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Who is the i rat

The Saboteur Game!

Ipad tour staff outing Who is the rat

Prepare for suspense, thrills, lies and sabotage! During this game you perform assignments under time pressure to earn points for the pot. These assignments will take place in The Hague using a tablet. Working together is the key to success! But be careful! The saboteur is in your midst and will do everything in his power to sabotage the mission. Can you unmask the saboteur with your team?

That is how it works

In this game you perform all kinds of exciting assignments together with your team. But hurry up, because time is ticking! With the execution of the assignments you can earn points for the pot together with your team. It is a race against the clock! Working together and trusting is the key to success. But there is a saboteur in your midst: a person who is undercover and does everything to make the assignments more difficult and sabotage the group. Together with your team you need to find out as much information as possible about the other players to unmask the saboteur. You can do this through the assignments you will receive. Are you the one who unmasks the saboteur and wins the game? 


  • Reception by Flitz events;
  • Explanation by the gamemasters (instructors);
  • Organize the teams;
  • Time to play !;
  • Award ceremony.

It will be a day filled with deception and tactical thinking, because the saboteur will do his utmost to make your team fail. The saboteur will gradually become known as you complete the assignments.

The winning team receives a prize. The total duration of this event is + - 2 hours. Have you become enthusiastic and do you want to take on this challenge? Then contact us about the possibilities!

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