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Indoor hexathlon

Hexathlon, beach games on the beach, company outing Scheveningen, Kijkduin Hoek van Holland

Are you looking for a winter indoor outing. Go into battle during the indoor hexathlon. A competitive and spectacular outing in which fun and team building are central.

A competition is organized for teams (each from 6 to 8 people), all of which finish the 6 parts against different opponents. Musical support during the activities make the indoor hexathlon a show for the participants.

A team can only win if they work well together, go for it completely and have the right tactics. The team that always works best together, communicates and determines the best strategy will win the most points and go home with the Cup at the end of the hexathlon. Which team wins and can feel the winner for a year?

We take care of your indoor hexathlon at any desired location. You put together your own small or large hexathlon. After this indoor hexathlon you can take a nice warm shower and enjoy a drink in the canteen.

We have a wide range of different games, so that the hexathlon can easily adapt to the weather, environment or target group.

  • Beach volleyball
  • Beach soccer
  • Tjoekbal
  • Bun Hockey
  • Obstacle course + firing
  • Skippybalrace
  • Giant Jenga XL
  • Flingo
  • Tug of war
  • Water race
  • Mega twister (5 × 5 meter)
  • Build catapult
  • Lacrosse
  • Bamboo tower
  • Make fire
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Beach Tennis


From 10 persons: € 20,00
From 25 persons: € 17,50
From 50 persons: € 15.-
From 100 persons: € 12,50
From 200 persons: € 12, -
From 300 persons ask for the quote and availability


  • Prices do not include hall rental


  • The guidance / organization
  • The competition schedule
  • Award ceremony + cup

Advantage of our Indoor hexathlon:

As we are used to in the Netherlands, the weather can change at any time, of course you do not want your indoor hexathlon to go through due to rain showers or storms.
So go for certainty and opt for the indoor hexathlon.

  1. Your event can continue at any time.
  2. The indoor room is reserved for you as soon as an option is requested.
  3. Fun guaranteed!

Length of time:

  • 2 hours
Request a quote directly

Indoor hexathlon Scheveningen:

Hexathlon is the classic battle among team building games! Looking for a challenging hexathlon for your family day, bachelor party or company outing that is suitable for young and old? Do you want to be sure that your hexathlon can always go on? Then go for the indoor hexathlon of Flitz events. The indoor hexathlon is a competitive and spectacular outing where team building and fun are central.

What exactly is a hexathlon?

A hexathlon consists of 6 different activities in which cooperation, speed, concentration and dexterity are important.
You choose the 6 games that suit you and your colleagues family best.

You will work under the guidance of our professional enthusiastic instructors.
Different teams compete against each other alternately and can score points with each game in order to gain the profit for your team. We divide you into 2 or more teams (depending on the number of participants), after this division the battle will start.

The team with the most points during this indoor hexathlon will go home with the winning cup.

You can put together according to your own wishes in a hexathlon, a combination between sports and non-sporty or would you prefer a challenge and opt for only sporty games? Anything is possible at our indoor hexathlon.

Would you prefer that the indoor hexathlon be a surprise to you and your colleagues? No problem, we will put together for the most popular program where you have a combination of sporty and non-sporty, we do this so that each of you can participate in the famous indoor hexathlon.

Would you like to combine our indoor hexathlon with one of our other challenging events?
No problem! We can organize a fantastic team building day, bachelor party or family party from A to Z.