initially rough work is carried out. Such as fetching water, mixing and finally stamping the sand into a strong emulsion. A plan of approach must then be drawn up and a design made based on the theme. Here too it quickly becomes clear who has what role within the group. Are you a thinker, doer, dreamer or decision maker? Is the design ready? Then it's time to implement the design and start the creation.

Good consultation and a structural action plan are needed to achieve a good result. After the end of the activity there is a possibility to view each other's sand sculpture. The jury will announce which team has won. In consultation it can be determined whether you want to appoint a jury or whether we will provide a winner.

Duration of sand sculptures:

  • 2 hours

Beach tents Sand sculptures:

Sand sculpture workshop prices:

Group from 8 persons: € 17,50
Group from 20 persons: € 15, -
Group from 50 persons: € 12,50
Group from 100 persons: € 10,00

Prices are per person and include VAT

Team outing Sand sculptures
workshop-Sand sculptures-Corner-of-Holland
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Example program Sand sculptures:

The times can be changed in consultation

  • 13.00 hour Reception with a delicious lunch (optional)
  • 14.00 hour Reception of guests on location / beach bar
  • 14.15 hour Welcome + explanation program, opportunity to change clothes
  • 14.30 hour Start of Sand Sculpture workshop
  • 15.30 hour Short break
  • 15.45 hour Start part 2 Sand sculptures
  • 16.45 hour End of Sand Sculptures
  • 17.00 hour The award ceremony and closing of the program


  • 17.00 hour Subsequently drink hour
  • 18.00 hour BBQ / dinner / buffet start
  • 20.00 hour End of program

Combination package:
Of course you can also choose several activities. We can make an extra nice price for this!
kite flying / power kiting + workshop Sand sculptures:
From 10 persons: € 25, -
From 25 persons: € 22,50
From 50 persons: € 20, -

Making sand sculptures in Scheveningen

Everyone has a hidden talent, and maybe you haven't even discovered your own. It may happen that you have seen an artist proceed and you actually want to be able to do what he does. Making sand sculptures is a good example of this. The advantage of this is that you can learn to make sand sculptures yourself in Scheveningen.

Scheveningen Sand Sculpture Workshop

If you have ever seen someone make sand sculptures and thought to yourself "I want to learn that too", here is your chance. In Scheveningen you can follow a workshop to make your own sand sculptures. You do this course in a group and you can sign up with at least eight people at a time. The more souls, the more joy they thought at Flitz Events, because there is no limit to how many people want to participate at the same time.

The workshop is an original way to, for example, choose a company outing. By making sand sculptures in Scheveningen, you discover in a playful way what the hidden powers of your colleagues are and you also work on your team feeling.

How does the workshop work?

The Scheveningen sand sculpture workshop lasts approximately two hours. In the beginning you are mainly busy with the preparatory tasks. You cannot make sculptures of the unprocessed sand on the beach, because it does not stick together. Together with your team, you first prepare the sand to make the most beautiful creations, by adding water, kneading, and stamping the whole into a solid substance that you can use to build. When the sand is ready, you start working more focused.

In advance you will receive a subject in the course in which your sand sculpture must fall. This topic can be determined by the trainers, but you as a student may also determine this. You and your team decide which design you want to create and who does what within the creation. For example, if you are more of a dreamer, then you come up with the idea. If you are more of a doer, you can give the sand its shape. In this way you and your team create a sand sculpture that will delight Scheveningen.

The best in class

When the time is up and your sand sculpture workshop in Scheveningen is over, you will have the opportunity to admire each other's work. To complete the workshop, a professional will look at the designs and look at who the Picasso is under the sand sculptures. The most beautiful design is awarded as the best of the course. Enough reason to promote the healthy rivalry between your colleagues and to show that your team is stronger.

The course can be combined with other activities, such as kite flying or power kiting, and can be concluded with, for example, a drink or a barbecue. This way you can fill a whole day with beautiful, adventurous and educational activities on and around the beach of Scheveningen.