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Wave surfing Scheveningen

Summer is coming and you are not sure what to do. The question is: where am I going and what do I expect? Go for an experience where every effort is at the same time relaxation and you can enjoy it all day: a course in surfing in Scheveningen. Welcome to your first surf lesson. Fun and variety are guaranteed with this course.
Ever thought surfing was too difficult for you? Surfing the waves in Scheveningen is fun and everyone can do it. Experience how you can learn the basics of surfing in no time under supervision! In the North Sea you will learn how to surf the waves under the guidance of experienced instructors who have been competing for many years and therefore know what they are talking about.

At the start of the lesson you will receive instructions on standing and moving on your board on land. Then you dive into the water with a small group. Now the trick is to become one with your board and resist the imbalance. Remember: it is trial and error, until you slide through the water on your board.

Because the instructor has all the attention for you during this lesson, you will soon notice whether wave surfing will become your favorite sport. Once you know the principles, practice is blown until you can defy all waves.

Hold on, because before you know it you will be one with your surfboard!

Scheveningen wave surfing program:

The program can be arranged yourself. Wave surfing can be combined with other activities.

- Reception
- Instructions
- Surf your first wave!
- Possibly BBQ

Price wave surfing Scheveningen:

Group from 10 persons: € 30,00
Group from 25 persons: € 27,50
Group from 50 persons: € 25, -

Scheveningen, Hoek van Holland
Other location? Also possible only in discussion with us.

Beach tents:

Scheveningen, Hoek van Holland

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