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Mega bamboo tower build beach

Bamboo Tower Building, Team Outing

At Bamboo Steaks you are going to strike bamboo as high as possible and wide postman elastics to build a tower as high as possible!
Building these bamboo towers is a real team building activity! Here it comes down to consultation, tactics and of course the good techniques. The goal - the highest possible tower - can only be achieved within time if there is good cooperation. There are groups that build a tower that is more than 15 meters tall !!!

Building bamboo towers can be booked both separately and as part of a larger program. Also very suitable for team building!

What exactly is building a bamboo tower?

The words 'Build a bamboo tower' already say it! You build a tower or, for example, a bridge as high and sturdy as possible to beat the other teams with your bamboo structure. Of course it sounds very simple: building a bamboo tower .. But it is not that simple!

Simply starting to tie some sticks together is not an option.
Together with your team you will go into conclave to make this bamboo tower a success.

Bamboo workshop

During this bamboo workshop you will use different materials, bamboo should of course not be missing, otherwise it will go Bamboo tower. By using elastic and ingenious teamwork, this bamboo tower will be brought to great heights.

It is of course not just a tower build and ready… You can think of large bamboo bridges, towers and gates. These bamboo towers are not only for decoration but can also be used as a bamboo utensil.

Building the Bamboo Tower program:

You can adjust the times yourself, the program below is an example program

  • 13: 00-13: 30 Reception on location
  • 13: 30-13: 45 Explanation workshop Building a bamboo tower
  • 13: 45-14: 00 Strategy consultation with your teammates
  • 14: 00-14: 45 Build bamboo tower
  • 14: 45-15: 00 Short break + consultation
  • 15: 00-16: 00 Building a bamboo tower part 2
  • 16: 00-16: 15 Closing + award ceremony Building a bamboo tower
  • 16: 15-17: 30 Drinks
  • 17:30 Start BBQ / Dinner

Length of time Bamboo workshop:

  • 1.5 Hours

Beach tents Building a bamboo tower:

Pricing Building a bamboo tower:

Group from 10 people: € 17.50
Group from 20 people: € 15,00
Group from 50 people: € 12,50

Prices are per person and include VAT

Request a quote directly

Workshop building a bamboo tower

You are looking for a fun team building activity for your company and want something different from normal team building. You have come to the right place!

Flitz events offers you an activity that you will not soon forget, building this tower together means building the future together!

Who has the insight to make this bamboo tower a success? Who will encourage his / her teammates to take this bamboo tower to great heights.
Bamboo tower building is an activity in which all your team members have a prominent role, each his role and participation are important to realize this bamboo tower. Team building is the key!

Is bamboo workshop suitable for team building?

Building a bamboo tower is ideal for team building. This is because the aspects that you use with the bamboo tower occur in different areas in team building.

  1. Every team member can participate!
  2. As a team you work on 1 large bamboo tower
  3. Only together you ensure a large sturdy tower

During the bamboo tower construction you will immediately see who is a leader in the team or who is the watchman to give the crucial decision later.

You will work together with your team to realize this bamboo tower.

Build Bamboo Tower Locations:

Bamboo statics can be kept at almost any location. A lawn, sandy area or in the parking lot of your business premises. You can build a bamboo tower anywhere!

Do you have an office building where you cannot go up? That is no problem for the bamboo workshop, we limit it not only to great heights, but also go into width.
Do you want to link your business sectors in a fun and unique way? Then, for example, a bamboo bridge can be built from A to B.

The challenge is that you can also link 2 completely different sectors of your company. From Point A to B, some of the colleagues build at the starting point of the bamboo tower and another part of the colleagues at the end.
In the middle they will meet and connect the bamboo towers together to achieve a beautiful end result! Building a (bamboo) bridge together means bringing parties closer together and forming a bridge to the future!

Prefer to build a Bamboo tower at a location outside your company? This is of course no problem.

Have you become more enthusiastic about the Bamboo Tower workshop? Please do not hesitate to contact us about the possibilities.

Do you still need some extra information about our workshop? No problem, you can always call or email.

We hope to provide you and your team with a top day which brings your team closer together.

Is building the Bamboo tower a bridge too far for your team or do you join forces to make this a success?