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Company outing on location

BBQ company party in Kijkduin

If you want to organize a nice company outing then you are at the right place at Flitz Events. There are plenty of fun different outings, so that there is always a perfect outing for your staff. Whether you go for a relaxed day or a day full of competition and challenge. With many outings, the wishes can be adjusted per individual, so that everyone has a good time. You can choose from company outings in Scheveningen, Hoek van Holland and Kijkduin, but it is also possible to opt for a company outing on location. For example, it is possible to have a pub quiz show in the company building organized by Flitz Events. The employees of this company will check whether your location is suitable for the outing you are interested in. This way you are in a familiar environment during the nice company outing.

Opportunities for company outings on location

Team outing Pub quiz show in Scheveningen or on location

At Flitz Events you can choose from many different types of company outings, so that your staff get the outing it deserves. In Scheveningen you can choose from company outings that you can do on the beach, such as power kiting or a hexathlon with different games. In power kiting you learn the basic techniques of experienced instructors in two hours and in the hexathlon you compete in teams of eight based on six parts. There are many parts to choose from, including giant jenga XL and beach volleyball. That's how you put together your own hexathlon. These outings are suitable to do on the beach, but you are not tied to the beach in Scheveningen. You can also look at a beach at your work nearby, for example. Or go for an ice sculpture workshop or learn to play poker. All nice outings that you can do in Scheveningen, but also at a suitable location of your choice. The same applies to company outings in Kijkduin, such as a cocktail workshop and for outings in Hoek van Holland, including beach sailing. Flitz Events takes the entire organization off your hands, including any permits. So that you can enjoy a well-organized company outing.

The suitable company outing

Although there are plenty of nice company outings to be found at Flitz Events in Scheveningen, Hoek van Holland and Kijkduin, you may prefer to do the outing at a different location. Employees of Flitz Events find out whether the location of your choice is suitable for the outing you want. Although outings such as power kiting and hexathlon are only possible on the beach, there are plenty of opportunities to keep these types of outings somewhere else. In front of company outings like a pub quiz show it is easier to find another suitable location. Everything is done in consultation, so that you can choose your company outing with a good feeling. For example, it is also possible to choose a restaurant or beach tent on location if you choose to eat together after the workshop or event to talk about the nice day. If you prefer to be surprised then Flitz Events will arrange this for you. Contact Flitz Events to discuss the possibilities.

Besides taking care of your company outing in Scheveningen, Kijkduin and the corner of Holland, Flitz events also works on location. Other locations can be discussed with us, we will then investigate whether the location is suitable for the outing you want!

You can choose the restaurant / beach tent on location, we will provide the permits for the events.

However, Flitz events are not location-specific and also work regularly from various other beach pavilions. You can choose your own beach tent!