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Team outing in Zandvoort

Every summer weekend day that the weather permits, the weather hits: the roads that lead to Zandvoort are packed with beachgoers who want to enjoy the high temperatures and the bright sun by sunbathing, swimming and relaxing on the beach, or on the contrary. sports day out of it. Zandvoort is pre-eminently the seaside resort of the province of Noord-Holland, and this can be seen by the people who do everything to enjoy a free Saturday or Sunday here. But did you know that Zandvoort is also suitable for team outings that can strengthen the mutual bond between your employees and colleagues? Where there are so many people at the same time, there must of course be plenty to do. That is why, among other things, the following sporting activities can be done via Flitz Events in the seaside resort a stone's throw from Haarlem.

Bubble football

The ideal beach sport for teams that love sportiness and humor. In bubble football, you go wrapped in a sort of hamster ball that is attracted to over half your body. This ball is made of soft elastic material, so that when you bump into something, you spring away, and that is exactly the intention. When everyone has the balls and the teams are formed, you play a game of football the old-fashioned way. The tactics here have only been changed, because to win the game you have to use the bulbs. Whether you win or lose, it is one hundred percent certain that you have fallen over a few times, bounced back and forth a lot, and laughed a lot with your team.


Need some cooling for the workplace? Go suppen. Now you may not know this hip sounding term, but once you know it, you are sure you want to do this once. Suppen is an abbreviation for Stand Up Paddle Boarding, and is originally from Hawaii. It is easiest to compare with surfing, but with rowing elements in it. With supping you stand upright on your surfboard and you move around with a paddle. This may seem difficult at the beginning, but once you've mastered it, you don't want to stop. This team outing strengthens the bond by being able to help each other learn it and by seeing who is the best at it once you understand.

Farmers beach golf

This is surely the big sport trend of recent years. It combines the typical Dutch feeling of cosiness with the luck and the entertainment that you have with a whole group during a day at the beach. Farmers beach golf is pre-eminently a sporting activity that your entire team wants to participate in. You play an old-fashioned game of golf, but in a unique way that is only possible on the Dutch coast. The golf club has a big clog at the end and the ball is adapted to this game. Where you used to have a wonderful day with midget golf, you can still have it now with farmers beach golf. And so not on a boring park or smelling pasture, but on the wonderful beach of Zandvoort.

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