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Team outing in Zandvoort

A Zandvoort team outing is a great way to strengthen bonds between colleagues and refresh the mind. The popular seaside resort on the Dutch coast offers a wide variety of activities for groups, from sporting challenges to relaxing mornings on the beach. Various activities are available such as blokarting, beach volleyball, golfing, powerboat or visiting Holland Casino and enjoy a snack and drink on the beach.

Zandvoort offers a great location for an unforgettable day full of sand, sea and fun. But did you know that Zandvoort is also suitable for the best team outings, which can strengthen the bond between your employees and colleagues? Where so many people are at the same time, there must of course be plenty to do. Therefore include the following sports activities via Flitz Events in the seaside resort a stone's throw from Haarlem.

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Team outing Zandvoort bubble football

The ideal beach sport for teams that love sportsmanship and humour. In bubble football you are wrapped in a kind of hamster ball that is attracted to more than half of your body. This ball is made of elastic material, so that when you collide with something you bounce along, and that is exactly the intention. When everyone has the balls on and the teams have been formed, you play a game of football the old-fashioned way. The tactics here have only changed, because now to win the match you have to use the spheres. Whether you win or lose, it is XNUMX percent certain that you have fallen over a few times, bounced a lot and laughed a lot with your team.

team outing in Zandvoort


Need some cooling for the workplace? Go soups. Now, you may not know this hip-sounding term, but once you do, you'll definitely want to do this one. SUP is an abbreviation of Stand Up Paddle Boarding, and originally comes from Hawaii. It is most easily compared to surfing, but with rowing elements in it. With supping you stand upright on your surfboard and move around with paddle. This may seem tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, you won't want to stop. This Zandvoort team outing strengthens the bond by being able to help each other learn it and by seeing who is best at it once you get it.

team outing Zandvoort SUP

Farmers beach golf

This is the sports trend of recent years. It combines the Dutch feeling of cosiness with the luck and entertainment that you have with a group during a day at the beach. Farmers beach golf is pre-eminently a sports activity in which your whole team wants to participate. You play an old-fashioned game of golf, but in a unique way that is only possible on the Dutch coast. The golf club has a large clog at the end and the ball is also adapted to this game.

Where you used to have a wonderful day with mini golf, you can still have this with farmers beach golf. And not in a boring park or smelly meadow, but on the beach of Zandvoort.

Blokart Zandvoort

Blokarting in Zandvoort is a unique and exciting activity for a team outing. This sport, also called “land sailing”, consists of riding a kind of large sailing vehicle across the beach. Participants will receive an explanation of the techniques and safety before taking to the track to enjoy the thrill of speed and challenging the elements. This is a great way to pump up the adrenaline and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Zandvoort at the same time.

Blokarting is suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers and can be done as a team outing Zandvoort, team building activity or just for fun.


Expedition Robinson Zandvoort

Expedition Robinson in Zandvoort is a unique and challenging team building activity. Just like in the well-known television show, the contestants are divided into teams and dropped into a remote area, where they must survive through their own skills and cooperation. During the expedition, the participants will have to build their own shelters, hunt and gather food, navigate the wilderness and show their team spirit.

Expedition Robinson in Zandvoort is a great way to test participants in different situations and strengthen their skills such as problem solving, communication, leadership and cooperation.

Expedition Robinson Zandvoort

Flitz-Events: your partner for unforgettable team outings

With more than 25 years of experience in organizing team outings and events, Flitz-Events is the expert in this field. Our extensive knowledge and experience ensure that every outing is perfectly organized and meets the highest standards. Whether you are looking for an adventurous, sporting or relaxing activity, we have it available.

Our team outings are supervised by well-trained and experienced professionals. These supervisors ensure that all activities run safely and smoothly, so that everyone can fully enjoy the day. Their expertise and enthusiasm contribute to an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Did you know that our team outings are sustainable and environmentally conscious?

Durable materials

At Flitz-Events we attach great importance to sustainability. We only use sustainable materials that are reusable for our activities. This means that we have a minimal impact on the environment and contribute to a greener future. Since we often provide activities outside, we believe it is necessary to work as sustainably as possible.

Your #1 partner for sustainable team outings

Flitz-Events is your #1 partner for a sustainable but above all unforgettable team outing. We ensure that every detail of your outing is environmentally friendly, without sacrificing fun and adventure. Our commitment to sustainability makes us the ideal choice for companies that value corporate social responsibility.

sustainable team outings

Rain? No problem!

At Flitz-Events we don't let a little rain stop us. That's why we offer a free backup rain program. This indoor program is filled with different activities, so that your team outing can always continue, regardless of the weather. With a wide range of indoor activities, we guarantee that there is always something fun and challenging to do, even when it is pouring outside.

Free backup rain program

Our rain program includes a variety of indoor activities that are just as fun and challenging as our outdoor activities. Whether it concerns games, workshops or team building challenges, we ensure that your team has a great time, regardless of the weather conditions. This way you never have to worry about the weather and you can fully enjoy your team outing.

Extra activities

In addition to our regular activities, we also offer extras to make your team outing even more special. Consider, for example, a delicious barbecue on the beach, a closing drink or an awards ceremony for the winners of the day. These extras complete your team outing in Zandvoort and ensure an unforgettable experience for everyone.