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Organize a girlfriend outing

Once in a while it is nice to organize a girlfriend outing. A day out with a friend or with the whole group, it can all be arranged! Just a moment to enjoy, relax and make memories together. At Flitz-Events you have come to the right place to arrange everything. There are so many fun outings with a friend possible. It is good that you are going to delve into this and make the necessary preparations!

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Outing with girlfriends

Looking for a fun outing with your girlfriends? Then view the range of Flitz events for a day full of adventure and relaxation. Choose an active activity such as survival run or abseiling, or go for a quieter day with yoga, meditation or a wellness treatment. Afterwards you can enjoy a delicious lunch or drink with snacks and drinks. Make your girlfriend's day an unforgettable moment and book your outing at Flitz events now.

Girlfriends day ideas

Flitz events offers a range of fun and challenging girlfriend day ideas to enjoy an unforgettable day with your girlfriends. Whether you're looking for an active outing or just want to relax and catch up, Flitz events has something for everyone.

One of the most popular friends day ideas at Flitz events is the survival run, a course full of obstacles where teamwork and perseverance are the key to success. Other fun activities include rappelling, rock climbing and zipline. After the activity you can enjoy a delicious lunch or drink with snacks and drinks.

For those who prefer something quieter, Flitz events also offers various packages including yoga, meditation or a wonderful wellness treatment. This way you and your girlfriends can enjoy a day full of relaxation and pampering.

Make your girlfriend's day an unforgettable moment and book one of the fun girlfriend's day ideas at Flitz events now. Be surprised by the challenging offer and turn your day into something special!

Day out with friends

Perhaps you are organizing a day out with friends this year, what should you think about? There is a lot to consider, because when can the girlfriend outing take place? What times? Which location? How many people are going with it? Are there any other factors that need to be taken into account (e.g. someone's physical limitations, food/drink preferences, etc.)? How much money is available per person or in total for the girlfriend outing? A day out with friends should really be a party and that's why everything has to be well arranged. The best tip we can give you is to start the preparations on time and we at Flitz-Events are happy to help you!

Fun workshops with friends

Flitz events offers a number of fun workshops that are perfect for a girlfriends day.

One of the most popular workshops at Flitz events is the sushi workshop, where you learn how to make delicious sushi under the guidance of a professional chef. Other fun workshops include a baking workshop, where you learn how to bake delicious cookies or cakes, or a painting workshop, where you make your own work of art under the guidance of a professional artist.

Flitz events also offers various packages including lunch or drinks with snacks and drinks. This way you can enjoy a fun and educational day with your friends.

Book your workshop now and turn your girlfriends day into an unforgettable moment. Choose one of the fun workshops of Flitz events and be surprised by the challenging offer!

Other fun girlfriend outings in a row

The best outings with friends are of course very personal. But we have listed the best outings with friends:

  • A boat tripEnjoy the beautiful surroundings together and taste different types of wine in between, that can also be arranged!
  • Beach volley, nice sporty battle on the beach and see who will beat the other with volley!
  • GPS tour Scheveningen, enjoy a walk and explore the area. Regularly have a snack and drink en route and you have a nice girlfriend outing!
  • Farming beach golf, being active and then enjoying a delicious glass of wine on the beach? You name it because it is so arranged!
  • Or maybe follow a nice workshop together? Several can also be scheduled in one day for variety. In between maybe a delicious lunch and in the evening a BBQ or something else on the beach? In any case, it is a moment to look forward to with all of us.

All outings with friends can be concluded with a delicious BBQ on the beach. This is extra enjoyment, this can go on until the early hours! Enjoy a drink and you have arranged a wonderful girlfriend outing. Have a nice day out with friends and don't forget to enjoy yourself!

Which activities with friends have been arranged in recent years? To the movies, shopping, eating out, a day at an amusement park and more of course! But you can also approach it differently. A girlfriend outing can also come as a surprise to many if you have it organized by Flitz-Events. You give the wishes, location and date and then something beautiful will be arranged! A day out with a friend can always be nice. You don't have to think about anything for a while, just enjoy each other and the time you will spend together. Whether it is a quiet activity, adventurous or you are going to explore the area or a combination? Everything is possible and so you have a nice outing that you can remember for a long time.

Extra tips for a nice girlfriend's day

A few more tips for a nice girlfriend's day! This is how a girlfriend outing becomes a successful outing no matter what!

  • Take the time to arrange it in time, and enlist the help of Flitz-Events. This way we can organize a nice girlfriend outing together with you.
  • Pass on the number of people, what the wishes are and what the budget is, all of that can be taken into account.
  • Create a beautiful memory and have this beautiful day captured. This can be arranged for you, but you can also hire someone to take pictures yourself.
  • Keep in mind that it is open to everyone and anyone can be there all day long. For example, if there are restrictions or certain wishes in terms of food and drink, please let us know. Everything can be taken into account! The point is that it will be a fun girlfriend outing that will never be forgotten!
  • A nice outing with friends will be arranged for you, put everything on paper and contact us and Flitz-Events will get to work for you!