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Online events

Have your online events organized by Flitz Events?

online events

An anniversary party is a great way to celebrate your achievements and achievements. To organize an anniversary party where everyone within the organization can talk about it for years to come, knowledge and skills are required. We at Flitz events offer this knowledge and expertise. We can completely take over the organization of one of the best and most important parties in your organization. We are happy to help you by giving substance to this party with you. Whether your company has remained small-scale over the years or has grown enormously, we organize unparalleled and unforgettable parties for both small and very large groups.

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Organizing your own online event gives your guests unprecedented flexibility in attending the event. You can of course use chat functions during the event, so that you can communicate with your guests, but guests can also chat among themselves. When you have several speakers, you can ask your guests in advance to provide input by suggesting desired topics. They can also indicate which speaker they would like to hear longer. This produces very interesting data for you. This phenomenon is called 'crowdsourcing'.

Less travel time

If you are organizing a seminar or a company party in the normal way, all your guests and engaged staff must come to one place from home in order to be able to experience and organize the company event. With online events, your guests and our staff do not have this travel time. This saves considerably in time, money and emissions, which is also extremely important in this time in which we live.

More interaction

Research has shown that online events provide more interaction than if the event were organized in the traditional way. Visitors can participate during the event via chats or digital posts and can also, for example, if you make this available to your guests, speak one on one with different guest speakers or colleagues. It also emerges that there is a lot of networking during these online events. This creates added value for your guests and they will be more likely to return to your online or offline events.

You are in charge

When you have your online event organized via Flitz events, you are in charge. You have total control over the content of the event, organizational structures, branding, marketing and data. You can have the online events organized exactly the way you want. We will work with you to ensure that all your desired topics match the interests of your guests.

Our best outings of 2020:

Knowledge transfer

For example, if you want to organize an online product presentation, you can provide very detailed information via such an event. These types of online events make it possible to go deeper into the matter than with the usual live events. You can transfer the knowledge you possess and you can choose to share this knowledge through documents that your guests can download during or after the online event. A lot is possible in this.

Very interesting from a cost point of view

Online events are very interesting from a cost point of view. Especially when you compare them to events on location. Building your digital event is a lot cheaper than if you have to rent space and pay for all decoration, catering and travel costs. Please feel free to contact us regarding the possibilities of an online event.