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Creative workshops

Creative workshops are super fun as an outing with family, friends or colleagues. A pleasant meeting where you get to work on making something beautiful, useful or fun. The creative workshops of Flitz events are always led by an experienced professional and are great fun. There is a lot of laughter! Nice to do as a girlfriend outing, if staff party of bachelor party. Or just because you feel like doing something fun. Also think is one Cocktail Workshop Scheveningen for instance. There is a large and varied choice and you can do them in all kinds of places: in the city or on the beach of Scheveningen, Kijkduin or Hoek van Holland. Check the website for all creative outings. Flitz events also offers great fun sporty outings and combinations of sporty and creative. Put together your perfect outing yourself, with or without a delicious dinner, drinks or extensive lunch.

Top 3 Creative Workshops

Creative workshops on the beach

Many of our creative workshops take place on the beach, in one of the cozy beach bars or on the beach itself. A super fun environment with beautiful views, fresh air and many opportunities for extending your day out with other fun activities. The creative workshops that you can follow are:

  • Make a puzzle painting
  • Pimping slippers, clogs or dicks
  • Making jewelry
  • Graffiti workshop
  • Painting workshop
  • Cocktail workshop (also as a workshop in The Hague!)
  • Making sand sculptures
  • Build combat kite + kiteflight.

What exactly are you going to do and how long does a workshop take? There are both creative workshops The Hague and Scheveningen, Hoek van Holland, Kijkduin and on request at other locations.

Creative Workshop making puzzle painting

A super fun workshop that requires a lot of creativity from the participants. The intention is that you will make a large painting from a photo. The photo, which you can bring yourself, is first cut into pieces. A piece of the photo for each participant. Afterwards everyone starts working on his or her piece of photo and tries to paint the image on canvas as well as possible. When everyone is ready, all the pieces are put together, after which one large, very special painting is created. Very nice to do and before, during and after the workshop is professional guidance and a drink and a snack. Variation at this creative workshop: the artist draws the contours on every piece of the puzzle so that the participants can color them. Great fun too!

This workshop can be booked in Scheveningen as well as in Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland. Also available on request at other locations. Easy to combine with a delicious BBQ afterwards and other fun activities. Suitable for team building.


Creative workshop Pimping slippers, clogs or dicks


Want to organize a playful creative workshop? Go pimping! Pimping flip flops is great fun as a girlfriend outing or as a bachelor outing for the ladies. Turn dull slippers into fantastic slippers, completely to your own taste. Everything is ready to make something great: pearls, charms, glitter, ribbons of flowers and many more fun materials to create unique slippers. Very nice to combine with a high tea.

Pimping pimples is also a lot of fun, especially as a bachelor party for the ladies. You start with a penis made of plaster that you can paint to create a true work of art. Of course enough reason to laugh terribly with all of them.

Pimping clogs is a fun workshop in which you can transform clogs into works of art with all kinds of acrylic paint. You can then use the clogs as a pencil box, flower pot and even as a nameplate. There are all kinds of examples from which you can draw inspiration.

Large selection of creative workshops The Hague and Scheveningen

Would you like to make jewelry yourself? Do you like to paint or do you want to learn and enjoy a pleasant afternoon with friends, family or colleagues? The creative workshops of Flitz events are super fun and there is something for everyone. Most workshops take approximately 2 hours. Workshops also lend themselves perfectly to team building. If you go out with colleagues and you want to strengthen the team, both creative and sporting outings are very suitable. The big advantage of a creative outing is that everyone can participate. Young and old, high and low educated and both men and women.

Special: build a huge kite!

A very nice workshop is the joint construction of a large combat pilot. That really flies. This workshop is very suitable as a team building outing. You will work in small groups to build parts of the large kite. But first, of course, a plan must be made and the appropriate materials selected. There is a professional supervisor present who will help you and ensure that the kite will actually fly. An amazing experience. This creative workshop can easily be combined with good food, for example a BBQ on the beach.

Want to know more about the creative workshops The Hague and Scheveningen of Flitz events? Look on the website, book your workshop or call us for non-binding information.

Creative workshops

They are a lot of fun to do: creative workshops. It is fun, educational and suitable for any kind of company. A day out with family, friends or colleagues becomes extra fun when you work on something together. There is also plenty of time to talk and have a drink and tighten the tires. Flitz events organizes the best creative workshops! From learning to paint and making jewelry to making a photo painting, a kite or learning to dance salsa. There are workshops for indoors and outdoors, for all kinds of groups and ages, for men and for women. We organize the creative workshops on the beach of Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland, but also, for example, in The Hague. In addition to our many creative workshops, we also organize sports activities and everything in the field of good food and drinks. 

Creative workshops for every party

Do you want to organize a pleasant outing? The creative workshops are suitable for trips with friends, but also for family outings or for a staff party. A creative workshop is also a lot of fun during a bachelor party. Like girls pimping slippers, clogs or peckers among themselves. Meanwhile socialize and of course admire each other's artworks. There is also a lot of fun for the men during a bachelor party. Build a fighter pilot, learn to raft or kite surf, attend a graffiti workshop or learn how to make cocktails. Of course, all of these are also fun activities for women bachelor parties!
You can also participate in a creative workshop with the whole family. Make a photo painting of a family portrait together or make sand sculptures. You are guaranteed to have a great one family day

Educational and team building

Apart from the fact that a workshop is very pleasant, it is also educational and you can handle it teambuilding to do. You learn something new, for example painting or making a nice cocktail. Sometimes collaboration is necessary, such as when building a mega kite. This is of course good for team building and therefore very suitable as a company outing. Respect each other's skills, get to know each other better and forge new bonds. Sometimes the competitive nature of a creative outing is interesting. You can give yourself a prize for the best result and let our supervisor judge. 

Professional guidance

The creative workshops of Flitz events are supervised by an experienced professional. A real artist, an enthusiastic bartender or a professional instructor. He or she guides the workshop, provides the necessary materials, helps each participant to achieve a good result and provides fun and relaxation. 

Combine with other activities

Do you want to organize a complete group outing? A family day, school outing, a staff party, bachelor party or other party? Flitz events are happy to help make it an unforgettable day. In addition to creative workshops, we offer many other fun activities. Be active, on the beach, on the water and of course with good food. Take a boat trip, do a GPS trip, compete with each other during the Robinson Challenge or work together to build a mega kite. Having a nice dinner afterwards? We organize a BBQ on the beach, a drink, lunch or full dinner. Always in consultation with you.