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Hexathlon / beach games on the beach


Are you looking for a competitive and spectacular outing for your colleagues or staff, going back in time to the well-known Star Battle. Then you don't have to look any further. A competition is organized in teams of 8 people, all of whom finish the 6 parts against different opponents. A team can only win if they work well together, fully go for it and have the right tactics. The team that is always the best collaborates, communicates and the best strategy will receive the most points and at the end of the hexathlon / beachcamp with the Master cup cup to go home. Which team wins and can feel the winner for a year?

A nice outing for that groups, bachelor party of sports day for schools. In the afternoon you can compete on the beach and in the evening you end with a cozy barbecue.

Hexathlon parts

The nice thing about this hexathlon is that you can choose which parts you want to perform. This way you can adjust the parts to the target group, the weather conditions and the environment. There is plenty of choice, so there is always something fun for everyone. You can choose from no less than 16 parts, from which you can choose 6. Items you can choose from are, for example, beach volleyball, beach soccer, club hockey la crosse and beach tennis. In addition to these sports, you can also choose from an obstacle course and making a fire, a water race, building a bamboo tower, shooting catapult and a six-person skippy ball race. Ask Flitz Events for more information to determine which parts are suitable for the group.

  • Beach volley -> More info

  • Beach Soccer -> More info

  • Tjoekbal -> More info

  • Knot hockey -> More info

  • Making obstacle course and fire -> More info

  • Six-person skippyball race -> More info

  • Giant jenga XL -> More info

  • Flingo–> More info

  • Rope -> More info

  • Water race -> More info

  • Mega twister 5 × 5 Meter–> More info

  • Slingshot Shooting -> More info

  • La crosse–> More info

  • Bamboo Tower Building–> More info

  • Ultimate Frisbee–> More info

  • Beachtennis–> More info

  • Prizes hexathlon

    From 10 persons: € 20,00
    From 25 persons: € 17,50
    From 50 persons: € 15.-
    From 100 persons: € 12,50

    Competition oriented, creative, team building and Sporting!

    - guidance
    - the competition schedule
    - Large cup

    Hexathlon for large and small groups

    The hexathlon is suitable for larger and smaller groups. You will be divided into a group between 4 and 8 people, who will perform the six parts. If you have a larger group then it is possible to split the group into smaller groups and let them compete on the parts. In this way, competitiveness comes into play in addition to cooperation, communication and strategy. By looking at the size of the group you can divide the teams in the most equal way possible. You can organize the groups in advance, so that you prevent the same people from sitting together again. In this way they also get to know each other better when it comes to a company outing. It matters less to people who know each other better, but it is good to ensure that not all strong men are together, for example. By classifying the groups in an equal way, you ensure a fair fight.

    Duration of the hexathlon:

    • 2 hours

    Hexathlon location:

    The hexathlon is performed on the beach, so you can also enjoy the weather. But it is also possible to opt for an indoor hexathlon, so that you can also do this activity in winter. The hexathlon on the beach can be used in both Scheveningen, Kijkduin en Hoek van Holland be done. But it is also possible to provide a suitable location for a hexathlon. In consultation with Flitz Events, it is then determined whether the location meets all requirements. That way you can make a hexathlon completely personal. This also happens because you can put the parts together yourself.

    Heptathlon with barbecue

    If you choose a hexathlon on the beach in Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Hoek van Holland or any other desired location, you can end the day well with a barbecue. This way you can enjoy the sun, the sea and the beach just a little longer. It is also an ideal way to talk about everything that happened that day. You also have time to catch up. During the hexathlon you will mainly be busy with performing the parts as well as possible and you will have little time to chat. You want to do everything in that moment to win that cup and beat the other teams.

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    Heptathlon activities

    If you are looking for a sporting activity that is suitable for large groups, in a unique location and with different parts, then the hexathlon activity of Flitz Events is a suitable activity to do. It is a suitable activity for an outing with a group of friends, with family, as a company outing or as a children's party. It is an activity that is suitable for young and old and where cooperation and communication is important to win. You compete in several areas and the winner takes home the prestigious Master cup cup and the honor.

    Hexathlon as a company outing or children's party

    The hexathlon is an outing that is very suitable for a company outing or a sports day for schools. The employees and children learn to work well together, to communicate and to determine the right strategy. That makes the outing not only fun, but also educational. For the employees, the collaboration in the office will also improve, making projects smoother and better. Determining the strategy will only do the job well. In addition, a fun activity outside working hours ensures that everyone gets to know each other better, which will improve the atmosphere at work. It is also very educational for children and a good way to lose their energy. During the hexathlon, the children will have to be active in order to properly perform the parts.

    ⭐ What is a hexathlon?

    Zeskamp is a true competitive and spectacular getaway. A competition is organized in teams of 5 to 8 people, who all finish the 6 parts against different opponents.

    ⭐ Which games can I choose from?

    You can choose from 6 different & diverse games, so that we can adapt the hexathlon to the weather, environment and target group.

    ⭐ Why is the heptathlon good for team building?

    Zeskamp is very suitable as a unique outing and ideal for team building. Different collaboration skills and qualities are put to the test during the various components. During the Hexathlon, the following skills will emerge during the various activities: Strength, agility, confidence, insight and memory.

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