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What to do in winter: 11 tips

Employee avatar Milan Laroes
June 20, 2024

Are the winter months approaching again? Don't worry, because there are plenty of fun activities to do, even in winter! Whether you want to enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the holidays or want to be active in the outdoors, there is something for everyone. We are happy to provide you with some inspiration for a unique, winter day out. 

The 11 best winter activities 

At Flitz-Events you will of course also find fun outings during the winter months. Discover the magic of winter with friends, family or colleagues with our unique winter activities. From cozy winter markets to adventurous winter games, there is something for everyone.

1 – Winter Wonderland

Gathering together in an attractive winter space, surrounded by twinkling lights and cozy decorations, that's true Winter Wonderland stands for! Enjoy the magical atmosphere while drinking hot chocolate and undertaking unique activities such as beer push pushers, collecting firewood, cross-country skiing, hammering nails, catching icicles and biathlon shooting. Be enchanted by the winter ambiance and create beautiful memories with friends and family during this enchanting event.

2 – Curling clinic

During a curl clinic you will learn the basic principles of this fascinating sport under the guidance of experienced instructors. Curling is a fun team sport where you slide large granite stones towards a target, the so-called 'house', on an ice rink. It is a combination of agility, strategy and teamwork.

3 – Winter pub quiz

A winter pub quiz is a great way to spend the cold winter evenings with friends or family. This fun activity combines the fun of a traditional pub quiz with a winter theme, making it perfect for the winter months.

During a winter pub quiz, participants are challenged with questions and assignments that all have to do with winter. Consider questions about winter traditions, Christmas films, festive dishes and well-known winter destinations.

4 – Old Dutch games afternoon

Relive the charm of the past with a Old Dutch games afternoon! Go back in time with classic games such as sack races, cookie bites, and shuffleboard. Whether you are young or old, these nostalgic activities provide fun and enjoyment for everyone. And how nice is it to experience this in a wintery and warm setting? Enjoy the cozy atmosphere while participating in these timeless games with friends, family or colleagues.

5 – Winter cocktail workshop

De cocktail workshop is a popular choice all year round. Also during the winter months, where we make the most delicious cocktails with a wintery edge. Think warm, spicy flavors such as cinnamon, ginger and cloves, perfectly suited to the season. Learn how to prepare these winter cocktails under the guidance of experienced bartenders and surprise yourself and your friends with creative and tasty drinks during the cold winter evenings.

6 – Ice sculpture making workshop

Take up the challenge and learn the art of ice sculptures during a workshop full of creativity and fun! Under the guidance of a professional ice sculpture artist, you will have the opportunity to create your own beautiful ice sculpture using special tools and techniques. Be inspired by the winter atmosphere and create a unique work of art from ice.

7 – Poker workshop

Learn the ins and outs of poker during our poker workshop! Under the guidance of experienced poker players, you will not only learn the rules of the game, but also strategies and techniques to outsmart your opponents. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, our workshop offers something for everyone. Take a seat at the poker table, sharpen your poker face and find out which of you has the best bluff.

8 – Indoor laser tag

Shoot with live ammunition during one game of laser tag. Still one of the most popular activities in the Netherlands that, if desired, can be completely adapted into winter style with matching decorations and themes. Compete with your friends, family or colleagues in an exciting indoor laser tag adventure. Eliminate your opponents, conquer strategic positions and go for victory in an adrenaline-pumping setting. 

9 – Painting winter clogs

Another fun activity! The clog painting workshop we transform it into a cozy and creative experience during the winter months. Be inspired by the winter atmosphere and paint your own clogs with beautiful winter motifs, such as snowy landscapes, Christmas scenes or cheerful snowmen. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will work with paint, brushes and your own creativity to create unique and personal clogs that fit perfectly with the winter time of year.

10 – Painting workshop

Create a winter still life or be inspired by the winter landscape around you during a painting workshop. Under the guidance of an experienced artist, you will learn the basic principles of painting and discover different techniques to create your own winter work of art. Whether you choose a snowy landscape, a cozy winter scene or an abstract interpretation of winter, this workshop provides the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity

11- Escape room

The least wintery activity, but no less fun! Take up the challenge and escape from a mysterious winter escape room. Work together with your team to solve puzzles, find clues and crack codes as you try to escape within the allotted time. Be carried away by the intriguing story and the challenging riddles while you experience the winter atmosphere in the escape room.

Want to know more about our winter activities? 

Whether you come for a winter pub quiz or want to spend a complete day in our Winter Wonderland, at Flitz-Events you will find an extensive range of great activities for a day out in the winter. From outings with a select group to a grand party with dozens, we are happy to organize your day out and ensure that everyone looks back with a satisfied feeling. Take whole for this Contact us Contact us, we will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.


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