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Beach volleyball tournament

Who wouldn't want to be barefoot in the sand and enjoy a game of volleyball with friends or colleagues? A fully organized beach volleyball tournament with your colleagues? That is possible. Beach volleyball is a game in which the aim is to get the ball to the ground within the lines. Beach volleyball is accessible to everyone and definitely an activity that many people enjoy.

Beach volleyball program

The program can be arranged yourself. Beach volleyball can be combined with other activities.

Beach volleyball staff outing
  • Reception
  • Explanation program
  • Make teams known
  • Start competition
  • End of competition
  • Final + award ceremony
  • Possibly BBQ or a drink

Beach volley time:

  • 2 hours

Beach volleyball prizes:

The prizes include referees, beach volleyball nets + beach volleyball and match schedule.

Beach volleyball Tournament on the beach

Group from 10 persons: € 17.50, -
Group from 20 persons: € 15, -
Group from 40 persons: € 12,50
Group from 80 persons: € 10,00

Prices are per person and include VAT

Beach volleyball rental Scheveningen

Flitz-events has 30 sets of complete beach volleyball courts (nets, posts, lines and the complete span and anchoring systems).
We rent out the Beach Volleynets to tournaments, companies or individuals in Scheveningen or on location in consultation. Flitz events take care of the transport, installation and removal of the nets.

Budget prices:

The price includes beach volleyball tournament, volleyball court, guidance and organizational costs. Flitz events takes care of it 1 supervisor on the day itself.

From 25 people 10 euros pp

Request a quote directly

Beach volleyball:

The beach volleyball tournaments can also be booked at other beach clubs.

Sample program Beach Volleyball Scheveningen

The times can be changed in consultation

  • 13.00 hour Reception with a delicious lunch (optional)
  • 14.00 hour Reception of guests on location / beach bar
  • 14.15 hour Welcome + explanation program, opportunity to change clothes
  • 14.30 hour Start of beach volleyball
  • 15.30 hour Short break
  • 15.45 hour Start part 2 beach volleyball
  • 16.45 hour End of beach volleyball
  • 17.00 hour The award ceremony and closing of the program


  • 17.00 hour Subsequently drink hour
  • 18.00 hour BBQ / dinner / buffet start
  • 20.00 hour End of program

Combination package:
Of course you can also opt for multiple activities. We can make an extra nice price for this!
beach volley + workshop Sand sculptures:
From 10 persons: € 25, -
From 25 persons: € 22,50
From 50 persons: € 20, -

Beach volleyball tournament Scheveningen:

Organize a challenging, sporty company outing, family party or bachelor party on the beach of Scheveningen?

Then a beach volleyball tournament in Scheveningen cannot be missed! Relax with your bare feet in the sand and enjoy the sun.
We at Flitz events provide everything you need for this: beach volleyball, fields, score cards, of course super enthusiastic instructors! And not to forget: a cup for the winning team!

All you need to provide are: Enthusiastic players!

After receipt by our instructors, the rules of the game are explained and you are divided into different teams. Together with your teammates you compete against the other teams. The most important thing to win this game from everyone is cooperation and consultation!

Communication is the key!

Beach volleyball is a very popular sport on the beach of Scheveningen and many coastal areas will not be missing here either.
Beach volleyball tournaments in Scheveningen are tackled several times a year.
For example, we are allowed to organize the Hague Hospitality volleyball tournament every year. Several restaurants and beach pavilions in The Hague and Scheveningen compete against each other. The teams compete with heart and soul, this is a tournament that you have to win otherwise it will haunt you throughout the year.
There is also a beautiful beach volleyball stadium in Scheveningen where many matches are played. Everything is possible from professionals to amateur.

Would you like to enter such a challenging tournament?
do not hesitate to contact us to fill in the correct details for your beach volleyball.

Why choose a beach volleyball tournament?

Here are a few points that will convince you to organize such a beautiful beach volleyball tournament:

  1. Outdoors: You are working outdoors all day long, this is good for your health and your mindset!
  2. Flitz events unburdens you: The moment you book with us you don't have to do anything anymore, we take care of everything that is needed to make your tournament a great success!
  3. Beach day: The day does not only have to include a tournament, we can also organize a delicious BBQ and / or dinner for you. Finally, we can also arrange a fun party evening for you.
  4. Cup winners, we can provide you with a beautiful winning cup. Prefer not a personalized price? No problem, the winning team will receive a beautiful cup from us anyway.
  5. Togetherness: Even though the teams compete against each other, new friendships, discoveries and team building are still created. You will certainly see this in the workplace