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Activities on site

Get the most out of your team building or group outing by organizing activities at your own location! At Flitz-Events we understand that the familiar environment of your own company or location has a special meaning. That's why we offer an extensive range of exciting and entertaining activities that we can adapt to the facilities you already have.

Whether it's a corporate event, team building day, conference or any other type of group gathering, we bring the activities to you and ensure a seamless and engaging experience for you and your team. Discover how you can take advantage of your own location while enjoying unique and tailor-made activities that contribute to team building and fun.

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From active workshops to fun group activities

At Flitz-Events we have a wide range of various group activities and workshops, which we can offer at any location throughout the country. We can organize a day to remember for both large and small groups. Let us know your wishes, and we will then ensure that the necessary materials and experienced instructors are at the desired location!

Our fun workshops are a great way to have fun together and learn new skills. Take the cocktail making workshop, for example, where you will get to work creating delicious drinks under the guidance of our experts. Unleash the musicians in you with the percussion workshop, or let your creativity run wild during the painting workshop!

We can also offer various active outings on location and indoor. Consider, for example, expedition Robinson, Zeskamp, laser gaming or archery tag. We are extremely flexible and can move a large part of our activities to the location of your choice in consultation.

Team building activity in the office

In consultation we can offer a wide range of team building activities that we can install at your office. We are also creative in organizing the most spectacular outings which you normally cannot move so easily to another location. We cannot move an escape room in its entirety, but we can offer numerous alternatives to imitate the feeling of an escape room.

A team activity is a unique way to get to know each other in a completely different way. Where you normally only see each other in the working atmosphere, you will now all hang out together during a relaxed activity. It is true at the office, but the atmosphere will be a lot freer! Strengthen mutual communication and work on general team building between you and your colleagues.

The benefits of team building

– Getting to know each other better in a different setting

– Good way to get started with mutual cooperation

– Nice way to thank colleagues for the past period

– Stimulating creativity

End the team building outing with a snack or drink

End the team building outing with a snack or drink of your choice and make the day complete! At Flitz-Events we believe that strengthening team spirit and creating positive memories does not end at the end of the activities. That is why we offer the possibility to round off the day in a relaxed way with a delicious drink, a tasty lunch or an extensive dinner.

Whether you have done the activities at our location or have chosen to have them at your own location, our team is ready to make the dining experience fit seamlessly into the rest of the day. This way you can chat, share experiences and further strengthen the bonds between colleagues while enjoying a snack and drink.

Choose Flitz-Events activities at your own location

Flitz-Events stands for quality and fun. Our fun activities are always well organized and can be offered at almost any location in the Netherlands. Even on the other side of the country! We can offer a wide range of outings for both small and large groups.

A fun activity at your own location? You can do that at Flitz-Events! Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. We are happy to help you organize the best outings!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the location for the team building outing myself?

Yes absolutely! At Flitz-Events we offer the flexibility to organize the team building outing at a location of your choice. Whether on our own site or at your company location, we adapt the activities so that they fit seamlessly with the chosen location.

What kinds of snacks and drinks can we expect after the activities?

We offer various options for snacks and drinks, depending on your preferences and budget. From light snacks to extensive dinners, we can put together a menu that suits your taste and needs. Let us know what you have in mind, and we will provide a culinary conclusion to your team building day.

Are the closing snacks and drinks also available if we hold the activities at our own location?

Sure! Our catering team can come to your own location and provide the desired snacks and drinks there. Whether it concerns a meeting room, office space or other location, we ensure that the culinary experience is just as good as at our location. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.