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Scheveningen Workshop

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Looking for different workshops in Scheveningen? Then you are at the right place at Flitz events. Make yours group outing, team outing or company outing a unique experience. Our workshop / outings are organized to measure.

Scheveningen is of course a beautiful, picturesque place on the South Holland coast and certainly worth a visit, but Scheveningen offers more than sea, beach and tasty fish. In Scheveningen there is a lot to do; also on a rainy day. The range is also very diverse, so nobody has to be bored in Scheveningen. Scheveningen Workshop: something for everyone under all circumstances.

Which workshop in Scheveningen do you choose

Our advice is: challenge yourself and the other participants and get out of your comfort zone. This is the best way to get to know yourself and the other from a new side. Do something unexpected, be surprised and dare to choose something else. Let the management, for example, pimp slippers, the facility services shake cocktails and the accounting staff make sand sculptures. Come up with something that you are not used to doing at all. This works best and is often surprisingly nicer than you think in advance. Be brave and choose brave. Who knows, you might discover hidden sides about yourself or your colleague or your employer.

Make it a complete day

You can combine a workshop with lunch, but you can also conclude a workshop with a nice, cozy drink with tasty snacks or with dinner or a barbecue in a beach tent or restaurant in Scheveningen. All of this is possible.

Popular workshops in Scheveningen

Scheveningen Workshop for Men

For men we have an extensive range of different workshops in Scheveningen The Hague. The workshops can be used for different purposes. Celebrate one bachelor party in Scheveningen or The Hague? Or are you looking for a company outing for your department in The Hague? Below a top 3 of different workshops for your unforgettable experience.

Workshop for women

Flitz events a wide range of different workshops in Scheveningen and The Hague. Are you looking for a sporting workshop or do you prefer something more creative? Of course it can also be combined! The different workshop can be used for different outings, such as a girlfriends weekend, birthday, bachelor party or team outing. Below our top 3 workshop for women:

What does a workshop look like?

The duration of a workshop is usually two hours. A workshop is led by an experienced instructor who not only has substantive knowledge, but also has experience with working and motivating groups. All necessary materials are provided and - if possible - you can take home everything that you have made during the workshop. So you always have a nice souvenir. For example, you cannot take a sand sculpture with you, but then of course you take a nice photo as a nice memory. Of course you can taste the cocktails that you make with a cocktail shaking workshop yourself.

Scheveningen sporting workshop:

Looking for a sporting workshop on or around the beach? Then you are in the right place. What do you think of the kite flying / power kite workshop? Get a breath of fresh air during the workshop on Scheveningen beach. It is also possible to combine several workshops for your company outing or outing. So there is something for everyone. What do you think of a sporty workshop on power kiting combined with a creative workshop on sand sculptures? See our different combination deals for a great day!

Scheveningen winter workshop

Looking for a unique winter workshop in Scheveningen? Then the ice sculpture workshop is the ultimate challenge! The workshop is suitable for a group size of 5 to 1500 people! Of course there are also other winter activities / workshops. How about a winter cocktail workshop Scheveningen? Special winter cocktail for various occasions.

Why a workshop in Scheveningen?

Making something together in a group is just fun anyway; especially if you do it with a group of friends. A workshop Scheveningen often offers you the opportunity to learn something new or to get to know the other participants or yourself better. Collaboration creates togetherness and that encourages team building. You can also open a workshop in the creative field and learn to look at things differently. Participants inspire each other and that can lead to nice surprises. A workshop Scheveningen is also just fun, because you can actively participate and not just listen passively.

The offer

Below are a few of the workshops that are offered: cocktail shaking, painting, building kites, making sand sculptures, pimping slippers, making jewelry, a graffiti workshop and poker. In winter there is also an ice sculpture workshop.


The price varies between ten and thirty euros per person. The larger the group, the lower the price per person. There is always a maximum number of participants. Please inform yourself well in advance. On our website you will find all information per workshop in Scheveningen. All prices include VAT.