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I-challenge tour

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During this unique, adventurous and exciting tour you will explore the city or the beach armed with an iPad! Thanks to our specially developed app you will experience crazy adventures during this tour. In this interactive game you and your team compete against the other teams. Are you outsmarting them?

During this tour you will receive various assignments that will make this tour the most exciting, exciting and adventurous you have ever done. The goal of this game is to execute the assignments as well as possible and of course also to take a nice route at the location that you have chosen! The assignments and challenges will appear on the screen of your iPad and can consist of photo and video assignments, questions about the location and more brain-bending questions. The assignments only come into view when you and your team are at the right location!

The iPad Tour!

Our gamemasters (instructors) clearly explain in advance what the intention is and what you can expect. They can even watch you live during the game! In this way they are immediately able to help you, but only when you really cannot solve it yourself.

On the iPad you see your own team moving on the map, but also the opponents! During the tour you can also communicate live with the competitors and even make sure that they encounter a lot of resistance during the tour .. You can sabotage them by giving them a broken iPad screen or slowing them down in other ways! How exactly? You will experience that during the tour.
During the iPad Team Tour you determine the route that you follow! That makes the iPad Team Tour an extremely strategic game. Determine your strategy and route carefully, outsmart the other teams and win!

Do you want to brag about the profit after the tour on Facebook or Instagram? Afterwards you will have enough material to share and enjoy! All photos and videos that you have taken during the game are stored and sent to you.


• Reception at the location you have chosen.
• Explanation of the iPad Team Tour.
• Organize teams.
• Game time!
• Award ceremony. The winning team receives a prize.

The total duration of this event is + - 2 hours. Have you become enthusiastic and do you want to take on this digital challenge?

Duration of the i-pad challenge tour:

2 a 2.5 hour

I-pad challenge tour locations:

Scheveningen , Kijkduin, Hoek van Holland.
Other location? Also possible only in discussion with us.

Prices i-pad challenge tour:

Group from 10 people: 27,50
Group from 25 people: 25,00
Group from 50 persons: € 22,50
Group from 80 persons: € 20,00

Prices are per person and include VAT

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