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Company outing Black Pad Scheveningen

Organizing a company outing Zwarte Pad Scheveningen? You will find the Black Path on the beach of Scheveningen. There are twelve beach bars where life is good. There is parking and it is easily accessible by public transport. The Zwarte Pad is a dynamic place and very suitable for many types of (company) outings.

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Why a company outing?

During this original company outings the idea is to get ideas and to learn how to work together better. It is also good to get together in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. This creates more space to be yourself and to exchange ideas with each other. Creativity thrives best in a free, casual atmosphere. Often people walk around with good ideas, but they are still hesitant to share them. In the hectic pace of a busy working day, so much positive information often leaks away.

The purpose of a company outing is to detect these leaks and share them with each other. The playful character of a team outing gives this a positive impulse. Having fun and laughing together always works broadening.

The art of a good company outing is to be serious at the same time, but also to have fun together: exchanging ideas, working together, team building, but also relaxing together and laughing. In short: meet yourself and really meet your colleagues! Good group bonding is crucial for fruitful cooperation. It is therefore advisable to organize a company outing on a regular basis; for example once a year. It is also a good way to integrate new colleagues into the group.

A company outing or... team outing is no longer just going out to dinner together or an evening of bowling. There is really more to it. Company outing Zwarte Pad is therefore extremely suitable because of the varied range. That way it doesn't become a routine and you keep the dynamics alive in the company.

Company outing Black Pad Hexathlon

Who organizes it?

Company outing Zwarte Pad is organized by Flitz events. This is a dynamic company with well-trained instructors. They will do everything to make it a perfect day and also ensure that the safety of the participants is guaranteed. This makes it a day to think back with satisfaction later.

What is it?

The company outing Zwarte Pad offers a choice of different types of activities where the adventure, the sporting and the competitive element, but also creativity come fully into their own. This naturally requires good cooperation, but the pleasure is just as important. The six most popular events at the moment are kite flying / power kitingRobinson Crusoewho is the rat / mole, beach camp, GPS dropping/I-pad tours and archery tag.

In addition, creative events are also offered such as painting, a graffiti workshopmake sand sculptures or - in winter - one workshop making ice sculptures. If the weather is good enough, an activity on the water, such as rafting or a boat trip, of course also very nice to do. Flitz event can give you a fully catered day, including dinner, snacks and drinks and of course also with a barbecue.