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Active company outing

Are you looking for an asset? company outing with your team? At Flitz-Events we offer a wide range of active outings to do together with colleagues. From exciting activities to adventurous workshops, we ensure an unforgettable experience for you and your team! A company outing is pre-eminently for team building, fun, atmosphere and an improved working relationship! Please contact us without obligation to discuss the possibilities.

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The benefits of an active company outing on the beach

  • Team spirit and cooperation: During an active company outing, the team members are challenged to work together and support each other in various activities. This strengthens the team spirit and promotes mutual cooperation, which translates positively into the working environment.
  • Communication and trust: Active company outings stimulate communication between colleagues. By participating in challenging activities together and overcoming obstacles, team members get to know each other better and mutual trust grows.
  • Positive working atmosphere: An active company outing contributes to creating a positive working atmosphere. Employees feel valued and motivated, which leads to improved work motivation and productivity.

At Flitz-Events you are assured of action, battle, fun, diversity and atmosphere. Under professional guidance you are guaranteed a great day. Our facilitators ensure that effort is appreciated.

Appreciates efforts

Appreciating efforts is a frequently heard term during most company outings. We know from experience that active company outings are good for overall team building in a team. Colleagues get to know each other in a different way and create a closer bond by taking on challenges together and having fun. By taking on challenges and achieving successes together, mutual respect and trust grows. These positive experiences during the company outing contribute to better cooperation and communication in the workplace.

At Flitz-Events we have years of experience in organizing active company outings. We like to think along to ensure that the outing is experienced with great pleasure. Discover our complete range of options and request a quote without obligation.

An active company outing: Also good for the employer

During active outings you will discover the different types of characteristics. Because you get to work with a diverse group of people on unique activities, a natural division of roles is created. One will take the lead, the other is the thinking power of the team. It is a nice extra for the employer that you can take a closer look at this division of roles. It ensures that new roles are discovered and helps the employer to put together a strong team.

“Would you like to get to know your colleagues in a different way? During an active company outing in nature you will discover your colleagues in a different setting!”

Combine the company outing with a meeting

Many companies choose to combine the company outing with a meeting in between. Everyone is in a pleasant mood and may feel freer to pass on their wishes for the coming period. At the same time, it is nice for the employer to meetings in a different setting.

Our top 3 active company outings

At Flitz-Events we provide an unforgettable day during your company outing. We are happy to share our top 3 active outings:

  1. Expedition RobinsonExpedition Robinson Company outing Amsterdam: Follow in the footsteps of the famous TV show and take up the challenge with Expedition Robinson. When you think of Expedition Robinson, you think of agility, being smart, strength and above all: team building. In teams you compete against each other in various tests and assignments. Who shows the right team spirit, strength and strategy to emerge as the winner? An adventurous and competitive experience that guarantees fun and team building at the hunting lodge
  2. Archery tag: Archery Tag is an exciting and adventurous activity that combines the elements of archery and dodgeball. It's a great and unique way to experience action, team building and fun with your colleagues. During an Archery Tag competition, also called shooting tag, participants carry a special bow and arrows with soft foam tops.
  3. Power Boat Experience The Powerboat Experience is an absolute must for lovers of speed and adventure. Step aboard our fast powerboat and feel the adrenaline rush through your veins as you skim over the waves. A sensational and unique experience where you can admire Scheveningen from a completely new perspective. It is not without reason that the powerboat is highly appreciated.

Or opt for active workshops

In addition to the range of sporting activities, we also offer various active workshops. How about, for example, the SUP workshop. During SUP (Stand Up Paddling) you get the chance to glide over the water on a SUP board.

This workshop combines balance, coordination and fun in a unique way. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will learn the basic skills of SUPing and explore the sea or canal in a unique way. After an hour of fun floating around on the water, you return to the starting location. A tour, but slightly different!

Combine multiple active outings

Would you like to make an active company outing even more active? Which can! In consultation, we can combine several active outings to ensure that you have one full-day program have.

An example: For example, you can choose to combine Expedition Robinson with the powerboat. After you have been sporty on the beach, you board the lightning-fast powerboat to end the day with speed and excitement. We know from experience that a company outing is usually composed of several activities.

Day global timetable for active company outing

09:00 - 09:30: Reception with coffee and tea
09:30 - 10:00: Introduction and explanation of the day
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM: Start of the first round of activities

12:00 - 13:00: Lunch break
13:00 PM – 15:00 PM: Second round of activities
15:00 PM – 15:30 PM: Break with a healthy snack
15:30 PM – 17:30 PM: Last round of activities

17:30 PM – 18:00 PM: Closing and awards ceremony for the winning team
18:00 PM – 20:00 PM: Dinner and relaxing get-together

This example program is a guideline and can be fully adapted to the wishes of your team and the specific activities that are planned. The program is designed to ensure a dynamic, energetic and productive day where team building and fun are central.

A company outing with overnight stay books? Then Flitz-Events is ready for you.

Finish with a catering packageSpectacular active company outing - Powerboat

Want to end the unique day with the perfect ending? At Flitz-Events we can always offer an additional catering package. You can conclude the activities with a tasty dinner, a pleasant lunch or an exciting drink. Make it a fun occasion.

After a day full of adventure and fun, it's great to get together and chat over good food and drinks. The catering package is the ideal opportunity to share the experiences of the day, reminisce and further strengthen the team spirit.

Where can I carry out an active company outing?

At Flitz events We have various locations, both indoor and outdoor. Most outdoor activities can be performed in many different places. Often we only need a large field to organize all activities. Whatever location it is, we have enough activities on offer to always make a suitable choice. It is also possible to book one organize a company outing at your own location. We are incredibly flexible!

We are happy to help you find the perfect place for one active company outing for large groups.

Active company outings? Choose Flitz Events

From outdoor activities to indoor assignments, active outings are greatly appreciated and offer numerous benefits for employees. Would you like to book a team outing immediately? Please contact us without obligation. Are you still looking for orientation? Request a no-obligation quote or complete the contact form to gain insight into the estimated costs.