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Online company outing

Are you unable to organize an entire company outing at a physical location? Or are you simply too large a group to take everyone into account? No problem! With the help of our online company outings you can still enjoy the fun with colleagues during an outing from home!

From an online escape room to an online TV quiz show, everything is possible. Online company outings offer the perfect solution if you have difficulty finding a... completely physical company outing or if you have a large group where it is difficult to get everyone to one location. At Flitz-Events we have a range of online company outings that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

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What is the range of online team outings?

Our range of online team outings is very diverse, with activities that are suitable for different tastes and group sizes. One of our most popular online team outings is the online pub quiz. This is an interactive quiz show where teams compete against each other to test their knowledge in trivia, general knowledge and more. It is a fun and challenging activity that promotes team spirit and provides a lot of fun and competition between colleagues.

In addition to the online pub quiz, we also offer other virtual team building activities, such as online escape rooms, online TV quiz shows and online bingo. Each of these activities is designed to strengthen communication, collaboration and connection within the team, even if participants are in different locations. The wide range allows you to choose the online team outing that best suits the goals and interests of your team.

Top 3 online company outings

Below you will find our top 3 online outings!
1. Online pub quiz, choose from the different themes
2. Online escape room
3. Online escape game Pegasus Project

The benefits of an online outing

Online outings offer various advantages that make them attractive for companies and groups. Some of the benefits of an online outing are:

  1. Flexibility and Accessibility: Online outings can be attended from virtually any location, as long as participants have access to the internet. This makes it easy to participate even if team members are spread across different regions.
  2. Cost reduction: Online getaways eliminate the need for travel, accommodation and other logistical costs associated with physical getaways. This often makes them more cost-effective for companies on a budget.
  3. Team building: Even though participants are physically distanced, online outings can still contribute to team building. They provide opportunities for collaboration, communication and challenge solving, which are essential aspects of team building.
  4. Plenty of choice: There are various online activities available, from virtual escape rooms to quizzes and creative workshops. This means that you can choose an activity that best suits the goals and interests of your team.

Online team building: Strengthen the mutual bond

Online team building is important. After all, you get more out of your team if the participants know each other better. Strong and less strong qualities emerge during an online outing and everyone's skills can be used optimally and because it is online, the outing is a clear corona proof company outing. Team building also strengthens the sense of belonging. Team members feel more responsibility, also towards each other. The nice thing about online company outings is that both cooperation and competition are often discussed in a playful way. Online escaping, for example. The teams have to work well together to find the solution of assignments. This is not possible without each other. At the same time, teams play against each other, the group feeling is strengthened and there is healthy competition. Because the company outing is played online, all team members can participate. Even if they live further away. Also super suitable, of course, for parties in times such as the corona pandemic. Flitz Events has a wide choice of fantastic online company outings such as Scrooge, Project Arrow and Hacketon.

Challenging online games

In addition to being very cozy, many online company outings are also super exciting and challenging. The online team building game Hackathon for instance. For this game you need a good dose of imagination but also intelligence and you must be able to think logically. Speed ​​is also important. Experience where the strengths of the participants lie and make use of them! Of course you also need cooperation for this online event, collective thinking and time management, strategy and synergy are also discussed. Give it a try and discover how incredibly fun and educational this game is, full of puzzles and riddles for you to solve.

You can discover the coolest online company outings at Flitz-Events

You can discover the coolest online company outings, specially designed to strengthen your team and have fun, at Flitz-Events. Let us guide you into a virtual world full of team building, challenges and excitement, all from the comfort of your own location. Contact us today and plan an online company outing that your team will never forget!