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Indoor Activities

Indoor Activities
Indoor Activities

Unfortunately, it is not nice weather every day, so you can not always enjoy the sun outside. Fortunately, it is also possible to enjoy yourself on rainy and gray days. On such days it is good to do something fun, so that your mood improves immediately. For a friends or family outing, staff outing or children's party, you can also go to Flitz Events for various indoor activities. If it's your birthday in winter, you don't want to postpone the party for six months until nice weather is coming. Fortunately, there is a wide range of indoor activities and you even have activities with a special winter theme. This way you also provide a nice outing for family, friends or colleagues during the cold winter months.

The Winter Games

Imagine winter sports in Austria during the Winter games at Flitz Events. In a beautiful location, a ski village has been built where you can play Après-ski games with friends or family, including cross-country skiing, icicle catching and sliding beer mugs. You will be welcomed with hot chocolate or mulled wine to get into the atmosphere. Then ski instructors divide you into teams and you can compete against each other for the title Après-ski king or queen. Cooperation is very important during this activity, including for one staff outing the Winter Games are extremely suitable. Going on winter sports is very expensive and with the Winter Games you have a fun and a much cheaper alternative.

Winter activity

For example, another winter-themed activity is the ice sculpture workshop to make. You get a block of ice, some material and explanation from experienced instructors. Then you should try to make a beautiful piece of art out of a block of ice. There are very few worldwide who have mastered this skill, so it is a good test if you are one of them. Choose a theme with a group and work together on a beautiful ice sculpture. The workshop is also a good test in the field of collaboration, communication, creativity and planning.

Indoor activities

It is also possible to opt for indoor activities outside the winter. It is also possible in the summer that the weather is bad. In addition, there are also many fun activities that you really have to perform indoors. A good example of a fun indoor activity is one workshop making cocktails. Choose a number of ingredients together and compete for the best cocktail. The nice thing is that you obviously have to be able to judge for yourself whether you have succeeded. Another workshop that is often done indoors is the workshop poker. Learn from experienced instructors how to play poker like a pro and see if you can see when the others are bluffing. There are a host, professional dealers, croupiers, poker chips and of course prizes for the winners.

The Pub Quiz Show

Another fun indoor activity is the Pub Quiz Show. While enjoying a snack and a drink, you play in teams and answer questions about all kinds of topics. Compete and see which team is the smartest. Only that team will go home with the coveted cup and of course with the honor. That team also has the right to brag about their cleverness until they are thrown off the throne. The Pub Quiz Show is led by a professional quiz master and the questions are about all kinds of topics. In consultation it is also possible to focus the questions on your group, so that the Pubquiz Show gets a personal touch. You get questions, audio clips and video clips, which will keep you captivated throughout the show. It is also possible to do a Pub Quiz Show, which is based on the TV program 'I love Holland'. You are guaranteed to be entertained for 2,5 hours and can chat with your teammates in the meantime.

Indoor activity with food and drink after

So you will find a lot at Flitz Events activities for indoors. So even on a less good day it is possible to have a nice day. Choose one of the many indoor activities, request a quote without obligation and see what the possibilities are. It is possible to adjust an activity to your wishes in consultation. In addition, it is of course always a good idea to end the day well after an indoor activity with a drink package or dinner package. This gives you the opportunity to talk about everything you did that day and ensure that the fun lasts even longer. You also have enough options for this and you can choose to sit warm inside a restaurant.

Activities Netherlands

If you are looking for fun activities in the Netherlands, you will soon find Flitz Events. Here you have a wide range of activities in South Holland. The distances in the Netherlands are very small and you will find the best activities in the Netherlands here. If you find it too far, you can always choose to book an overnight stay nearby. This way you ensure the best outing and you will certainly have a successful day.

Top 3 Activities in The Hague

Top 3 Summer Activities on the beach of The Hague:

Robinson Crusoe (Our most popular program!)

???? Kiting / Powerkiting (For everyone accessible)

⚽ Hexathlon / Beach games (For an original outing tailored for your entire day)

Top 3 Winter Activities in The Hague

1️⃣ Winter wonderland (Hilarious Après-ski Games! Super Jolig)

2️⃣ pub quiz show (Sociability & fight with a drink)

3️⃣ Workshop making ice sculptures (Ice-cold workshop perfect for team building)

Top 3 Indoor Activities

1️⃣ Winter wonderland (Hilarious Apres Ski Winter Games!)

2️⃣ pub quiz show (Fun & fight with a drink on location or in the pub)

3️⃣ Workshop making ice sculptures (Ice-cold workshop perfect for team building)

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