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Activities with Friends

Creative activities with friends

Your family can't choose you, but your friends can. That makes your friends very special. You chose them for a reason. You feel at ease with each other and you enjoy doing activities together. That is why Flitz Events also has a lot of fun activities for groups of friends that you can do together. This is how you strengthen the bond.

You will find various activities in various places in South Holland, including Zandvoort, Scheveningen, The Hague and Hook of Holland. There is a good chance that you like many of the same things, which makes choosing an activity very easy.

There are activities for sports enthusiasts, creative people and beach lovers. Find an activity with your group of friends and arrange a fun day out to celebrate the friendship.

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Fun sports activities with friends

If you are looking for sporty outings, then you have come to the right place at Flitz Events. For example, go for one Power kiting workshop, where you are pulled over the beach with a kite. Or go for it Blokarting, where the kite lets you tear over the beach in a kart. The beach is also the perfect location for a game of beach volleyball or a game of bubble football. Bee bubble football you are in a bubble and you not only have to hit the ball, but also each other. Try to pound each other as hard as possible, causing the other person to lose his or her balance. This way you have a good chance to kick the ball into the goal.

But of course there are many others who want to try the same with you. Farmer's beach golf is also a fun sport to try. You have special balls and holes, making it real golf but on the beach.

Fun creative activities with friends

If you are more into creative outings with your girlfriends, you also have a wide choice at Flitz Events. For example, go for a workshop making slippers or pimp clogs and make your own unique slippers or clogs. You can also choose to paint, where you can create a true work of art together with your friends or alone. It is also possible to legally spray graffiti on a canvas and make beautiful creations.

Another creative, and very unique, activity is the sand sculpture workshop. You often see beautiful creations of sand, which you would like to master this skill yourself. During this workshop you will learn all about it and who knows, there may be a true artist in you.

Are you looking for a perfect combination of creativity and relaxation? Then the cocktail making workshop might be more for you. To be sure that you have made the best cocktail, you must of course taste it. And of course the cocktails of your girlfriends.

Team building activities with friends

You know your friends through and through, which makes working together very easy and smooth for you. Especially for those groups of friends, Flitz Events has a number of team building activities for groups of friends that you can choose from. For example, you can opt for a City Game, where you walk through the city with an iPad and in the meantime carry out assignments. Each City Game has its own storyline, so you can choose a storyline that suits you best. You must be able to work well together in order to carry out the assignments well. This is the only way to ensure a successful assignment.

For example, choose the City Game Wie is de Rat? and find out which of you is the saboteur. During each assignment he or she tries to sabotage things and it's up to you to discover who it is. In the meantime, you also have to try to perform the assignments as well as possible. Or go for the City Game Shoot Out where you compete in teams for the biggest loot. Try to earn as much money as possible by completing assignments while keeping an eye on your enemies.

Friends weekend activities

If you go on a friends weekend, you have time to combine multiple activities. For example, go for a beach activity and then follow a poker workshop in the evening or participate in one Pub Quiz Show. Or, for example, go for a game of bubble football and make tasty cocktails in the evening during the cocktail making workshop. It's also nice to have one first boat trip through the city and then to the beach for a game of beach volleyball.

You can combine all kinds of activities and have fun with your group of friends all weekend long. You can also add a drink or dinner package to it, so that you can relax with friends after the activities and reminisce about everything you did that day or weekend.

Events Netherlands

If you are looking for fun activities with friends in the Netherlands, you will soon find yourself at Flitz Events. You have a wide range of activities here in South Holland. In the Netherlands the distances are very small and you will find the best activities in the Netherlands here. If you find it too far, you can always choose to book an overnight stay nearby. This way you ensure the best outing and you are sure to have a successful day.