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Winter company outing

Mulled wine during your winter staff party

A company outing winter is great fun and there is plenty of choice. Not only in the summer, but also in the winter you can go out with your colleagues. You can do all kinds of sporty company outings, but also enjoy a pub quiz or attend a workshop. In winter you can be active during a company outing, be creative, socialize, enjoy delicious food and of course participate in team building. The dark days are ideal for fun activities with your colleagues. It is nice to break through the boring months in winter with a fun company outing. Flitz events offers fun, sporty, fun and educational company outings throughout the year. Fancy a company outing winter? Take a look at our extensive and varied range of winter outings.

If you cannot find something or if there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly so that we can help you immediately!

Christmas outing

Looking for a successful Christmas outing? Celebrate the holidays with a Christmas outing on the beach of Scheveningen or on location. Flitz events offers various opportunities in Scheveningen and the surrounding area to entertain you perfectly with a group. Christmas is a great opportunity to be together and to do something fun together. Sitting by the Christmas tree all day is great fun, but a little more action in the tent is fun. Flitz events is an expert in organizing successful group activities and has many opportunities for doing something together especially around Christmas.

Company outing winter

Company outing winter on the beach? Sure! Flitz events organizes group activities in and around Scheveningen throughout the year. Especially the winter cold offers the right challenge to visit the beach. Every season, Flitz events creates all kinds of company outings in the winter on location and in restaurants. Especially in winter, many companies choose to do something on the beach. In winter, Flitz events therefore offers activities to find the cold or to escape with some fun. Around the turn of the year it is of course a great time to organize a company outing or a family or friends day. There are also regular bachelor parties in the winter. It is nice to use the cold of winter to freshen things up. Many people tend to sit inside, but a nice day outside on the beach freshens up everyone. Then looking for the heat is even more fun!

Top 3 Winter company outings & Team outing winter

Socializing is one thing, teambuilding is also important. The costs of a company outing can of course increase considerably, especially if it concerns a larger group of employees. Then remember that you get a lot in return. The employees will have a great time but also get to know and appreciate each other better. This benefits cooperation all year round. A winter team outing is a good opportunity to bring atmosphere into the cold months and to get to know each other better. If you opt for sports and games, you will also get to know your own and each other's limits and you can discover unexpected strengths with your colleagues.


Company outings in the winter in The Hague / on location

Christmas outing as a company outing or family or friends day

It is sometimes difficult for a company to find a suitable way to celebrate Christmas and end the year every year. A Christmas drink is of course nice, but a little predictable. A real Christmas activity is therefore fun to do. Flitz events offers throughout the year activities and knows how to add a cozy Christmas outing around Christmas time. That is why the Christmas outings at Flitz events are also very suitable for organizing something for one family day of company outing. Doing something together makes the Christmas season different to celebrate together. Flitz events organizes various Christmas outings so there is a choice of what suits you.

Discover Winter Wonderland

Go on an adventure in winter wonderland! With a number of real winter games you will get into the Christmas mood. In a winter decorated village you will all find challenges to do. Such as the nail smile game with a quiz. Who knows first to hit the nail in the tree trunk. But… you can only hit if you know the answer to the question from the quiz. Which team knows how to hit the nails? Whether it will be a white Christmas or not, you will experience plenty of snow fun in the winter wonderland. You can also play the biathlon shooting game where you learn to shoot at a moving target. By booking the Winter Wonderland / Après Ski package you can put together the winter wonderland game from different parts.

Expedition Polar Circle, an ice-cold Christmas outing

Search for Santa and conquer the winter cold of the Arctic Circle with your team. You know Robinson Crusoe on such a tropical island? Expedition Arctic Circle goes a step further, a scoop of ice-cold snow that is. In this version you have to complete all kinds of tasks in the winter cold to reach the end of the game. How do you make a nice campfire, how do you win a gruesome snowball fight? Prepare for a real battle. Flitz events has been organizing Be Robinson Crusoe experience games for some time now. It is still one of the popular activities as well as a good team building activity.

Creative Christmas outing: making ice sculptures

Something more relaxing but no less fun is a workshop making ice sculptures in a Christmas atmosphere. Ice is a wonderful material for creating sculptures. This is a cold but relaxed activity so that there is also some time for a good conversation. The ice sculpture workshops are given in different ways. This way you can work on an image in groups or on your own or in pairs. You will receive guidance from a professional workshop supervisor. He or she will teach you some clever tricks on how to easily work from an idea for a sculpture to a real art ice cream. At the end, a professional jury selects a winner who can go home with the honor and a nice prize.

Top 3 Creative company outings in Scheveningen

De creative workshops in Scheveningen consist of various activities. From sand sculptures to become winter wonderland. There is plenty of choice to do fun creative workshops in Scheveningen.

Of course it is possible to combine creative workshops with active workshops on the beach of Scheveningen. Because not everyone within the company has the same interests, it is sometimes difficult as an "organizer" to organize a fun day for everyone.

Our creative workshops can be booked as part of a company outing or as a separate workshop.

Making ice sculptures

The making of ice sculptures is not only a special company outing in the winter, but also combines the characteristics that you have on the shop floor during the activity. At the ice sculpture workshop making is all about communication, teamwork, creativity and planning. The same characteristics that you often need during normal work, but now in a fun and challenging way. During this winter company outing you will work as a team to create the most beautiful artwork in a subject that you have determined in advance. You do this in a tough way with a hammer and chisel, which immediately brings out the hardest in your employees. At the end of the workshop it is determined who has made the most beautiful artwork.

Expedition Polar Circle

The successful television program Expeditie Robinson can also be practiced on the beach of Scheveningen. Ideal as a company outing, even in winter. In addition to the summer version, there is also an Expedition Polar Circle, as a cold counterpart to tropical activity. You and your team will pass six tests with which you can earn points. Whoever has earned the most points in the final is the winner. This adventurous company outing in the winter is suitable for both large and small groups, so it makes no difference whether your colleagues consist of a huge team or a few people.

The Winter Games

What is the typical outing you do in one winter wonderland? Apres ski of course. And you can now also do this as a company outing in the winter in The Hague. While enjoying a hot chocolate or mulled wine, you and your colleagues play the nicest winter games, from cross-country skiing in race form to a game of beer mugs. The nicest, coziest and craziest games can be done in a winter atmosphere during your company outing.

The Great Winter Quiz Show

Do you prefer a company outing in the winter where you don't have to work with your hands, but rather have your brain cracked? Then you can participate in De Grote Winter Quizshow. This one pub quiz is based on the success of the Ik Hou Van Holland game program and has similar components such as the Wheel of Fortune and the ticking time bomb. This has been given its own twist and the evening is dominated by winter hits and fun questions. The funniest way to test who is the biggest bolleboos in the workplace.

Matching valve

A pleasant company outing in the winter should not end cold and boring. That is why you can choose to end your company outing in style with an elaborate dinner at a beautiful location. This meal is well requested and the setting of the location is entirely in the theme of a pleasant company outing in the winter. The perfect way to end your successful company outing.

Christmas outing with company

The Christmas period is very popular when it comes to organizing a company outing. It is extra cozy everywhere with lights, Christmas decorations and good food. A Christmas outing can of course be combined very well with a delicious meal. In addition, being busy with each other while following a workshop or sporting activities. For example, opt for a day in Winter Wonderland. You can do anything here. Shooting games, a quiz, or challenge your colleagues for a race on cross-country skis. Winterwonderland is a great location anyway that, as the name suggests, will make you full of wonder. Here you do team building during all kinds of real winter games. A Christmas outing with your company is also possible at other locations: World Hotel Wings or the Waterreus are nice examples.

World Hotel Wings has been completely transformed into a true winter paradise during the Christmas period. Very atmospheric and super fun to enjoy a Christmas company outing with your colleagues.

Beach pavilion De Waterreus is a household name in Scheveningen and since 2016 the permanent beach restaurant. Not surprisingly, therefore, that the Water Giant in 2016 has been named the best beach pavilion in the Netherlands. A beautiful view of the North Sea and a great location for a company outing; 365 days per year, therefore also during the winter period.

Looking for a winter staff outing, bachelor party, company outing, children's party or family day?  For the organization of a fun company outing or outing in the winter, you have come to the right place at Flitz events. We have the right knowledge and experience to organize a successful winter company outing for you. We have the right, stylish location for you to organize a company outing in winter.

During these workshops you will experience the magical atmospheres of winter. There is a choice of different workshops where something for everyone is taken into account. The workshop can be combined with each other and possibly also expanded

Want to stand in the harsh cold on the beach of Scheveningen? Great fun of course, if you are doing a fun activity in the colder months of the year. Also in the winter there are plenty of company outings that you can do in The Hague and that your colleagues or staff will look forward to.

Winter staff outing

You can organize a winter staff outing as you wish. A Christmas drink at a beautiful winter location for example. You can organize a staff outing including sporting activities or opt for an extensive buffet. Just what you want. Scheveningen and the surrounding area offers numerous opportunities for fun activities, even in winter. Flitz-events specializes in cozy winter staff outings! What about a power kite workshop? The ultimate challenge for people who love the beach when it is nice and fresh and windy. You learn how to control the special kites and also all kinds of tricks. In a safe way, of course. You can also opt for kite flying on the beach. Get a breath of fresh air with your colleagues.
You can also choose to play Expedition Robinson or attend the spray painting graffiti workshop. The choices for a staff outing in winter are very varied. For example, it is also possible to take a boat trip and view The Hague from the water.

Winter company outings

Do you feel like going to the extreme during a company outing? Then take a look at Expedition Polar Circle. Not for doing things, this activity and only for teams with the right spirit. Surviving together in the world of the polar region where you encounter glaciers, caves, mountains and fire pits. This sporting game is played in teams and has a competitive character. May the best team win. The teams must prove their strength and earn points during six tests. The challenging parts of Expeditie Poolcirkel include shooting snowballs, the giant tower, brain teasers, and navigating between ice cliffs. Of course there is also an exciting final. An extremely sporty winter outing that is also focused on team building.

Winter team outing

Another very exciting and sporting opportunity for a winter team outing is surf rafting. This is possible in Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland. Also on request at other locations. With a group of up to 12 people, you are bracing the surf of the North Sea. For this you have to work well together! Pace, steer, paddle ... Will your team be able to defy the surf? For extra excitement, make it a competition for several teams: who is first by the surf, around the buoy and back at the beach? Who works best together?

You can easily combine this winter team outing with other activities. Think of power kiting, kite flying, bubble footbal and of course with a delicious lunch or dinner in a beach tent. Or a nicely dressed up drink to get warm from all sporting activities.

Winter company outing: GPS dropping

The winter GPS dropping is for company outings with an adventurous character. A magical quest in winter atmospheres, suitable for all ages and group assemblies. Enjoy homemade mulled wine afterwards! You don't get that mulled wine for nothing, you have to earn it yourself during your GPS dropping.
The GPS dropping starts with an explanation about the use of the equipment, after which the participants are divided into groups. After this the ice cold winter walk starts. Do you want to make it even more difficult and exciting? Then choose GPS winter dropping in the twilight or in the dark. This makes navigation even more difficult. Along the way you are looking for all the ingredients for mulled wine and you earn points. The winner is the team that first reached the final destination and scored the most points.

Popular winter company outing: making ice sculptures

A very creative (and cold) winter outing: the ice sculpture workshop. A fun activity for all ages and group composition. This workshop is also prefect as a team building outing. After all, achieving good design and implementation requires good collaboration. Strong and less strong sides of the participants will soon come to the fore. Who is good at planning? Who in coming up with creative expressions, who performs quickly and well?

Get to know ice cream from a completely different side! During this company outing you will receive a chisel and hammer and of course a pair of warm gloves. If you are working with ice cream you will find that this is still quite difficult. First the rough work, then a plan of action for the fine work. Who makes the most beautiful design and the most beautiful ice sculpture? Are you the decision maker, the doer, the dreamer or the ultimate creative person?

Naturally, the creations are displayed afterwards and the teams can admire each other's ice sculpture. For the best creation there is a prize.

Purely cozy: the Pub quiz

A very popular winter company outing is the Pub quiz. Exciting & hilarious, there will certainly be a lot of laughter. The Pub quiz is a variation on the “I love Holland” game show. A test of the participants' knowledge of the wheel of fortune and prizes. Tension all around of course, with the finger on the button to be able to give the right answer as quickly as possible.

The Pub quiz is played in teams that compete against each other. Extra exciting: you can not only earn points but also lose points. The Pub quiz is led by a real presenter and there are recognizable music fragments and winter hits that you can sing along to everyone.

Combine the Pub quiz with other fun winter activities from Flitz events, with a nice dinner or a spectacular party.

Not just in the winter party

Of course you can go to Flitz events all year round for the most fantastic company outings. We offer outings for groups of all sizes: from a few people to thousands of participants.

Exciting and challenging company outings, socializing, learning during workshops or a day at the beach and BBQ. Whether you want to organize a winter staff outing or a company party for your entire staff, we ensure that it will be a day to remember.

You can always contact us without obligation for advice and consultation. Many of our company outings can also be organized at a location of your choice. We have a lot of experience and can advise you on the best options. Do you mainly want to work on team building? We understand better than anyone else which company outings are the most suitable for this in your case. If you organize an outdoor activity, we can always offer a suitable alternative in case the weather does not cooperate at all. Feel free to contact Flitz events if you are considering organizing a company outing and want to know more about all options, rates and staff outings.

Wind along with all the winds with a Power Kiting workshop

Maybe you did power kiting once in the summer. But winter and fall are actually the best months if you want to make power kiting even more adventurous. The wind is of course just a bit louder and that makes a power kit workshop even more exciting. A professional instructor will explain to you during the workshop how you can power kit as a pro. Then you get to work yourself. If you dare you can also take a leap. Or are you ready for a competition, who will let the wind drag you furthest across the beach?

Looking for the challenge indoors & outdoors

You can also show off your sportiest side indoors with an indoor beach volleyball tournament. If you want to look up the beach feeling and get to work indoors in a sporting way, you can do that with the indoor beach volleyball workshop. This is a fun activity to do with both fanatic athletes and the recreational athlete. You will first receive some tips and tricks from a professional instructor. These are tips that benefit the real volleyball player, but also those who enter a volleyball court for the first time. Then the sporting battle can begin. You compete in teams in a real competition. That is just being active in the middle of all Christmas drinks and dinners in the winter months.

Practice your poker face with the winter activity poker

Winter might also be the time to take a chance at the poker table. Develop your poker face with a winter poker workshop. This is of course mainly for fun and a great way to get to know your colleagues, friends or family from a different side. Who can lie and cheat well? Who has a good understanding of the players and the game? The poker games are supervised by official croupiers in suits. The workshop is also suitable for inexperienced players. Above all, it should be a fun and exciting activity. The point of view is that if it is a pleasant day, everyone has already won.

⭐ Looking for top 3 company outings in the winter?

1️⃣ Winter wonderland (Hilarious Après-ski Games! Super Jolig)

2️⃣ pub quiz show (Conviviality & struggle with a drink)

3️⃣ Workshop making ice sculptures (Ice-cold workshop perfect for team building)

⭐Is a company outing possible on location in winter?

A company outing on location can certainly be arranged! Curious about the possibilities? Curious about the possibilities? Look HERE .

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