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Company outing The Hague

Company outing The Hague? Are you looking for a location perfect for a company outing in one of the nicest cities in the Netherlands? Then come to The Hague! The Hague is very easy to reach for every target group, and this beautiful city immediately gives you a feeling of home! After a company outing, you will be fully rested for a new working week. If you are looking for the best organized company outing The Hague, then you can go to Flitz events! Choose from the following activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What company outings do you offer in The Hague?
    We have a wide choice of creative, sporty and adventurous activities! On a cruise through The Hague, GPS Tour & city games through The Hague, various workshops and much more! Visit our website for all options.
  • ⭐ Do you also have top 3 summer company outings in The Hague?
    For the sporty people we have original team outings such as;
    1️⃣ Robinson Crusoe Challenge (Survival games focused on team building)
    2️⃣ Kiting / Power Kiting (accessible to everyone)
    3️⃣ Hexathlon / Beach games (Tailor-made for an original outing)
  • ⭐ Do you also have top 3 winter company outings in The Hague?
    1️⃣ Winter Wonderland (Hilarious Apres Ski Games! Super Happy)
    2️⃣ PubQuiz show (Sociability & battle with a drink)
    3️⃣ Workshop making ice sculptures (Ice-cold workshop perfect for team building)
  • Questions about our company outings? (or about something else)
    Contact us or call 070-2501429

Different types of company outings in The Hague

During the day you can use one of our very nice company outings after which you can enjoy the evening at one of our great restaurants! Do you want to see the joy radiating from the faces of every invitee? Then a company outing in The Hague is guaranteed to be the right choice! Our experienced staff will do everything they can to give you a great day that you don't have to worry about. For a company outing in The Hague where all your wishes are always taken into account! You can end your company outing in The Hague while enjoying a delicious dinner, barbecue or just a nice drink.

The city center of The Hague is ideal for company outings. The city is alive, vibrant and there is something for everyone. This way you can cross the canals of the royal city with a special one Rondvaart Den Haag, which makes you see The Hague from a completely different perspective. This can be done with a relaxed guided tour or with an adventurous treasure hunt, which immediately promotes team spirit. This feeling can also be strengthened or improved by solving the riddles in Pirates of the North Sea, the escape room in the heart of the The Hague seaside resort of Scheveningen, or by tracking down criminals with the GPS tours under the name City Games.

Sporty company outing in The HagueBicycle tour The Hague

The beach of the seaside resort of Scheveningen in the municipality of The Hague is also very suitable for company outings. Whether you are interested in demonstrating how to play beach volleyball as a company outing or whether you are showing that your team can survive during the Robinson Crusoe outing, it is all possible. For almost all sporting outings that you could do on the beach as a company outing, there is an option to do them here in The Hague.

Top 3 Business Outings on the Water in The Hague

Team outings Canal Cruise The Hague

The beach does not stop at the shoreline. The sea also belongs to the beach of The Hague and defying it is certainly suitable for holding your company outing in The Hague. Whether you want to learn how to surf with your team or want to brave the wild waves with a boat, you can take to the water for this. The company outings on the waters around The Hague are suitable for large and small groups and suit any form of teamwork.

It is the place for a relaxing moment with a good conversation or a moment to go crazy to dance music. You can go in any direction on a tour boat in the canals of The Hague. This makes a boat trip on the water of the Hofstad perfect for a company outing.

  1. Drinks boat The Hague: For a unique and pleasant experience on the water in The Hague, our Borrelboot is the ideal choice. Enjoy an atmospheric cruise with friends or colleagues, complete with delicious drinks and snacks on board. Discover the fun of sailing with Flitz Events!
  2. Picnic cruise through The Hague It is wonderful to have a picnic while the experienced captain shows you the most beautiful places in The Hague. This activity is also a relaxing break during a long meeting day. With Flitz events you can put together the picnic yourself, entirely to your own liking. It is also nice to combine with another group activity in The Hague, such as a GPS tour.
  3. Sloeprace The Hague While searching you will sail through the canals of The Hague. The captain is your game leader in this puzzle tour over the water. By successfully completing the assignments you have a chance of winning. But make sure you don't make mistakes and be faster than the other team!

Cheap company outing

Do you want a cheap company outing The Hague? That is also possible! Flitz events specializes in high-quality company outings and staff outings at competitive prices. At Flitz events you can book a company outing for almost any budget. Ask for the possibilities.

What is a nice company outing?

Would you like to book a fun and original company outing in The Hague for your company, department or team? Then of course you do that at Flitz events. We take the entire organization out of your hands and ensure that the company outing runs smoothly. We organize company outings in The Hague all year round.

Whether it's winter or high summer, you can come to us. And whether you are looking for a team building outing or if you just want to experience a pleasant afternoon and evening with your department, that does not matter to us. We organize your outing exactly the way you want it.

And a very nice additional advantage is that all our original company outings are suitable for everyone.

  1. Play the exciting City Games in The Hague
  2. Cruise in The Hague
  3. Robinson City
  4. Cocktail workshop
  5. Cycling tours through the city

The Hague is of course a city that is always on the move. This is therefore the perfect location for one of the GPS City Games that you can book through Flitz events for you and your colleagues. The escape room games have been extremely popular for a company outing for some time now. The City Games have the same sensational game elements such as riddles and assignments that require you to think creatively and resourcefully.

Organizing a company outing with your colleagues all day long will certainly be talked about for a long time in the workplace! Flitz events specializes in arranging a company outing that will not soon be forgotten. When you come back next time, you can expect the same good service.

We have a spacious and diverse package, so after one outing you are certainly not tired of Flitz events.

Staff outing The Hague

To ensure that your company runs smoothly, you need satisfied employeesVR Dinner Game La casa De dinero Staff outingodig. You can satisfy those employees in different ways. For example, they will look forward to their Christmas gift around New Year's and a chocolate Easter egg during Easter, but there is a good chance that they are especially looking forward to the annual staff outing.

At Flitz Events you have a wide choice of staff outings around The Hague, so that there is always something suitable.

The wishes of the individual employees can also be applied to the outing. This way you have a staff outing that suits the team and the individual employee. If the company is located in The Hague, the outing is also very close for most of them. Choose a staff outing that suits the company and the employees. Thanks to the wide choice at Flitz Events, this is always possible.

Staff outing on the beach around The Hague

When you think of The Hague, you automatically think of the beach of Scheveningen. That is why Flitz Events also organizes many activities on this beach. A staff outing on the beach is ideal in the summer months. This way everyone can enjoy the fun activity and the sea and the beach.

For the sporty employees there is an option to Powerkiting on this beach. You will learn from experienced instructors in 2 hours how to ensure that a large kite pulls you over the beach. If it goes well you can even try to make a jump. If this seems a bit too challenging for some employees, there is also an option to Power Kite with a smaller kite, so that it is more about relaxation.

Another option on the beach of Scheveningen or the beach of The Hague is the Robinson Crusoe Beach event, where employees have to escape the cannibals on the island through teamwork and cleverness.

Staff outing on location or in the centerteam building company outing

If the staff prefer to enjoy each other's company quietly with a drink in hand, then the Pubzquiz Show might be a better option. You can organize the pub quiz yourself and can perform it at any desired location. It is even possible to organize the Pub Quiz Show in your business premises if the location allows it.

The employees compete in teams for the coveted cup and the honour. If you prefer to discover the city of The Hague, you can also choose one of the city games. Walk through the city, answer questions and complete assignments. Choose a city game with the best story and the best assignments and discover The Hague at the same time.

Company outing South Holland

Flitz Events not only offers staff outings in The Hague and Scheveningen, but you can go anywhere Zuid-Holland for fun activities for the company, including Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland. You have staff outings for competitive employees, for creative people and for sun worshipers.

At Flitz Events you will also find staff outings for culture lovers and you have activities that are perfect to do in the winter. Choose the outing that suits the employees of your company, choose the right location and possibly attach a snack to it. At Flitz Events you can choose from a staff outing that everyone likes and that will be talked about for a long time to come.

Enough to experience in The Hague

Flitz events can offer separate activities in The Hague for a team outing. But you can also opt for an arrangement. For example, it can be fun to combine a cruise on a party boat with a City Game. Flitz events also has various contacts to include dinner, lunch or drinks in the package. Dining out is a nice, relaxed end to an exciting day in The Hague.

In addition to an activity in The Hague, it is also possible to do something fun on the beach in Scheveningen, or have a barbecue in one of the beach pavilions. Also a overnight stay in The Hague can be included in the package. This way you can still go out with your colleagues in the bustling royal city. Flitz events is happy to help you put together a tailor-made package for you and your colleagues.

Company outing Beach The Hagueworkshop-Sand sculptures-Scheveningen Company outing The Hague

De court city of The Hague serves a variety of purposes. From a fun day out with friends and family to company outings, you can go to this city in the Randstad. For those who have had enough of just going bowling with the work team every year, there are plenty of activities to do with which you can plan a company outing in The Hague.

The versatility of this city also ensures that you do not have to return home immediately after a few hours, but that you can really turn your company outing into an outing.

Company outings on the beach of The Hague

  1. Robinson Crusoe: Team Challenge on the Beach Test your team spirit with our Expedition Robinson on the beach of The Hague. This adventurous company outing is perfect for teams that love challenges and competition. Work together to pass the tests and strengthen the bonds within your team.
  2. Beach Volleyball Tournament: Sporty Togetherness Organize a sporty beach volleyball tournament for your company and enjoy a day full of action and fun in the sand. This company outing is a great way to get to know colleagues in an informal setting and increase team spirit.
  3. Sand sculpture workshop: Creative on the Beach Let your team's creativity run free with a sand sculpture workshop on the beautiful beach of The Hague. Under the guidance of professional instructors, you will create impressive works of art together. A unique way to stimulate collaboration and creative thinking.

Which company outings do you offer in The Hague?
We have a wide choice of creative, sporting and adventurous activities! On a Cruise through The Hague, GPS tour & city games through The Hague, various workshops and much more!

Low budget company outings The Hague For small companies, a company outing may cost too much to keep it profitable and fun. The advantage is that the company outings in The Hague are suitable for all budgets. This way you get a discount as the group grows and different packages are available.

Concluding meals
Or how about a performance of the popular TV program “Wie is de Mol Den Haag?” where you and your team go looking for the hidden mole. In short, there is something for everyone in South Holland for a company outing that you will never forget. Book your company outing now and experience a great day with your colleagues.

Are you looking for a fun and challenging way to discover The Hague?
Then try a GPS tour of The Hague through the city. During the tour you follow a predetermined route that you have to complete with the help of a GPS device. Along the way you will pass interesting sights and have to complete various assignments.

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