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What to do in Scheveningen

What to do in Scheveningen? Scheveningen has everything to organize a unique day full of activities! The seaside resort offers numerous creative and original activities for small and large groups. Flitz-Events organizes dozens of activities every day along the beach of Scheveningen. A unique location to organize a company outing, family day, bachelor party or other occasion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there activities for children?
    Yes! We organize the best children's parties and have the best activities for children! For example, we have: Power kiting, Expedition Robinson kids, Pimping slippers
  • Is the food also arranged?
    Flitz-Events has many connections with various beach bars. You can book an additional package where you can relax. Would you like that? Then let us know!
  • Are the activities only in Scheveningen?
    No, the activities are not only given in Scheveningen, but also on the beaches of Kijkduin, Hoek van Holland, Zandvoort, Zwarte Pad and Noordwijk! An event on location can also be arranged!

What to do in Scheveningen?

winter location the pier beach tents Scheveningen

Scheveningen is known for its pier. It is a wonderful place to relax and get a breath of fresh air on the beach of Scheveningen. Every year thousands of tourists come to the seaside resort. This will be no different in 2024! Scheveningen has everything to plan a unique day full of activities.

Flitz-Events organizes many fun and sporting activities here every day. How about power kiting, for example? This is one of the most popular activities in Scheveningen. And not without reason! With a large kite you will learn the forces of the wind and make large shapes in the air. Sometimes the wind force is so strong that you make jumps of up to 2 meters high! A very cool activity for every age. Or activities Scheveningen 2 people such as kite flying

Scheveningen for large groupsCompany outing for large groups

If you have a huge group, Scheveningen activities are ideal where you can split the group into small groups and let them compete against each other. Fortunately, there are plenty of them at Flitz Events! With us you will experience a fantastic day full of sportsmanship and fun. For example, think of a real poker workshop, where you participate smaller groups can play poker against each other at multiple tables. Or take a GPS tour through one of the places in South Holland. Each group is dropped at a different location and given an iPad and coordinates. By working together they can find the final destination. Compete against each other and see who gets here first.

Also the City Games in The Hague or Scheveningen are suitable for larger groups. You divide into groups and walk through the city in groups with an iPad. On the iPad you can perform various assignments, which ultimately ensure that you win the game. There are different types of City Games, each with its own storyline and associated assignments.


A snack and drink in Scheveningen

After a pleasant afternoon on the beach of Scheveningen, we understand better than anyone that it is wonderful to have a chat. At Flitz-Events it is of course possible to combine Scheveningen outdoor activities with an additional package. There are plenty of nice ones on the boulevard beach restaurants where you can relax after an exciting day.
Combining is always possible. When requesting a quote, let us know that you want to put together a package and we will take care of the rest. Whether it concerns a reception drink, lunch, dinner or other occasion, Flitz-Events can arrange everything for you.

5 best activities on Scheveningen beach

What to do in Scheveningen Zeskamp-beachgames-Company outing-Scheveningen

There are plenty fun activities Scheveningen can be found on the sand of Scheveningen. Whether it concerns a creative workshop or sporting activity, we provide many unique activities in Scheveningen to ensure you have a great day. To give you some inspiration, we would like to share our top 5 activities in Scheveningen:

  1. hexathlon, one of our popular activities Scheveningen. You compete in teams against each other in various challenging tests. The target? Find out which team acts the strongest and the smartest during the six trials. Who will take the title?
  2. Workshop making sand sculptures; A unique outing because you can only find this activity on the coast! Here you will learn all kinds of useful tricks to make the most beautiful sculptures. In two teams you challenge each other to make the most beautiful creation.
  3. Scheveningen boot camp Wonderful boot camps on the beach of Scheveningen? Nice! An incredibly sporty activity where you are guaranteed to be broken. Our guides will make you sweat!Scheveningen cocktail workshop
  4. Cocktail workshop For real cocktail lovers! Learn all about the classic mojito and many other delicious cocktails. Then it is up to you to make the tastiest drinks. You will arrive together at a nice beach pavilion on the boulevard of Scheveningen. Who makes the best cocktail in Scheveningen?
  5. Bubble soccer For the avid athletes among us! In a large ball you compete in teams against each other in a game of football on the beach. You will notice that tactics have disappeared from the game, because you are constantly being pounded over by your opponents.

Scheveningen with children

Power kiting activities

There are also plenty for children activities Scheveningen. At Flitz-Events we organize weekly school outings, parties and many other activities for children. Nothing is too crazy for us, choose your best one children's parties together in beautiful and cozy Scheveningen. The best activities with a beautiful view over the coast of Scheveningen. A wonderful day of relaxation for parents and supervisors as well. We would like to share some fun ideas for children's parties in Scheveningen:

  1.  powerkiting, one of our favorite activities in Scheveningen! Using large kites you will learn the forces of the wind on the coast. This allows you to make beautiful shapes in the air, or make jumps of up to 2 meters high! A really fun outing for the kids!
  2. Expedition Robinson kids is about completing exciting, fun trials. The children's version is great fun for children's parties. You can bet that the children will talk about this unique beach experience for a long time.
  3. Workshops pimp slippers is one of our workshops that we offer. Especially for the kids it is a fun activity that you can do with your friends.

Creative group activities Scheveningen

There are also plenty of activities for groups in beautiful Scheveningen for the creative types. Consider, for example, a painting workshop or making sand sculptures, or spraying graffiti on the beach. The beach of Scheveningen is huge, so you can lose enough people here. With groups there is the possibility to work together on a large painting or a graffiti artwork. Also at the sand sculpture workshop you have to work well together in groups to make a beautiful work of art. The competition aspect also comes into play here, because the jury can ultimately decide on the most beautiful sand sculptures or artwork.

what to do in Scheveningen this weekend

Kurhaus Scheveningen

If you are looking for a fun activity in Scheveningen this weekend, then a visit to the Palace promenade highly recommended. This beautiful promenade offers breathtaking views over the North Sea and is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the view.


What to do in Scheveningen as Team Building

Team building activities help team members build bond and build team spirit. It also helps team members learn each other's strengths and weaknesses and work together to accomplish tasks. Common team building activities include group games, problem solving exercises and team building exercises. Group games help team members get to know each other and have fun while working together.Activities Scheveningen powerboat

Problem-solving exercises help team members learn to communicate with each other and work together to solve problems. Team building exercises help team members learn to trust each other and work together to accomplish tasks. By participating in team building activities Scheveningen, team members can learn to work together and build a strong team.

It is also extremely interesting for the employer to see how employees treat each other and how their strengths come to the fore. In this way you will discover many qualities that you may not have known that employees possess. This is how you find out who doesn't succumb to the pressure, who takes the lead and who has the real winner's mentality.


Featured Beach Tents in Scheveningen

From April to the end of October

  • Fonk Beach: With a relaxed ambiance and chic decor, Fonk Beach is the perfect place to enjoy the sun and sand. The comfortable seating and a choice of fresh seafood and refreshing cocktails make this a prime location for beach lovers.
  • Buena Vista Beach Club: This eco-friendly beach bar offers a luxurious experience with its organic menu and beautiful sea views, ideal for both relaxing getaways and corporate events.
  • Twins Beach Club: Known for its ability to accommodate large groups, Twins offers a versatile menu and diverse activities, from brunch to evening barbecues.
  • Blue Lagoon: A trendy hotspot that regularly offers live entertainment and DJ sets. Here you will find a dynamic atmosphere and an extensive range of international dishes and drinks.
  • Solbeach: For a more active dining experience, head to Solbeach, where you can grill your own meal. This location is perfect for informal meetings and team building.

During the Winter months

  • Water giant: The go-to place during winter for its homely atmosphere and warming meals, perfect for enjoying the view of the stormy sea.
  • Hart Beach: In the winter months, this location transforms into a surfers' haven, where you can also enjoy robust winter meals.
  • Solo Vino: This wine bar offers an extensive selection of Italian wines and matching delicacies, ideal for cold days.
  • La Galleria Kurhausplein: Located next to the iconic Kurhaus, where you can warm up after a fresh walk with authentic Italian dishes.
  • Mezze Scheveningen: For a touch of Mediterranean warmth during the cold months, Mezze offers a rich variety of Middle Eastern dishes.

Parking in Scheveningen

During the high season, parking in Scheveningen can be difficult due to the popularity of the location. Flitz-Events offers extensive parking information to all participants of our events, including the best options on the outskirts of Scheveningen such as the Zwarte Pad and nearby parking garages. For more details, please refer to our parking information page on the website.

Top 5 Sights in Scheveningen

  1. The Scheveningen Pier Scheveningen's iconic Pier offers a unique combination of shopping, food, drinks and entertainment, above the North Sea. Whether you want to enjoy a bungee jump, a ride on the Ferris wheel or simply the breathtaking view, the Pier has something for everyone.
  2. The Kurhaus, The Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus is a historic hotel that has been welcoming guests since the 19th century. With its beautiful facade and rich history, the Kurhaus is a real landmark and a must-see for every visitor to Scheveningen.
  3. Museum Sculptures by the Sea. This unique museum, located under the dunes near the sea, is entirely dedicated to modern sculpture. The collection includes works by international and national sculptors, making the museum a special destination for art lovers.
  4. SEA LIFE Scheveningen. Discover the wonders of the ocean at SEA LIFE Scheveningen. From colorful coral fish to majestic sharks, this marine aquarium offers a fascinating look at underwater life and is an educational experience for all ages.
  5. Museum Scheveningen. For more cultural activities nearby, consider visiting MuZee Scheveningen, where art and local history come together.

Weekend in Scheveningen check these providers

For those planning a weekend in Scheveningen, there are numerous providers that can make your stay unforgettable. Here are some recommended providers for accommodation, activities and relaxation:



  • Wide range of hotels, apartments and B&Bs in Scheveningen. Whether you're looking for luxury or budget-friendly options, you'll find it here.
  • airbnb: Discover unique places to stay with local landlords in Scheveningen. From beach apartments to cozy studios, there is something for everyone.
  • Compare and book hotels in Scheveningen with great last-minute deals and seasonal discounts.


  • Flitz events: For adventurous activities such as power kiting, sand yachting or a GPS tour. Perfect for groups, team outings or family days.
  • Unlock Scheveningen: Discover the best escape rooms in Scheveningen. Perfect for friends, families or as team building.