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Winter workshop

Discover Our magical Winter Workshops

Standing on the beach of Scheveningen in the colder months of the year? Nice and refreshing of course, especially if you do a fun activity in between. Put on a thick coat and you will experience a fantastic afternoon. Even in the winter there are plenty of company outings that you can do in The Hague that your colleagues or staff will look forward to.

At Flitz-Events we offer many different workshops every year. We vary between active and educational workshops. The great thing about a workshop is that it can be done all year round. Which means that there is more than enough choice during the winter months. During these workshops you will really experience the magical atmosphere of winter.

There is a choice of different workshops with something for everyone. The workshops can be combined with each other and possibly expanded.

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Top 10 winter workshops

Discover the top 10 winter workshops from Flitz-Events. From ice sculpting to the thrill of power kiting, each activity offers a unique experience. Warm up with our winter cocktail workshop, test your precision in curling or let your creativity run wild in our painting workshop.

workshop making ice sculptures

Active workshops in Winter

  1. Powerkiting: An energetic winter workshop: let yourself be carried away by the wind during this dynamic workshop on the beach. A mix of excitement, fun and teamwork.
  2. Curling workshop:  Brace yourself for a curling competition on real ice. This workshop is an introduction to the sport, where strategy and precision are central.
  3. Making Ice Sculptures WorkshopAn artistic challenge in the cold. Create beautiful sculptures from ice blocks under expert guidance. Perfect for team building and creative expression.

Creative and Atmospheric Workshops

  1. Painting workshop: Use the winter inspiration for your own canvas. Under the guidance of an experienced artist, you will develop painting techniques and create a personal work of art.
  2. Building a bamboo tower: Work with your team to build the tallest bamboo tower. You will use bamboo sticks and elastic bands to build the strongest possible construction that will withstand the winter weather.
  3. Pimp clogs: Add a touch of Dutch tradition to your winter day with our clog pimping workshop. While enjoying a hot chocolate and using acrylic paint, you will start decorating your clogs.
  4. Jewelry making workshop: Discover your creative side during our fun jewelry making workshop. Create your own unique jewelry with a range of beads, charms and pearls.
  5. Winter Cocktail Workshop: Discover how to make warming winter cocktails and atmospheric mocktails, perfect for the holidays or a cozy winter evening.

Your winter adventure at Fitz-Events

For Every Group
Whether you come with a small group of friends or represent a large company, our workshops are suitable for everyone and guarantee fun and team spirit.

All Weather Conditions
Our winter workshops are possible both indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather and your preferences. Always a perfect day, regardless of the weather.

Why choose a winter workshop at Flitz-Events?

  • Unique Experience: Experience the magical atmosphere of winter with winter workshops that contribute to team building and creativity.
  • Suitable for Everyone: With a wide range of workshops, there is something for everyone, regardless of group size or interests.
  • Professional guidance: All our workshops are led by professionals who are passionate about their profession and want to give you an unforgettable experience.