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Graffiti workshop

Have you always wanted to play the graffiti artist, but couldn't because this is forbidden? Then you are at the right place at Flitz events, because it is not forbidden here!

Let your creativity run free and create the most beautiful artworks during the Graffiti Spraying workshop. The most creative outing of the moment!

Graffiti workshop beach

Before the real work starts, a sketch will first be made. We will give a demonstration in which the basic tips and tricks are explained, making it easier to convert a sketch into a real graffiti design. In 2 hour you will learn how a true graffiti artist works and you will be amazed by the final results!

Whether it is a company outing, a bachelor party or a day out with family or friends, this workshop is suitable for everyone! In addition, the workshop is given at the perfect location, namely the beach. It is possible to work on your own artwork alone or with a large group on one large graffiti artwork. Ideal for mutual team building.

Make beautiful wall drawings and unique canvases together with your family, friends or colleagues as real professionals!

Graffiti workshop with food and drinks

They can also enjoy themselves on the beach while spraying graffiti. In addition, it is possible to use the workshop The Hague to expand and to include food and drinks in addition to the two-hour workshop. You can choose from a drink package, lunch, dinner or a barbecue. Of course it is possible to make agreements about this and it can be communicated whether there are any children with allergies and special wishes can be passed on. If you choose the graffiti workshop with food and drinks on the beach, you are guaranteed a well-filled and fun day. There is a good chance that the birthday boy or girl will look back on his or her birthday with a very good feeling.

Graffiti workshop as a children's party

The graffiti workshop is certainly suitable for children. They can mess around on a canvas and their parents don't have to worry about the whole house getting messed up. In addition, it is normally illegal to just spray graffiti, but it is simply possible in this workshop. It creates an exciting dimension and you reduce the chance that children will daub the neighborhood, because they can express their creativity in a different way. They have the ability to draw all kinds of beautiful creations. Be it knights and dragons, flowers or rainbows or perhaps their favorite animal. Everything is possible, making it a perfect outing for every child.

How does the graffiti workshop for children work?

A demonstration will take place prior to spraying the graffiti to help the children on their way. During this demonstration, the children receive tips and tricks to make it easier to get started. They make a sketch and learn how to convert it into a real graffiti design. In two hours the children learn what it is like to work as a graffiti artist. In the end everyone goes home with a happy feeling and of course with a very nice graffiti design that they have made themselves. It can hang nicely above their bed in the bedroom.

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Graffiti workshop in Scheveningen

If you are looking for a fun outing for your staff, for family, for friends or for a bachelor party or children's party then a graffiti workshop might be something for you. It is a unique outing, suitable for all ages. Everyone can express his or her creativity and relax completely. And who knows, there may be a true artist in one of you without you knowing it. The outing at flitz events is also given in the perfect location, namely the beach. This way you can enjoy the nice weather, you can relax, you can express your creativity and enjoy a nice day together.

Graffiti workshop in The Hague

The graffiti workshop of flitz events is organized near The Hague. So if you live near The Hague or would like to go here, this workshop is highly recommended. You can indicate at which location near The Hague you want to follow the graffiti workshop. A beautiful location is, for example, the beach of Scheveningen. This way you can combine the workshop with other activities in the area. For example, combine it with one of the beach activities that organizes flitz events, such as a kite flying workshop or a sand sculpture workshop. Or discover the boulevard of Scheveningen. That way you can be sure that the children will return home tired but satisfied at the end of the day.

Suitable for all ages

But of course the graffiti workshop is not only fun for children, but it is a suitable outing for all ages. That is why it is also a popular outing to do with family or friends. For them, too, they can use their creativity. It is also a good method to get rid of stress and relax completely. The workshop is on the beach, so you will experience the rest optimally. Nothing is better than being creative on the beach.

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If you are enthusiastic, you can easily request a quote via the website www.flitz-events.nl. You fill in your details and indicate, for example, how many people the workshop is for, when the workshop must take place and what the desired location is. You will receive a response as soon as possible, so that you quickly have clarity about a fun and unique day out, such as a children's party, company outing or an outing with family or friends.