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If you are looking for a nice one activity to do then you want the perfect location and a wide choice of activities. At Flitz Events you will find both. You have a wide range of various types of activities, so there is always something that everyone likes.
And that is a requirement for a successful day. You will find the best activities in the Netherlands here. We have various options for those who prefer an event at their own location activities that come to you. From sporting challenges to creative workshops, it is all possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Top 3 Activities in The Hague
    The top 3 Summer Activities on the beach of The Hague are: Robinson Crusoe (Our most popular program!), Kiting / Power Kiting (accessible to everyone), Six Camp / Beach Games (For an original outing tailor-made for your entire day)
  • Top 3 Winter Activities in The Hague
    1. Winter Wonderland (Hilarious Après-ski Games! Super Jolig) 2. PubQuiz show (Sociability & battle with a drink) 3. Workshop making ice sculptures (Ice-cold workshop perfect for team building)
  • Top 3 Family Winter Activities
    1. Winter Wonderland (Hilarious Après-ski Winter Games! ) 2. PubQuiz show (Sociability & battle with a drink on location or in the pub) 3. Making ice sculptures workshop (Ice-cold workshop perfect for team building)

Events Netherlands

If you are looking for fun activities in the Netherlands, you will soon find yourself at Flitz Events. You have a wide range of activities in South Holland. If you find it too far, you can always choose to book an overnight stay nearby. This way you ensure the best outing and you are sure to have a successful day. D

Activities South Holland

You can do many activities at Flitz Events in several places in South Holland. For example, take a GPS tour and be dropped off in Scheveningen, Hoek van Holland or Kijkduin. You can successfully complete the GSP tour through cooperation, communication and creativity. Complete assignments and answer questions to reach the final destination. In the meantime, you can enjoy the beautiful places at the chosen location. There are even more options that you can perform in several places in South Holland. If you choose Powerkiting, you need a beach, but you can also do this in Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland. It is even possible, in consultation, to do an activity at a location of your choice.

GPS Tour Dropping activities

Activities The Hague

If you are looking for activities in The Hague, the city center is a very suitable location where you can do many of Flitz Events' activities. For example, take a cruise through The Hague and see the city from a different perspective. Book a sloop with skipper and all you have to do is look around and have a nice chat. It is also possible to play an interactive game in the center of The Hague. You have several City Games with different storylines where you have to complete different assignments in groups. You will be given an iPad on which you will carry out the assignments while you walk through The Hague. And there are others like that many more activities in The Hague to find.

Activities Scheveningen

When you think of Scheveningen, you think of the miles of beach. Eand perfect location for activities in Scheveningen. Consider, for example, a Beach Camp, where you compete against each other in groups on components of your choice. Or go for a sporting activity and choose to learn power kiting. You learn to control a kite, which you pull over the beach of Scheveningen. But it is also possible to go for a creative activity in Scheveningen, such as building sand sculptures or a painting workshop. You can also choose to discover more than the beach and do one of the various City Games in Scheveningen.

Activities Hoek van Holland

If you are looking for activities in Hoek van Holland then you can opt for power kiting, blokarting or the Robinson Crusoe Experience and more. In the latter you try to escape from cannibals by carrying out experiments. A fun activity where cooperation is very important. But it is also possible to opt for a poker workshop or a cocktail making workshop, for example. So you also have plenty of activities to choose from in Hoek van Holland. Ideal if the company is located in Hoek van Holland and many employees come from this area.

Activities Zandvoort

In Zandvoort you will find many beach activities, such as the Beach Camp or the Robinson Crusoe Experience. You can also choose to combine a sport with the beach, such as power kiting, bubble football or go for farmer beach golf. When playing bubble football, you should pay attention not only to the ball, but also to your opponents. The idea here is precisely to disable each other by bashing each other to the side. Ideal to get rid of your frustration. With farmers beach golf you combine golf with the beach. A special course has been set out on the beach to test your skills.

Team Building Activity

As a company outing you are probably looking for an activity that involves a lot of team building. This way, colleagues learn to work together during the activity, which in turn has a positive effect on the office. Here, too, they will learn to cooperate better, which means projects run better. You also get to know each other better, which improves the atmosphere at work. But of course cooperation is also important with family and friends, because cooperation is good for the relationship. It does not matter what kind of relationship it is. Fortunately, you can go to Flitz Events for many different types of activities that involve team building. These are fun and original activities, where you have to work together to get the best results. A valuable lesson and a fun day out in one.

Examples Activity Teambuilding

There are plenty of examples of activities that involve team building. You have team building activities that you can do indoors, but there are also plenty of team building activities outside. You can choose an activity on the beach, but you can also opt for an activity where you walk through the center of a city. Or discovered an entire city. You will also find team building activities everywhere in South Holland, including Zandvoort, The Hague, Scheveningen and Hoek van Holland. It is even possible to do a team building activity at your own chosen location. For this, the location must be suitable for the desired activity. You also have active activities that involve collaboration, but also creative activities. So there are plenty of ideas to get when it comes to team building activities. This way you always come together to an activity that everyone likes to do. And where team building is involved.

Team building activity on the beach

There is a wide range of team building activities and you will find many beaches in South Holland. So why not combine both aspects? You will therefore find a wide range of team building activities on the beach. For example, you can opt for the Robinson Crusoe Experience, where you have to pass tests to escape from cannibals. Only by working together can you perform the tests properly and ultimately escape from the island. The same applies to the Beach Camp. Here too, you work together in teams by carrying out different components. In addition, you compete against other teams, so you have an extra motivator to work well together. If you also want to be creative in addition to a beach activity, you can opt for a sand sculpture workshop. You work as a team on a beautiful work of art made of sand. You must be able to plan well here and divide the tasks well. This is the only way to make a beautiful sand sculpture.

Creative team building activity

Examples of creative team building activities include a painting workshop, spraying graffiti or making ice sculptures. When painting you work together on a very large painting made from smaller paintings. You discuss in advance how many paintings are needed and then together you determine the theme and the final object you want to paint. Then everyone gets their own piece of canvas and starts painting. The pieces are put together at the end, clearly showing how the collaboration went. You can also choose to work together on one whole during the graffiti spraying workshop. During the ice sculpture workshop, you will be divided into teams and compete with each other for the best design. During this workshop not only collaboration is discussed, but communication, creativity and planning are also very important.

Collaboration and fun

There are many more team building activities to mention. Think together about what you like and decide which activity you will do. Collaboration already starts when selecting an activity. Collaboration is strongly emphasized during the team building activity, but it is about more than just collaboration. Fun is also a top priority in all Flitz Events activities. This way you can combine the useful with the pleasant. A team building activity is perfect as a company outing, but it is also good for friends, family and children's parties to learn to work together. This is always useful and you can learn it while having a fun day. If necessary, add another activity to it or opt for a drinks or dinner package to discuss how the collaboration went and how you liked the activity. This gives you the perfect ending to a fun day full of collaboration.

Indoor activities

Ontdek from versatility of indoor activities for every occasion! Whatever the weather outside, our indoor activities provide the perfect setting for a fun and interactive experience. Whether you are interested in an artistic workshop, such as painting or building sand sculptures, or are looking for an exciting challenge with an escape room or laser tag, there is always something exciting to do. These activities are ideal for team building, family outings or groups of friends who want to experience a memorable day without having to worry about the weather. Dive into the fun and unleash your creativity and competitive spirit with our indoor activities!