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The best outings in Wassenaar

Why Wassenaar?

Whoever thinks of Wassenaar usually immediately thinks of Duinrell in terms of activities. The family park is very popular throughout the country. But sometimes you also want to get out of the Tiki Pool and make an outing in Wassenaar that is more educational, for example, or where you can enjoy nature. Wassenaar is also a perfect destination for these kinds of outings. These are some examples that Flitz events has been able to find similar outings in Wassenaar.

1. Voorlinden Museum

Are you a fan of modern art and nature? Then the Voorlinden Museum is the perfect location for you. This picturesque museum is full of modern art where you can see high stands from the collection of Joop van Caldenborgh. In addition, this private museum is located in the middle of the Voorlinden estate of the same name, which makes the setting of this young building breathtaking. The ideal getaway to spend the day exploring.

2. Nature Spring Spring

To enjoy nature, you don't have to leave the Randstad to go to the east of the country. There is also such a thing as unspoilt nature in the province of South Holland. Natuurgebied Lentevreugd is a good example of this. This park near Wassenaar used to be used as a bulb field. Nowadays it is best known for the many horses of different breeds that graze there. Do you want to view these noble animals in their natural habitat? Then come to Lentevreugd.

3. Clingenbosch sculpture garden

Right next to the Voorlinden estate is the Clingenbosch estate. This estate is extremely interesting to come and admire, due to the large amount of statues that are in the garden, by various artists. Those who love to be able to see art outside the dull walls of a museum can indulge themselves here. You can book a tour in advance that will lead you through the sculpture garden, so that you will not only be able to see all the images, but will also be given interesting background information about them.

4. Fire Museum

Do your children have a great fascination for the tough heroes of the fire department? Or did you once have the dream to become one? Then you can enjoy yourself endlessly in the fire brigade museum in Wassenaar. This outing is suitable for young and old and located in the basement of the town hall of Wassenaar. The collection comes first hand from the municipality and is managed by its own foundation. This museum clearly shows how the fire brigade in Wassenaar and the surrounding area has changed in the last 300 year.

5. Ancient architecture

One of the most famous buildings in Wassenaar is of course Huis ten Bosch, where the royal family resides. However, this is not a building that is out of tune in the area, because Wassenaar is full of authentic country houses that you can make a nice outing by visiting them. For example, you have country house Oud-Wassenaar, a castle that served as a villa in the 19 century, and Huize de Paauw, where the municipality is nowadays located. There are also more architectural wonders. Just a stone's throw away from the famous amusement park is the village church that dates back to the 12 century and the national monument Villa Maarheeze is also worth a visit.

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