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Our foundation has been laid in beautiful Scheveningen, where we have been a well-known name in the field of organizing events for years. That does not mean that we are not active outside The Hague and Scheveningen. On the contrary! At events agency Flitz-Events it is possible to organize your event throughout the Netherlands. Whether you are looking for an event agency in Amsterdam, event agency in Rotterdam or event agency in Utrecht, we can do it all. As one of the few event agencies, we can offer almost all our activities throughout the country.

Unique events
An event is never the same for us. And that has several reasons. In addition to the fact that the group size, desired activity and location differ, it is often the group dynamics that make an event never the same. At Flitz-Events we know better than anyone how we can entertain young and old with our events and excellent guidance. Experience it for yourself by letting us organize an event. Who knows, we'll see you soon!

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In addition to organizing your company outing in Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland, Flitz-Events also works on location. Other locations are possible in consultation with us, we will then investigate whether the location is suitable for the outing you want! You can choose the restaurant / beach tent on location yourself, we will take care of the permits for the events. However, Flitz-Events are not location-bound and also regularly operate from various other beach pavilions. You can choose your own beach tent!




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Why choose our event agency?

At Flitz-Events we are happy to get up every day to provide our customers with a unique experience in and around Scheveningen. No day is the same with us and we love that! Whether you come with 5 people for a cozy workshop, or a company party of more than 100 people, we think everything is great. That makes us an event agency with various advantages:

Warm relationship with our customers

We think it is extremely important to be among the people as an event agency. Organizing events is our passion and we would like to convey that to our customers. If you are satisfied, we are too.

Creative and collaborative event agency

An event at Flitz-Events is your event. We always listen to our customer's wishes and respond to them. Nevertheless, it often happens that a customer asks us to think along. We will then come up with various ideas, tips and inspiration to help you organize an unforgettable day.

Unique activities for competitive prices

At events agency Flitz-Events we like to think along with you, in order to organize the best event for your group. We are one of the few event agencies that can organize events throughout the Netherlands. In addition, we always try to provide a competitive quote.

Flexible and helpful supervisors

When doing an event, it is nice if you are assigned a social and experienced supervisor. We know that at Flitz-Events. Our supervisors are always helpful and are always open to help you. Is something not running as usual? Don't worry, we are flexible enough to always find a desired solution. for a fun company outing in Scheveningen

Organize corporate events

Organizing a corporate event can be a daunting task. Especially when you organize an event for a large group of employees, it is a stressful task to ensure that everything runs smoothly. By choosing an experienced event agency, you can be sure that everything will be arranged in outline. The setting up, care and handling of the event is then done by us entirely according to your wishes. That saves you a lot of stress and unnecessary time! It is also possible to add additional catering to take care of.

Organizing a company event has many advantages for your company. This way you work on general team building and new friendships are created between colleagues. Your employees are also together in a different setting and there is plenty of room for the necessary relaxation. At the same time, as an employer you can take a good look at the characteristics of your staff in a different environment. This way you discover new talents and you work towards a more productive company.

Throughout the year events

Event agencies often have certain periods when it is a bit quieter. Often that is the Winter. At Flitz-Events we know that and we adapt many of our activities to the weather! Can't play beach volleyball outside because of the inclement weather? No problem, we'll do it inside anyway! With us you never have to worry that your event will not take place. Thanks to our flexibility, we can always come up with a creative idea to realize a successful afternoon.

Staff party expert

Do you want your next staff party organized by an event agency? Which can! Every year we organize dozens of large company parties throughout the Netherlands. Whether it concerns a company event with only the employees, or a company party with a business relation, we arrange everything. You can choose to organize the party in Scheveningen, or at another desired location in the Netherlands. Our field of activity extends from Amsterdam to Maastricht, and from Groningen to Rotterdam!

We do everything we can to create a cozy, business atmosphere that will be talked about for a long time. Communication therefore always comes first. We try to be as transparent as possible when organizing a company event. That makes us unique.

Do you want to have a business event organize in 2024? Which can! Then request a quote without obligation. We will then make a quote including sample planning and contact you soon to be able to organize the event in 2024!

You will find the best events at Flitz-Events!

Flitz-Events has the necessary experience to organize every event down to the last detail. As one of the few event agencies on the coast, we have plenty of unique activities, including our popular beach activities. You can always contact us for inspiration or advice telephone to achieve.

You will find the best events at Flitz-Events! Request a quote without obligation, so that you know exactly what to expect from an event at Flitz!

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“Flitz-Events helped us tremendously in organizing a unique event! As far as we are concerned, one of the best event agencies in the Netherlands! Nice people who can take care of everything for you.”