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Workshop Mega Kite building
Kites build Scheveningen

Are you also someone who used to try to make a kite out of all kinds of materials such as twigs, newspapers and wool? Did it actually never succeed in actually getting that kite into the air? Then the kite making workshop is the ideal experience for you!

Kites build Scheveningen

During this workshop you will learn how to make a kite that can actually fly into the air at the end of the workshop. The kite making workshop is also great fun as a team building activity; you have a lot of materials and a lot of ideas that should lead to one beautiful kite.

The sky is not longer the limit! Make your own kite and let it rise to lonely height during this mega kite making workshop! Are you up to the challenge?

Build kites & mega kite

Kiting is great fun and building a mega kite even more fun. At Flitz events you can build a kite or a mega kite with a group. A great team outing, also for large groups. After a few hours of tinkering you can release the kite and see if the kite actually works. Of course your homemade kite does it, our professional supervisors take care of that. It gives a great feeling to build a (mega) kite yourself and then see that it actually works. Kite building is a very suitable activity if you are looking for a team building outing. After all, the better there is cooperation, the faster your kite is ready and the better the result.

How do you build a mega kite?

You build a mega kite in parts that are later linked together. It is therefore a very suitable activity for large groups. The group is divided into smaller groups that will work together to build the parts of the mega kite. A very nice activity to do with all the office staff. Or invite your customers to participate in this special experience.
After each group has built an equal part, all parts are attached to each other. This is how a huge kite is created; a mega large 3-dimensional flying whole. Then all participants can get started with thick markers to decorate the mega kite. This way you give a personal touch to the kite. Then the mega kite can finally take to the air. Teamwork is also required for flying a kite with a mega kite.

Length of time build kites:

  • 2 Hours

Beach tents:


From 10 persons: € 22,5
From 25 persons: € 20, -
From 50 persons: € 17,50
From 80 people: € 15

Prices are per person and include VAT

Not building, but kiting

Would you like to fly a kite at the beach with a nice kite? You do not necessarily have to build a kite for this. Flitz events has a wide range of kites that you can get started with. Get a breath of fresh air at the beach! We have all kinds of Nasawings and mattresses. Small kites to just be relaxed and large kites for which you have to pull out all the stops to keep them in the air. This way you can feel for yourself how extremely strong wind can be. If you want to fly a special kite, you will receive an explanation in advance about safety and instructions about flying a kite. f. You will also learn some nice tricks.

Request a quote directly


Power kiting is kite flying with a power kite where you go into the air yourself so you can make jumps. Or let yourself be carried away by the power kite and rave about the beach. A great exciting outing and the ultimate challenge. You will receive instructions in advance on how to control the power kite. Very nice to do in a group and you can make a real competition out of it. Who makes the highest, craziest or furthest jump with the power kite? Who will reach the finish first by being dragged by the power kite? Powerkiting is possible at locations in Scheveningen, Hoek van Holland and Kijkduin. Prefer a different location? Request information without obligation at Flitz events.

Tasty food after the workshop mega kite building

After such a challenging activity it is of course extra fun to socialize with each other. You do that most pleasantly while enjoying a snack and drink. At Flitz events everything is possible: a BQQ on the beach, a lunch, an extensive dinner, pizza, sushi or an extensive drink. Ask about all options.

Workshop kite building books

Would you like to book immediately or would you prefer to have more information about the kite building workshop or the mega kite building workshop first? Feel free to contact us without obligation. We are happy to inform you and, if desired, put together a complete outing. A few hours, a part of the day or a whole day, for any kind of company of any size. On the website you will find a lot of information per activity.

Building a kite as part of a teambuilding day

Both the kite building workshop and the mega kite building workshop can be part of a full day team building. Whether you come with the entire department or the entire office staff, we ensure that it will be an unforgettable day. A day in which all participants get to know each other better, compete against and with each other. You can fill in the day according to your wishes. It can be a morning, afternoon and evening program but also, for example, only the afternoon and evening. We offer a very large and varied range of activities so that there is always something suitable for every group. Even in winter or in bad weather.

For example, choose to receive coffee and cake, followed by an activity. Then a tasty lunch can be on the program. Build the (mega) kite in the afternoon and then enjoy the kite flying itself. We also offer all kinds of team building outings for the evening. The pub quiz for example, where teams compete against each other. There are also all kinds of other workshops that are fun, challenging or educational. Give a blast in the evening? That is of course also possible, for example in a beach bar or on a party boat.

Other workshops at Flitz events

If you are looking for a fun activity for a day out, then choose from all kinds of options at Flitz events. In addition to building the kite, you can also learn to make sand sculptures, pimp slippers or clogs, make cocktails or paint. Not everyone feels like or has the opportunity to help build the mega kite and they can then choose another fun activity. Do you still want to be busy with team building? Then the photo painting workshop is a very nice alternative. You can submit a photo yourself. From the company logo, a painting by a famous painter or a nice photo for example. The photo is then cut into parts and each team receives a part. Then get started to get the part of the photo on canvas. At the end of the workshop all parts are put together to form a whole. Now a beautiful photo painting has been created. During the workshop there is professional guidance, explanation and help.

On and on the water

Combine kite flying on the beach with water activities? That is also possible! After the kite building workshop and the kite flying itself, you can also enjoy an exciting or relaxing boat trip. Are you tired of the mega kite building and releasing this giant kite then you can relax during a pleasant boat trip. Tasty food on the road is of course also possible. Do you want even more challenge? Then head out to sea with a powerboat and brave the waves. A great experience and very suitable as team building. On the website you will find many more exciting, challenging, competitive and educational outings for every group. Also for small groups, family outings or a bachelor party.