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Rib Powerboat Scheveningen

Powerboat Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Hook of Holland

Powerboat and high speed boat tour are organized off the coast of Scheveningen with a RIB Powerboat in Scheveningen. Well, cruises? The small piece of sailing out of the harbor is perhaps the most similar to the average cruise. As soon as open water is reached, the throttle opens. Then hold on tight! With high speeds over the water ... waves ... angled curves ... a roller coaster ride is nothing. Powerboat boating guarantees an unforgettable experience with a high adrenaline level.

Rib powerboat sailing

The powerboat at Scheveningen is also known as the 4 × 4 of the water. Put in a safety vest it's time to pull the throttle open and you float over the water.
The powerboat has an enormous capacity and is more than sufficient to transport a group of 10 passengers. Larger groups persons can be divided over several sailing sessions or boats.

Our professional captains will take you through the water with radical maneuvers and speeds from 80 to 100 kilometers per hour! During the trip it is possible to take a nice group photo.

Rib powerboat ride Scheveningen

This is a tough ride off the coast of Scheveningen, where you certainly should not be afraid of some splashing salt water. This is the ultimate breath of fresh air.

Scheveningen powerboat prices:

Groups from 6 persons: € 37,50 per person
Groups from 21 persons: € 35 per person
Groups from 50 persons: € 32,50 per person

Prices are per person and include VAT

Duration powerboat Scheveningen:

  • 30 minutes

Beach tents:

Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Hoek van Holland

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Powerboat Scheveningen:

Do you want a spectacular activity with friends, family or colleagues to remember? Then choose Powerboat boating, this boat trip along the coast of Scheveningen is not just a boat trip.
Nice and quiet floating or relaxing is not possible with Powerboat sailing, while sailing you will experience unprecedented G forces that you previously did not know you could feel.

You will be received in the port of Scheveningen where the Powerboat with roaring engines is waiting for you, you will receive instruction from our specially qualified powerboat captains. During the explanation you will receive a life jacket for an extra point of safety, these specially designed life jackets will only come into effect when you hit the water, so we have thought of your comfort while powerboat sailing. Safety First!

Powerboat sailing starts in the harbor of Scheveningen, here you can enjoy the peace and quiet for a while, the moment you leave the harbor, the Powerboat really gets to work! The impressive Powerboat is almost too spectacular for words!

At speeds of 80 to 100 km per hour, you will blast across the North Sea, fly over the waves and cut through the flames.
Powerboat is a boat trip that you will not just forget! Powerboat sailing is the ultimate experience of speed, wind and water!

Rib powerboat sailing staff outing:

Want to sail a powerboat as a group outing or company outing? No problem, we can divide your colleagues into several boats so that you can pop across the North Sea with groups of up to 30 people at the same time.
Would you like to sail a powerboat with more than 30 people? We also take care of this with all love. We can let your participants enjoy the powerboat sailing in different shifts.
For example, we divide you into 2 or more groups, so we can let group 1 sail powerboat and group 2 enjoy a snack and / or drink or of course another activity such as Powerkiting or a fun team buidling activity such as Robinson Crusoe experience.

Why sail Powerboat as a company outing?

A tip from us for you: Imagine, you have a day of meetings and then want to clear your head, then Powerboat sailing is an ideal solution.
After a day of meetings, decisions and making decisions, everyone can use relaxation or entertainment. What could be more redeeming than sailing the Powerboat? Exactly! Nothing but sailing the Powerboat. Adrelin screams through the body.

KLIK here for special meeting packages for your company!

Rib Powerboat Boating family, friends or bachelor party:

This is also ideal for your family outing or bachelor party. Because what is more cool than building an adrelin feeling together with the family that you say to yourself! Or see the bachelor flying over the water with a huge smile. You can even choose to throw the birthday member of the family or the bachelor overboard halfway through the trip in a dry suit and sail a little further so that the Powerboat is for you! (of course we will pick it up again)

We have prepared a special powerboat program especially for you. Below is an example of one of the options. Of course everything can be adapted to your own wishes.

14:00-14:30 Reception with optional snack and / or drink
14:30-14:45 Introduction + briefing powerboat sailing
14:45-15:30 Powerboat sailing in Scheveningen
15:30-16:00 Recover from the rush with a nice drink
16:00-16:30 Transfer to the beach club of your choice
16:30-18:00 Activity 2: power kiting or your choice
18:00-18:30 Drink + relaxation
18: 30-21: 00 BBQ / Dinner