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Cocktail Workshop Scheveningen

Scheveningen cocktail workshop

Cocktail workshop in Scheveningen? That's nice! Making cocktails with a pro! Which drinks go together? Which glasses do you use? And how long do you actually have to shake… or stir? After 2 hours you know everything and you have made 3 delicious cocktails. Then the tasting can begin! When the weather is nice, you can do that on the beach, because we give this spectacular cocktail workshop in the best beach pavilions of Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland or on location. The minimum group size is 5 people, you can participate from € 25 per person and you can register here. Cheers!

Shake and stir during the cocktail workshop

A real bartender will teach you the basic techniques for stirring & shaking the most delicious cocktails. You get nice tips and facts - and then you get to work with your friends or colleagues. Taste each other, get ideas and go home with your exclusive cocktail recipe you invented yourself. There is no better outing for a bachelor party, company outing or team outing!

You can of course also learn how to make a professional existing cocktail, such as a Mojito, a Manhattan or a Margarita. The choice is yours.

Prefer alcohol-free?

Are you the BOB? Or not yet 18 years old? Even then our bartender will teach you how to make beautiful cocktails. With the most festive colors. The best flavors. But without alcohol.

Prefer a longer program?

Which can! We are happy to put together a complete beach day for you. With a barbecue or an exclusive dinner. Or with beach games. Or a GPS tour of the city. Click on 'request a quote' below and tell us your wishes. Then you will receive a proposal from us for an unforgettable program.

Cocktail workshop program:

- Reception
- Short introduction
- Making cocktails 3 per person

Cocktail shake workshop prices:

Group from 10 persons: 30, - euro per person
Group from 25 persons: 27,50 euros per person
Group from 50 persons: 25, - euro per person

Cocktail workshop locations:

Scheveningen cocktail workshop

Beach tents cocktail cocktail workshop:

Prefer somewhere else?
That is also possible. By default we organize the cocktail workshop in Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland. Do you want to organize the workshop somewhere else? Let us know via the quotation form. Then we arrange it.

Sign up or request a quote
Click here if you want to register for the cocktail workshop. All prices and other information can be found on the registration form. Do you have any special wishes? Request a quote first. You can of course always call us at 070-2501429 or email at info@flitz-events.nl. Until then!

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Scheveningen cocktail workshop

Are you curious if you can do it? Make a nice cocktail? You will find out during the cocktail workshop! After a short introduction by our bartender, you can get started yourself. Mixing, shaking and of course garnishing the most delicious exotic cocktails. You don't necessarily have to make a cocktail with alcoholic drink, you can do without it. You will also learn to entertain your guests and we will of course provide all the necessities. Nice drinks, ice cream, beautiful glasses and everything else you need to impress with your cocktail skills. Are you creative with drinks? Then the cocktail making workshop is a must.

Where is the workshop?

In Scheveningen you will say. And that's right. But you can also do the workshop in other places. Besides in Scheveningen also on the beach of Hoek van Holland and Kijkduin. There is also a cocktails workshop in The Hague and a cocktails workshop in Amsterdam. At great fun locations and can be effortlessly combined with other fun activities. A cocktail course on location or a cocktail course at home is also possible. The cocktail workshop lasts approximately 2 hours so there is enough time left to eat together afterwards. Flitz events also offers many more relaxing, exciting and sporty outings. Consider a BBQ or a GPS tour through the city.

Cocktail workshop The Hague

You can also book a cocktail workshop in The Hague with us by appointment. Handy if you want to take a cocktail making course outside the beach season. We provide a beautiful location, an expert bartender, tasty drinks and professional shakers. After this cocktail making course you can impress family and friends forever. Let them also enjoy your unique cocktails. The cocktail workshop in The Hague can only be booked in consultation.

Cocktail workshop The Hague

Do you live in or around The Hague and do you want to organize a cocktail making course in The Hague? That is also possible! By appointment we arrange the cocktail workshop for you at a beautiful location in The Hague, including a bartender. Then take the tram or bicycle home. Or do you first get on the tour boat to view The Hague from the water?
The cocktail making course in The Hague can also be booked at home or on location.

What does the workshop entail

First of all, you will receive an explanation from one of our expert bartenders. He tells a bit about the history of the cocktail and shows where everything is. You can quickly get to work yourself. You can make three different cocktails per person. With our drinks, shakers and glasses and with your love and moves, that always works. Then taste and enjoy. Because making cocktails is a lot of fun and delicious, but also very cozy. It forges a bond between the participants and there is always a lot of laughter. That is why a cocktail workshop is also very suitable as a team outing or company outing. The course takes approximately 2 hours. Enough time to do something else fun afterwards with your colleagues, family or friends.

Bad Weather Scenario

Even if the weather is bad you can enjoy your party. The cocktail workshop is in any case indoors and you can always enjoy good food. Have you discussed an outdoor activity and is it going to rain? With a little rain, we don't care. Showers usually blow over quickly. If the weather is really bad and angry, we always offer a suitable alternative. For example, we organize an interactive quiz or you enter the escape room. If possible, you can also cancel the activity free of charge and move it to another time.

Discuss a cocktail workhop

Do you feel like learning to shake? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. You can also request a quote for your trip directly. A cocktail making workshop in Scheveningen or another location is available for groups of 10 people or more. Combine your outing with a BBQ, dinner or other activity for an entire afternoon or full day of fun together. The cocktails making course in The Hague, Amsterdam, on location or at home can only be booked in consultation. Contact us for more information.

Scheveningen cocktail workshop

Looking for a fun event or company outing? A cocktail workshop is a suitable outing for groups during the beach season. Learn to juggle bottles and shakers, make the best cocktails and, of course, also taste them afterwards. During the Scheveningen workshops you will be initiated by a real bartender into the secrets of shaking. In a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Not only a very suitable outing for companies but also for bachelor parties and groups of friends. The cocktail workshop can be followed in one of the beach tents Scheveningen, Kijkduin of Hoek van Holland.

You are welcomed in a summer atmosphere on the beach. Our bartender will briefly tell you about the ingredients, mixing and shaking of cocktails. You don't have to be a professional bartender to mix all the most delicious drinks during a cocktail workshop.

🏡 Where can the cocktail workshop be followed?

Always wanted to learn how to make your favorite cocktail? Then you are at the right place at Flitz events. Our cocktail workshop can be given at almost any location. Come to the unique location Scheveningen or we will visit you at your desired location? With us it is possible to provide the perfect workshop for you.

AlcoholAre alcohol free cocktails also available during the workshop?

Are you the BOB? Or not yet 18 years old? Then don't worry ... Bee Flitz events you can enjoy the best cocktails together. Everyone can participate, because YES we certainly offer alcohol-free alternatives. After all, you learn from a professional bartender how to use the best quality materials!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦For whom do you offer the cocktail workshops?

A Cocktail workshop is a unique activity together with your friends! It is also a lot of fun company outing for you and your colleagues. A cocktail is certainly deserved after all the hard work. Or is a family member / friend getting married? Then start your bachelor evening well with homemade cocktails. In short, the cocktail workshop is suitable for both Team outings, company outings, friends and girlfriends days and Bachelor parties!

Request a quote directly

Cocktail workshop in Scheveningen? You will be welcomed in a summer atmosphere on the beach during the Cocktail workshop Scheveningen & The Hague. Our Bartender will briefly tell you about mixing and shaking cocktails.

You don't have to be a professional bartender to mix all the most delicious drinks during a cocktail workshop. The experience you gain during the beginners cocktail workshop can be the start of a real hobby, for the real fanatics perhaps the start of a new unexpected career. During two hours you will be taught the art of “cocktail shaking”. You are the bartender yourself! The Scheveningen cocktail workshop starts with a short explanation. After this it is up to you and you take a seat behind the bar to shake your own cocktail.

A good attitude, love, a broad smile and of course the perfect moves, make shaking a true experience !!

With the right techniques and a beautiful decoration you serve the perfect cocktail, and then you can taste your cocktail yourself as quickly as possible !! In addition to learning to mix, the workshop is of course primarily a social occasion. It promotes group spirit and togetherness within the group.

After your cocktail workshop

A cocktail is of course a perfect appetizer. Flitz events works together with various beach tents Scheveningen, Kijkduin of Hoek van Holland to put together a complete beach day for you. For example, the cocktail shaking workshop can be combined with a BBQ or Dinner.

Are you coming with your group of one? bachelor party, company outing, friends group of family outing? then view our attractive activities to combine the workshop with another activity or BBQ at a beach pavilion.