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Sports activities

Looking for unique, sporting activities in and around popular Scheveningen? Flitz events is what you are looking for! We offer many exciting and active outings in the region, full of sportsmanship and fun. Our professional guidance and attention to detail ensure that you and your team have an unforgettable experience.

Choose Flitz events for your next sporting activity and be surprised by our unique offer. Sporting activities are ideal for outings with large groups. It is not without reason that these are often scheduled for the most unique and sporty company outings

During our sporting activities, a lot is asked of teamwork, something that is extremely important in the workplace. Having trouble finding a suitable activity? Flitz-Events is happy to help you find inspiration. After all, there is plenty of choice!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the 3 sportiest activities?
    The most active activities we have are: Bubble football, Power kiting, City games, wave surfing
  • Can I combine my activities with a snack or drink?
    Yes! We have many connections with various beach bars. If you would like some extra food or drink, please let us know!
  • What to do in The Hague active?
    The most active activities we have are: Bubble football, Power kiting, Robinson Experience, Hexathlon
  • What are fun activities for adults?
    The most active activities for adults are: Power kiting / kite flying, Robinson Experience, hexathlon, wave surfing, archery tag

Sporting outings in Scheveningen

Nothing is better than being active in the open air, with a beautiful view over the beautiful and stylish boulevard of Scheveningen. Near the pier you get a wonderful holiday feeling and you can get a breath of fresh air along the long coast.

Of course, a sporting activity can also be planned for other group outings, such as family days, bachelor parties and girlfriends outings. Do not hesitate and choose one of our active outings!

We are happy to welcome you in and around Scheveningen for the best active outings! Everything is possible at Scheveningen. We specialize in organizing sporting activities and know how to make every day a day to remember. Here you experience the true group feeling by carrying out activities that require everyone.

You will definitely sweat! However, you will notice that many sporting activities also require a bit of insight.

This makes the activities suitable for a staff outing, because this is where the different characteristics of colleagues emerge. It is at least as interesting for the employer to see how his employees tackle the tasks. 

The choice is huge! Whether sporty beach activities of walking activities downtown, we can arrange it.

sports activities

Sporty team building activities

Teambuilding is a concept that is becoming increasingly important. A good and strong team increases general satisfaction in the workplace, which ultimately results in higher labor productivity. Sporting activities are ideal for team building, because every team member is just as important! 

How about for example Expedition Robinson, one of our favorite activities in and around Scheveningen! Here you compete in teams against each other in a number of challenging tests. Through tactical thinking, perseverance and teamwork, it is up to you to become the winner of the day.

This is where powers arise that you didn't know you possessed!  

The employer, in turn, gets to know more of his staff by seeing them at work in a different setting. Who has nerves of steel? Who takes the lead and who is the real tactician? You can experience it by choosing our sporting activities.

Which sporting activity should I choose? 

There is plenty of choice for sporty outings in and around Scheveningen. To give you some more inspiration, we share our top 3 activities: 

Powerkiting:Activities Scheveningen power kiting

One of our favorite sports activities! And not without reason. powerkiting is incredibly challenging and demands a lot of your control and strength. Here you experience the true forces of the wind and you can make figures in the air.

If you opt for heavier guns, you can also power kit with a larger kite. This pulls you over the sand and you make giant jumps over the coast of Scheveningen. 

bumper football:

Bubble soccer, or Bumper Soccer, is an incredibly fun and hilarious activity, even if you can't play soccer! The tactics are out of the game, because you are all in a big ball, so normal football is not an option. Here it's all about pounding and scoring. Anyone can do it!

Standup paddle boarding:

Would you rather take it easy, but still want to stay active? Go soups! Supping, also known as stand-up paddle boarding, is a relatively new sport that has come to the Netherlands. Here you stand on a large surfboard and move yourself forward using a large paddle.

Lovely in the open air, enjoying the beautiful view over the boulevard, who wouldn't want that?

There are countless unique activities to book at Flitz-Events! Feel free to look around our website for more inspiration.

Combine sporting outings

At Flitz-Events it is always possible to organize various active outings to combine. This makes it easy to organize a whole day, including multiple activities and a snack or drink. How about a day of power kiting and supping, for example, where you alternate in teams.

End or start the day with one snack/drink is also great fun! We often notice that people often enjoy ending the day with a drink. After all, there is still plenty to chat after an exciting day! For that reason it is always possible at Flitz-Events to combine an activity with lunch, dinner or drinks.

Interested in a combination of activities? Let us know and we will make a sample plan so that you know what to expect!

Choose Flitz Events!

If you are looking for fun sporting activities, Flitz events are the right place for you. We offer a wide range of sporting activities for both indoor and outdoor locations. Whether you are looking for an active team outing or a sporty company outing, we have something for everyone.

Would you like to get some inspiration for fun sporting activities? Then view our range of sporting activity ideas. Whether you are looking for an exciting outdoor activity such as survival or paintball, or a fun indoor activity such as an escape room or a cooking workshop, we have something for every team. Be inspired by our offer and enjoy an unforgettable experience with your colleagues.

Flitz-Events is available every day to provide the best sporting activities. Combining is no problem at all! Our goal is to organize a day that will be talked about for a long time. Choose Flitz events for your next sporting activity and be surprised by our unique offer.

Whether you are looking for an exciting outdoor activity or a fun indoor activity, we have something for every team. Be inspired by our offer and have an unforgettable experience with your team.

Are you interested in a sporting activity at Flitz-Events? Then we invite you to contact us without obligation quote to request. Our employees will then make a clear quote including sample plan so that you know exactly what the day will look like.

Sports activities Leiden

It is important to be active and exercise to stay healthy and to reap mental and physical benefits. In the city of Leiden there are various sporting activities that people can participate in.

One of the most popular sports in Leiden is Robinson. There are several Parks in the city where young and old can go for outings.

For those who prefer outdoor sports, there are also various options. For example, there is the Moggevelden, a large park with fields and paths where people can run, walk or cycle. There are also various outdoor fitness equipment available for those who prefer outdoor sports. One of the most popular sports in Leiden is Robinson. There are several Parks in the city where young and old can go for outings.

Sporting Activities at Flitz events

Flitz events is the perfect partner for all your sporting activities! Whether you're looking for a challenging team building activity or just a fun way to spend your free time, we have something for everyone.

Our range of sporting activities is extremely diverse. You can come to us for classic sports such as football, beach volleyball and hexathlon, but also for adventurous activities such as Robinson Experience and survival training. In addition, we also offer all kinds of outdoor activities, such as surf rafting, wave surfing and GPS tours.

What makes Flitz events so unique? First, all our activities are focused on fun and collaboration. Whether you're with a group of friends or colleagues, our experienced instructors will make sure you have an unforgettable time while you work on your fitness and skills.

Secondly, we offer a range of locations, so you can always find a place that suits you. Whether you want to exercise in the city or in nature, we have the perfect location for you.

Come by and be surprised by our range of sporting activities. There is always something fun to do at Flitz events!