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  • 25 years of experience
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Flitz Events Review
beach escape on the beach of Scheveningen
escape beach Scheveningen
  • Ultimate Beach Adventure
  • Realistic Experience
  • Team Collaboration
  • Adrenaline and Entertainment

Are you also such a big fan of escape rooms? Then Beach Escape will exceed your expectations and bring your adventurous spirit to the sunny beach of Scheveningen! Prepare for a unique twist on the traditional escape room concept, but with a view over the North Sea! Step out of the daily grind and enter the world of treasures and adventure, where the salty sea air awakens you and your brain is challenged like never before!

Escape Scheveningen: How does it work?

Welcome to our exciting pirate-themed Beach Escape game where teams embark on mind-bending puzzles, team building, challenges and thrilling adventures to open the treasure chest of the legendary pirate captain.
Picture this: on a beautiful beach, surrounded by sand dunes and the shimmering sea, teams are ready to discover their inner pirate. Their mission? Collect precious clues, crack riddles and complete challenging trials to earn points and gold coins. Each assignment brings them closer to the ultimate goal: opening the locked pirate chest, guarded by mysterious ciphers.
With the wind in their hair and a spirit of cooperation in their hearts, the participants go in search of answers. They must use their thinking skills, communication skills and creative solutions to overcome the challenges. From deciphering old maps to completing team building assignments that strengthen bonds, every moment is an opportunity to learn, grow and laugh.
But the highlight of the game is the mythical pirate chest, which opens at the end of the adventure. Teams who worked with cunning and determination will discover the right combination of numbers and open the chest, rewarding them with the treasures hidden inside. It is not only a physical reward, but also a symbol of teamwork, perseverance and victory.


Group from 10 people€ 25, -
Group from 25 people€22,50
Group from 50 people€ 20, -
Group from 100 people€17,50
* All our prices are incl. VAT!


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Oliver Anderson
30 August 2023
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Escape the Beach: where the sound of the sea is the key to escape and every grain of sand tells a story.
Luke Ramirez
30 August 2023
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During our company outing at Flitz events we played 'Escape the Beach'. An unforgettable experience full of teamwork and surprising puzzles!
Emily Patell
30 August 2023
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My bachelor party was made extra special by 'Escape the Beach'. Laugh, scream and roar with the best company!
"Exciting puzzles, the sound of the sea and a race against the clock. 'Escape the Beach' is the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation!"

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End the Escape game with a nice drink

Do you want this original variant on the escape room want to have a full day of fun? Then choose to end the day with a cozy dinner beach pavilion. Let the built-up tension and excitement of the Escape game fade away while you enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the company of your teammates. Take a seat in the attractive beach pavilion, toast your achievements and share the highlights of the day while looking back on the adventure together.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the options for a catering package.

Escape the Beach at Flitz-Events

At Flitz-Events you are assured of a unique afternoon on the beach. However, this outdoor escape room is not just any escape room. It is an extremely unique twist on the popular activity, where your goal is to gather the necessary information within 1,5 hours to win the final power struggle.

A professional game leader will welcome you on the beach of Scheveningen. Where you will be provided with an extensive explanation and the necessary tips before the game starts. Then it is up to you to complete the various riddles and brain-bending assignments to success!

Book Escape the Beach for your next outing

The location for the Beach Escape is of course on the beach of Scheveningen. With numerous cozy beach pavilions and great opportunities to relax, this is the ideal place for a company outing, bachelor party or family day. Together with Flitz-Events you discuss the options for your group.

Let yourself be carried away by the unique mix of adventure and relaxation as you participate in Escape the Beach. Explore the vast coastline, work together with your team and overcome challenging obstacles to achieve ultimate victory. Discover the true meaning of team building while enjoying the salty breeze and the sound of the surf in the background.

So what are you waiting for? Book now and experience an unforgettable adventure on the sunny beach of Scheveningen. Escape the daily grind and immerse yourself in the exciting world of Escape the Beach.

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