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Team outing Kijkduin

Organizing an original team outing Kijkduin? Which can! Many people come to Kijkduin for a day to fill a day with fun in large and small groups of people activities and fun. Not surprising, since Kijkduin is very suitable for this. And not only for a relaxing day on the beach sunbathing, the South Holland seaside resort is also ideal for team building outings. Kijkduin beach is of course an attraction in itself, but you can also do plenty of things there. And who says it stops at the beach? That is why Flitz-Events offers various unique team outings that you can do in Kijkduin. You can also park for free in Kijkduin.

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Team outing Kijkduin on the beach

Kijkduin beach is already immensely popular, but you can also stay here for team outings. Think for example of a hexathlon, where you make the beach unsafe with the most challenging sports activities that you can find on the beach. In this hexathlon, your team competes in groups in six different matches. Whoever has won the most points at the end is the winner. This is partly similar to the trials in Robinson Crusoe, but they already have their own activity. You can also replay the trials that are known from the extremely popular television program as a company outing and see which of your team members should not wish you to a desert island, because they know how to get by here. Also regular sporting activities, like power kitingcan be performed in Kijkduin.

Expedition Robinson beach

In addition to the Robinson Crusoe Scheveningen, Kijkduin now also offers the opportunity to participate in Expedition Robinson. Experience an adventurous day on the beautiful beach of Kijkduin and discover the nature, sports and relaxation that the area has to offer. In addition, it is rich in history and culture, which also makes it an interesting destination for those interested in the area. Join the Expedition Robinson during a team outing in Kijkduin and experience an unforgettable experience.

Around the beach
team outing Kijkduin
Not only on the beach itself, but also around Kijkduin beach there is plenty to do in the field of an original team outing. How about blokart, for example, where you can tear over any kind of terrain with a wind-powered kart. With these carts you race past all your colleagues and become the boss of the beach. At least from the mainland of the beach, because to also become the master of the sea at the beach, you must be able to achieve this same trick with a rafting or Kanano. There are plenty for the real water rats in your team sports activities that you can perform on the waves of the North Sea.

Outside the beach

Anyone who thinks that a Kijkduin team outing only consists of the beach is very wrong. Kijkduin also has a great city center that lends itself just as well to team outings as the beach. Consider, for example, quests that you do in teams using a GPS system. Discover places you've never been in the place before and who knows, you might find the great treasure of the adventure, but this only works if your team works well together and you know each other's strengths and weaknesses. These GPS tours are in different ways, from sightseeing to discovering hidden treasures and from role playing to finding your way back to where you started. In this way you will find out that Kijkduin is more than just a place where you can lie on a beach towel all day.