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Kids parties for all ages!

A birthday party is an unforgettable memory for your child. Enjoy together with friends during the best activities. Reason enough to make the next children's party one that you will never forget. Because let's face it, a successful party for your child is what you want. Bee Flitz events we organize various activities that are ideal for children's parties for all ages. We are therefore happy to take you along a large part of our activities.

Children's parties

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Children's party 5 years

Looking for an ideal outing for your 5-year-old's birthday party? Flitz Events is the place to be. We can organize various unforgettable activities for the next children's party.

Children's party 6 years

Looking for inspiration for your 6-year-old's next birthday party? Flitz-Events has a wide range of different activities that the children will talk about for a long time. Build the most beautiful kite, or compete against each other in a game disc golf!

Children's party 7 years

For the best children's parties for 7-year-olds, you've come to the right place at Flitz-Events. With our wide range of activities, we can organize a suitable party for every age. What is also fun to do, for example, is a treasure hunt children's party 7 years.

Children's party 8 years

Discover the best children's party for 8-year-olds at Flitz-Events! We have a wide range of various games and activities that are ideal for 8-year-olds! For example, how about a exciting escape room, where you have to crack the code of the lock within an hour!

Children's party 9 years

Flitz-Events is also the right place for children's parties for 9-year-olds! We have a range of games and activities for your child's next birthday party! We have various fun workshops and challenging games. Discover the best activities for children's parties below!

Children's party 10 years

When the children are 10 years old, there may be more room for more exciting games and activities. How about, for example power kiting, where you experience the forces of the wind on the basis of a large kite? Or would you prefer something quieter for your child's birthday party? No problem.

Children's parties for all ages

Children's party 11 years

Flitz-Events organizes children's parties for all ages. This also applies to children's parties for children between 10 and 12 years old. Our wide range of choices makes Flitz-Events the perfect partner to plan your next party. We ourselves are a big fan of the powerboat, where you sail across the North Sea in a fast speedboat. An absolute must that many children will talk about.

Children's party 12 years and older

many activities have a minimum age requirement. This applies to many of our activities at Flitz-Events. From 12 years and older, the range of activities is even greater! Reason enough to take a look at the beautiful offer we can offer you! Book the next children's party at Flitz-Events.

Customized children's party

At Flitz-Events it is always possible to combine various games. This makes it possible to arrange a party as desired. You do this by simply telling us which games you would like to see. We then make a nice planning in which all games pass by.

– Building catapult
- Bamboo tower
- Make fire
- Ultimate Frisbee
- Beach Tennis
– Giant Jenga XL
– Tug-of-war
– Water race
– Mega twister (5×5 meters)
- Beach volleyball
–Beach soccer
– Cheekball
- Bun Hockey
– Obstacle course + fire making
– Skippyball race

Laser gaming children's parties

Need more inspiration?

We hope the information above has helped you to get some inspiration for your next party. Do you feel that you need a little more inspiration and ideas? No problem. We are always available to answer any questions. We are happy to think along with you to ensure that your child's next party is one that will never be forgotten!

Can we organize a children's party for you?

Interested in one of our activities? We invite you to a no-obligation consultation to request a quote!

Children's party