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Beach party viewing dune

BBQ company party in Kijkduin

Looking for a beach party in Kijkduin? Then you are at the right place at Flitz events! In collaboration with various beach clubs, Flitz events is the event agency for the organization of your beach party viewing dune. Every beach tent has a suitable place for a beach party in Kijkduin. Choose which beach suits you best!

The options for a Kijkduin beach party?

We are happy to tell you more about all options and possibly help you organize the beach party. After years of experience and having organized more than 3000 beach parties, we can certainly call ourselves a specialist at organizing Beach Parties Kijkduin different beach tents!

We organize most beach parties at Habana beach club in Kijkduin. Habana beach club is very suitable for business meetings. In combination with Flitz events we can organize a totally organized company party:

Sample program Company party Kijkduin:

You can determine your own start time, so if you want to start later or earlier, that is possible.


13.00 hour Reception with a delicious lunch (optional)
14.00 hour Reception of guests on location / beach bar
14.15 hour Welcome + explanation program, opportunity to change clothes
14.30 pm Start of activity (s)
15.30 hour Short break
15.45 pm Start part 2 of activity (s)
16.45 pm End of activity (s)
17.00 hour The award ceremony and closing of the program

17.00 hour Subsequently drink hour
18.00 hour BBQ / dinner / buffet start
20.00 hour End of program

We can arrange your company party to perfection, so you don't have to worry about it. Come visit our lance at the office or at the selected beach bar and we will be happy to discuss everything possible.

Guarantee for service, quality and good food

Quality and flexibility are core brands in our organization and implementation. Through close cooperation with various beach pavilions, we can offer a beach party for every budget and with the best service and activity. From sporty to creative from young to old, we can organize it for you and give a guarantee for a successful beach party!

We are the address for a Kijkduin beach party.

Top 3 Sporting Activities for a company party

Below our top 3 activities in KijkduinYou can also choose a pre-made one beach day of combination packages.

Top 3 Creative Activities for a company party

Below our top 3 creative activities in KijkduinYou can also choose a pre-made one beach day of combination packages.


The beach tents in Kijkduin are easy to reach from all directions.
The advantage of organizing your company party in Kijkduin is that you can park for free. Because of the many parking spaces there is sufficient parking space.

You can also easily reach Kijkduin by public transport. More information about this can be found here: Free parking Kijkduin

Prefer your company party at a different location?